The trendy, long-running drama about pretty kids with ugly problems followed a pack of Gen-Xers from high school to post-collegiate life, while turning the cast into teen idols and helping Fox buff its youth-oriented image. Soapy and addictive, it tackled serious issues aplenty, including date rape, gun control, bulimia, steroids and substance abuse of every sort. It spun off the similarly popular 'Melrose Place' and offered early gigs to Hilary Swank, Peter Krause, Dean Cain and Vivica A. Fox.


Former Cast

Jason Priestley
Brandon Walsh
214 Episodes (1990-1997)
Tiffani-Amber Thiessen
Valerie Malone
116 Episodes (1997-1997)
Kathleen Robertson
Clare Arnold
68 Episodes (1997-1997)
Jim Walsh
53 Episodes (1990-1990)
Cindy Walsh
48 Episodes (1990-1990)
Vanessa Marcil
Gina Kincaid
34 Episodes (1999-2000)
Dr. John Martin
22 Episodes (1997-2000)
Chancellor Milton Arnold
Jed Allan
Rush Sanders
14 Episodes (1999-1999)
Hilary Swank
Carly Reynolds
13 Episodes (1997-1997)
Bill Taylor
10 Episodes (1997-1997)
Christine Elise
Emily Valentine

Guest Stars

Steve's Dad, Steve's Father
14 Episodes (1999-1999)
Josie Davis
Camille, Madeline
11 Episodes (2000-2000)
Suzanne, Suzanne/Kitty
Paul Johansson
John, John Sears, Sears
Advisor, Meyers
Kevin, Kevin Webbe, Kevin/Karl
Josh Taylor
Jack McKay
8 Episodes (2000-2000)
Samantha Sanders, Steve's Mom, Steve's Mother
Cress Williams
D'Shawn, D'Shawn Hardell
Donna's Friend, Nikki
Kenny, Kenny Bannerman
Erica, Suzanne's Daughter
Prof. Randall, Professor Randall
Charley, Charlie
Dan Gauthier
Dick, Dick Harrison
Christine, Christine Pettit
6 Episodes (2000-2000)
Ryan, Ryan Sanders
6 Episodes (2000-2000)
Tracy Middendorf
Brenda's Competitor, Laura, Laura Kingman
Finley, Professor
Tom, Valerie's Friend
Model, Wayne
5 Episodes (1999-1999)
Dylan's Mother, Iris McKay
Caroline McWilliams
LuAnn Pruit, Mrs. Pruit, Ray's Mother
Brenda's Date, Stuart
Josh Richland, Richland
Carl, Prince Carl
Dr. Long, Pam
5 Episodes (1999-1999)
Candace, Realtor
Bobby, Danny, Danny V
Ariel, Company Rep
Chris Suitor, Suiter
J.J. Jones, Jonesy
Carson, Larry Carson, Lawrence Carson
Pia, Publicist
4 Episodes (1999-2000)
Caroline Lagerfelt
Sheila, Sheila Silver
Freshman 2, Herbert
Dr. Monahan, Monahan
Erin Taylor, Kelly's Sister
4 Episodes (1999-1999)
Andrew Emery
4 Episodes (1999-1999)
Brian Van Holt
3 Episodes (1997-1997)
Tom, Tom Rose
Ben, Ben Sosna
3 Episodes (1999-1999)
Randolph, Roy Randolph
Dylan's Dealer
3 Episodes (1997-1997)
Ken Jenkins
Pastor, Pastor Neal, Pastor William Neal
3 Episodes (1999-2000)
3 Episodes (1997-1997)
Jordan, Jordan Bonner
Jimmy, Kelly's Friend
Michael Trucco
Josh, Noah's Brother
Creditor, Sands
Sydney Penny
3 Episodes (2000-2000)
3 Episodes (1999-1999)
Michael Cudlitz
Tony, Tony Miller
Langely, Langley
3 Episodes (1997-1997)
Mrs. Teasley, Mrs. Teasly
Laura Rye, Ms. Rye
3 Episodes (1990-1990)
Leslie, Leslie Sumner
Duke, Duke Weatherill
Cooper, Hargrove, Ron Hargrove
Alex Diaz, Diaz
Cliff, Donna's Friend
3 Episodes (2000-2000)
Janet's Mother, Michelle Sosna
3 Episodes (1999-1999)
Donna's Boss, Gwinnet
Charles Yoffe, Yoffe
3 Episodes (2000-2000)
Andy, David's Dealer
Charlie Dixon, Ryan
2 Episodes (1999-1999)
Coroner, Parole Officer
