Beauty and the Beast

1987, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Legacies

Jul 28, 1990 Season 3 Episode 11 watch on (Subscription)

When a third Helper is killed, Vincent and Diana find a common thread and believe this is the end.


Mar 18, 1988 Season 1 Episode 20

The world below is in danger, from a building being constructed by Elliot Burch. Catherine is forced to make a terrible decision.
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To Reign in Hell

Mar 04, 1988 Season 1 Episode 19

Vincent, Winslow and Pascal go into the bowels of the earth to rescue Catherine.
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Everything is Everything

Feb 26, 1988 Season 1 Episode 18

Catherine meets a little Gypsy boy, who first steals her wallet, and then returns it with a fantastic story of lost family and Gypsy law.
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Down to a Sunless Sea

Feb 12, 1988 Season 1 Episode 16

"Vincent is having disturbing premonitions, and when Steven Bass, an old flame from Catherine's past, contacts her, the fear Vincent is experiencing grows.
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Promises of Someday

Feb 05, 1988 Season 1 Episode 15

Catherine is disturbed when she begins to suspect the new attorney in her office is a fraud... and more disturbed when she finds him looking for the entrance to Vincent's world.
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The Alchemist

Jan 15, 1988 Season 1 Episode 13

Catherine has reason to believe that a new drug on the streets is being supplied by someone from Vincent's world.
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An Impossible Silence

Dec 04, 1987 Season 1 Episode 10

When she witnesses a shooting, a deaf girl must decide whether to abandon the sanctuary of the City Below to free an innocent man.
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A Children's Story

Nov 27, 1987 Season 1 Episode 9

Catherine learns that the city's model foster home for children is hiding a dark secret.
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Dark Spirit

Nov 20, 1987 Season 1 Episode 8

Investigating a mysterious death makes Catherine the target of a voodoo cult.
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Nor Iron Bars a Cage

Nov 13, 1987 Season 1 Episode 7

Accidentally caught on film, Vincent become the target of a scientist desperate to learn the truth about him.
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The Beast Within

Nov 06, 1987 Season 1 Episode 6

Vincent must choose loyalties when a childhood friend becomes a mob enforcer.
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Oct 30, 1987 Season 1 Episode 5

Free to walk the streets openly on Halloween, Vincent becomes the guardian of an Irish peace activist who's been targeted for assassination.
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No Way Down

Oct 16, 1987 Season 1 Episode 4

Injured in an explosion, Vincent is captured by a vicious street gang.
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Oct 09, 1987 Season 1 Episode 3

Vincent helps the residents of an apartment building defend their homes against thugs who want them out so the land can be re-developed.
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Terrible Savior

Oct 02, 1987 Season 1 Episode 2

Witness descriptions of a vigilante lead Catherine to fear Vincent may be a killer.
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Pilot: Once Upon a Time in the City of New York

Sep 25, 1987 Season 1 Episode 1

Attacked, mutilated and left for dead, Catherine Chandler is rescued by the mysterious man-beast called Vincent.
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