00:31 — Ben uses the omnitrix to translate his language.
Clyde Five
00:41 — Ben and Rook try to talk Clyde out of potentally hurting himself.
Smoothie Boost
00:44 — Rook and Ben stop for a quick smoothie treat.
Let It Air Out
00:47 — Vilgax makes an apperance and threatens earth.
Defense Grid
00:31 — Malware's evil forces are able to get past a defense grid.
Sticky Situation
00:44 — Ben is attacked by a Sad, Zombie Clown.
Nice Socks
00:42 — The group starts to question Psyphon on what they are looking for.
00:33 — A creature that feeds on DNA is terrorizing a group of aliens.
Masters Plan
00:43 — Ben is morphed into Wildvine and fights off a mummy.
Summer Camp
00:46 — Allan is put with other kids in a room, including Kevin.
The Museum
00:33 — Ben and his friends visit the museum.
Repaired, Sort of
00:43 — The Omnitrix watches are repaired.
Inferior Aliens
00:46 — Ben and his protégé morph into less than optimal aliens.
Intergalactic Attorney
00:48 — Ben hires Chad Smith, and intergalactic attorney at law.
Zombie Redcoat
00:47 — Ben turns into a ghost to fight a zombie.
Forest Fire
00:47 — Ben finds out he reset time lines.
Fire On
00:41 — Ben fights off attackers in the street.
00:32 — Wildvine hits the gym for the first time.
Double Trouble
00:46 — Ben runs into himself in a dark alley.
Put Down That Toy
00:42 — The omnitrix malfunctions and Ben gets the wrong alien.
This Is for
01:02 — Ben gets revenge. But sonic signals stop him in his tracks.
Go Fish
00:33 — Rook and Ben go fishing for unusual details.
Locked and Loaded
00:44 — Tennyson is ordered to shoot down a weather balloon.
Here Comes the Crazy
00:45 — Ben fights off Kevin, who steals some of Bens power.
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