2 Episodes (1999-1999)
Activist, Allan
Kyle Connor, Volleyball Player
David's Grandmother
Grant Show
Jake Hanson
Ed, Kelly's Grandfather
Jessica Alba
Leanne, Teen Mother
2 Episodes (2000-2000)
Cindy's Mother, Grandma Arlene Beevis
Celia, Donna's Grandmother
2 Episodes (1997-1997)
Jerry Korman, Korman
Activist, Jon Farrino
Mrs. Hunter, Noah's Mother
Mariah, Mariah Murphy
Gang Member, Sonia
Claudia, Claudia Van Eyck
Doctor, Dr. Gordon
Administrator, Audrey
Dottie, Jim's Secretary
Ray Wise
Hunter, Noah's Father
Officer, Tammy
Betty/Sarah, Sarah
Patsy Regan
2 Episodes (1999-1999)
Jonathan, Jonathan Casten
Gwynneth, Noah's Friend
Mark C. Collier
Mitch, Mitch
2 Episodes (2000-2000)
Garret, Slan
Mrs. Scanlon, Pam Scanlon
Angela, Angela Rhodes
Joey, Youngster
Superintendent Ephardt
Jill Flemming
Walter Hawkins
2 Episodes (1999-1999)
Production Manager, Terri
Dean, Dean Whitmore
Jane, Jane Schulze
Bookmaker, Duke
Josh Richland, Richland
2 Episodes (1997-1997)
Lisa Williams
Barbara Korman
Eluvia, Worker
2 Episodes (1990-1990)
Janice Williams
Alan, Rob's Manager
Miller, Rick
2 Episodes (1999-1999)
Serge, Serge Menkon
Henry Regan
2 Episodes (1999-1999)
President Quintero
David's Grandfather
Judge Stanton
Alice Krige
Anne Beresford
Detective Rendell
Craig Ramming
Dr. Miles Foxe
Frank Padilla
Brenda's Attorney
Brandon's Co-Worker
Dom DeLuise
Magic Morton
Howard Stern
Chapel Manager
1 Episode (2000)
Gerald Keats
Girl with Dylan
Connie Shayes
Dr. Van Fertle
Sterling Penn
Isaiah's Mother
Wendy Reiner
1 Episode (1999)
Lainie Kazan
Grandma Rose
Dr. Baldwin
Colin's Father
Father Ledley
Det. Hayes
1 Episode (1999)
Christian Sutton
1 Episode (1999)
Valerie's Attorney
Grandpa Bill Beevis
Kelly's Companion
Peter Foley
Noah's Attorney
Glen Evans
1 Episode (1990)
Ms. Zuckerman
1 Episode (2000)
Felicity Ashe
Nurse Schipper
1 Episode (2000)
Dr. Lecksis
1 Episode (1999)
Sean O'Bryan
Charlie Dixon
1 Episode (2000)
Louis Behr
1 Episode (2000)
1 Episode (2000)
Conway Holland
Karen Lewis
1 Episode (1999)
Margie Dishman
1 Episode (1999)
1 Episode (2000)
Burke Cahill
Louis Mustillo
1 Episode (1999)
Jessica Korman
Stuart Patton
1 Episode (2000)
Gloria Richland
Kelly's Professor
Rushnell Sanders
Group Leader
Warren Gruzin
Chuckie Wilson
Hotel Manager
1 Episode (1999)
Assistant Coach
Justice of the Peace
1 Episode (2000)
Ms. Montes De La Rosa
Andrea's Grandmother
Grandma Rose
1 Episode (1999)
Exchange Student
Croupier No. 1
Football Hero
Patrick Durning
1 Episode (2000)
1 Episode (2000)
Sister Alice
Mrs. Cleveland
Greg Finley
Conrad Scanlon
Dr. Gillette
Trish Edwards
1 Episode (1999)
1 Episode (1999)
Noah Levy
Grandma Georgette Walsh
Donna's Grandmother
Lisa Murchinson
Dana's Roommate
Car Museum Employee
Dr. Littman
Ski-Patrol Chief
Alex's Mother
Detective Bob
1 Episode (1999)
Kelly's Friend
Melanie Silverman
Dylan's Sponsor
Chancellor Arnold
Sue Scanlon
Group Manager
Judy Spencer
1 Episode (1999)
Pasha Grishuk
Miles Caufield
Record Exec
Bobby Pandolfo
1 Episode (2000)
Paul Spencer
1 Episode (1999)
Dr. Karen Haller
Holly Marlow
1 Episode (2000)
Juliane Durning
1 Episode (2000)
1 Episode (1999)
Tara's Mother


Executive Producer (1 Credit)
Cinematographer (2 Credits)