Beyblade: Metal Fury Episodes

2012, TV Show

Beyblade: Metal Fury Season 1 episodes

A Ray of Hope Season 1, Episode 39

Gingka engages in a fierce battle with Rago. read more

Hades' Persistence Season 1, Episode 38

Nemesis is contained and the gang escape the temple, but the battle isn't over yet. read more

Flash Sagittario Season 1, Episode 37

Pluto targets Kenta after Flame Sagittario evolves. read more

The Missing Star of the Four Seasons Season 1, Episode 36

Diablo Nemesis battles the Legendary Bladers and proves a strong opponent. read more

The Lost Kingdom Season 1, Episode 35

Rago creates weather disturbances due to Nemesis' great power. read more

To the Final Battle Ground Season 1, Episode 34

Gingka takes on Johannes in order to get to Rago and Nemesis. read more

Diablo Nemesis Season 1, Episode 33

Diablo Nemesis exhibits great power despite fierce attacks from Gingka. read more

Come Together, Legendary Bladers! Season 1, Episode 32

The Legendary Bladers join forces for a battle. read more

Four Hearts Season 1, Episode 31

The battles continue inside the ruins. read more

The Child of Nemesis Season 1, Episode 30

The battle over Proto Nemesis begins. read more

The God of Destruction's Revival! Season 1, Episode 29

Proto Nemesis surfaces as a major threat. read more

The God of Venus, Quetzalcoatl Season 1, Episode 28

Yu challenges Tithi to a battle. read more

The Lion in the Wilderness Season 1, Episode 27

Kyoya looks for a monster in the wilderness but encounters something unexpected. read more

Orion's Whereabouts Season 1, Episode 26

Johannes tries to recruit Chris, and a battle ensues. read more

The Unseen Opponent Season 1, Episode 25

A mysterious blader proves to be a tough opponent for Masamune. read more

Two Big, Fierce Battles! Season 1, Episode 24

King challenges Ryuga, while Kenta takes on Gingka. read more

The Battle of Beyster Island Season 1, Episode 23

The gang compete in a Beyster Island tournament, where Gingka thinks he spots Kenta. read more

The Four Season Bladers Season 1, Episode 22

The radiance of the star's powers are explained. read more

The Legend of Nemesis's Revival Season 1, Episode 21

Dynamis battles Gingka before sharing the legend of Nemesis. read more

The Guardian of the Temple, Dynamis Season 1, Episode 20

The bladers explore ruins and try to open a mysterious door. read more

The Lion's Pride Season 1, Episode 19

The group navigate a labyrinth inside a mysterious mountain. read more

The Maze of Mist Mountain Season 1, Episode 18

The gang go to Mist Mountain in Africa to look for the star fragment. read more

I Am the Champion! Season 1, Episode 17

The final round in the Destroyer Dome proves eventful. read more

The New Striker Is Complete! Season 1, Episode 16

Ionis dodges attacks from multiple Bladers in the second group's battle. read more

Destroyer Dome Season 1, Episode 15

The first group compete in a match in the Destroyer Dome. read more

The New Team Dungeon! Season 1, Episode 14

Masamune trains with Toby and Zeo; a dangerous Blader sets out for America. read more

Showdown at the Tower of Babel! Season 1, Episode 13

Bladers race up a tower to battle a powerful opponent in a new tournament. read more

The God of Saturn, Kronos Season 1, Episode 12

The final matchup pits Gingka and Yuki against Aguma and Bao. read more

Cosmic Tornado Season 1, Episode 11

Pegasus unleashes a new move during a semi-final match. read more

A New Roar! Season 1, Episode 10

The second-round battles begin. read more

The Greatest Tag-Team Tournament Season 1, Episode 9

The gang enter a tag-team tournament taking place in a floating arena. read more

The Crimson Flash Season 1, Episode 8

The gang go to China, where they're reunited with Team Wang Hu Zhong; mysterious robed figures knock out Bladers. read more

Kenta's Determination Season 1, Episode 7

Kenta follows Ryuga through the jungle in an attempt to convince him to help Gingka. read more

Requirements of a Warrior Season 1, Episode 6

Gingka and Kyoya train to become better Bladers, while Kenta doubts his abilities. read more

Awaken, Anubius! Season 1, Episode 5

Ryuga battles Kyoya, Gingka and Yuki. read more

L-Drago Destructor Season 1, Episode 4

The gang arrive on an island where the locals seem to fear them. read more

The Monster Cat, Lynx Season 1, Episode 3

Gingka digs for information about the Legendary Bladers. read more

Legendary Bladers Season 1, Episode 2

Yuki and Johannes battle; more information about the star fragment is uncovered. read more

Star Fragment Season 1, Episode 1

Unusual changes occur in Beys after a star fragment enters Earth's atmosphere. read more

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Premise: Gingka and Co. search for 10 legendary bladers in this anime series.


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