Being Human

2009, TV Show

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Latest Episode: The Greater Good

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Rook is a desperate man – his government department will soon be a casualty to cutbacks unless he’s able to do something – so he’s off to China to find private investors. While he’s away, he needs the Honolulu Heights residents to look after his special charge, werewolf Bobby. Bobby’s been locked up in the archive for decades and is consequently more naïve and socially awkward than Tom ever was. For once, someone is in Tom’s thrall. Hal’s also entrusted with ‘sorting out’ vampire Crumb’s rampage. But when he loses faith in Crumb’s, and indeed his, ability to reform, it’s up to Alex to prove that it can be done. Even if that means going on a date with a repugnant vampire.

Pie and Prejudice

Feb 21, 2013 Season 5 Episode 3

Larry is successful. Television weatherman, beauty queen wife, sharp suits and flash cars. The problem is, Larry is also an untrustworthy slimeball. Not that Tom realizes that, because Tom’s in Larry’s thrall – after all, Larry’s a successful werewolf. Tom feels that he’ll never progress in life, it’s always the Hals of this world that get promoted, not his kind. But in Larry he sees a chance to learn from a master. Problem is, Larry isn’t all that he seems.
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The Trinity

Feb 04, 2013 Season 5 Episode 1

As ghost Alex adjusts to life after death with werewolf Tom and vampire Hal, we meet poisonous pensioner Captain Hatch, behind whose foul exterior lurks an ancient evil.
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