CBS hit a ratings gusher with this rustic sitcom about a poor mountaineer turned oil baron who relocated, along with his eccentric clan, to 'the hills of Beverly.' The series frequently topped the Nielsens during its nine-season run. It also spun off the long-running 'Petticoat Junction' (which, in turn, spun off 'Green Acres'), but a 1993 feature film based on the original proved unsuccessful.


Guest Stars

Shug Fisher
Shorty, Shorty Kellems
Frank Wilcox
Brewster, Mr. Brewster
Roger Torrey
Mark, Mark Templeton, Matthew Templeton, Templeton
Larry Pennell
Dash, Dash Riprock, Riprock
Charles Lane
Foster Phinney, Hacker, Homer, Phinney
Kathleen Freeman
Agnes, Flo, Flo Shafer, Mabel
Phil Silvers
Shifty Shafer
Frank Cady
Sam, Sam Drucker
Fred Clark
Clyburn, Dr. Clyburn
Mike Minor
Dick Bremerkamp, Steve
Charlie Ruggles
Farquhar, Lowell Farquhar
King Donovan
J.D., Jake, Psychiatrist
Lisa Seagram
Edythe, Mrs. Brewster
Lori Saunders
Betty, Bobbie Jo, Elizabeth
Louis Nye
Sonny, Sonny Drysdale
Wally Cox
Caspar Biddle, Casper Biddle
Curt Massey
Policeman, Violinist
Jim Backus
Van Ransohoff
Soupy Sales
Jetstream Bradford