A cult fantasy about a lawyer who befriends---and eventually falls for---a kindly man-beast who lives in a subterranean world beneath New York City. Strange, moody and oddly romantic, the series had unusually loyal fans, but, alas, not enough of them and was gone within three years.


Former Cast

22 Episodes (1988-1990)
15 Episodes (1988-1990)
14 Episodes (1987-1988)
Elliot Burch
12 Episodes (1989-1990)
7 Episodes (1988-1990)
Charles Chandler

Guest Stars

DA Moreno, John Moreno
Geoffrey, Geoffrey Kipper
Dr. Paul Alcott, Dr. Peter Alcott
Jonathan Pope, Pope
Jenny Aronson
Laura, Laura Williams
Devin, Devin (aka Jeff)
Gregory, Gregory Coyle
Office Worker, Rob Rand
Steven Bass, Steven Parker
Tony Perotta, Vick
Mr. Smythe, Waterman
Stanley Kamel
George Walker
Dimitri Benko
Cameron Benson
Alexander Ross
Bernie Spirko
Margaret Chase
Curtis Jackson
Chiang Lo Yi
Winston Burke
Jimmy Morero
Young Vincent
Mr. Hallowell
Bill Edwards
Luz Corrales
Evan Brannigan
Henry Dutton
Stanley Kazmarek
Isaac Stubbs
Virginia Sheets
Richard Nolan
Jonathon Thorpe
Jack Sweeney
Woman Reporter
Tim Russ
Lt. Eric Parker
Dr. Grafton
Lindsay Gates
Micha Langer
Raymond Ensign
Warren Brancton
Edward Hughes
Judge Swenson
Grandfather Milo
Helen Thompson
Black Cop
Young Devin
Judge Haignor
William Coleman
Sgt. Greg McQueeney
Karen Alexander
Gina Barrett
Young Raymond
Tabloid Reporter
Museum Guard
Miss Patricia
Detective Greene
Marilyn Campbell
Doctor Nyhart
Young Vincent
Young Mitch
Off. Henry Ohlberg
Frank De Corsia
Sgt. Jesse Martinez
Art Student
Russian Seaman