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As conflicts reach a climax, Cylons and humans face a stark choice.

The Hand of God

Apr 29, 1979 Season 1 Episode 24

Rather than continue fleeing from their enemies, the crew of Galactica commences an all-out attack on a Cylon Basestar.
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Take the Celestra

Apr 01, 1979 Season 1 Episode 23

Starbuck runs into his long-lost love, Aurora, who is involved with a group trying to free the electronics ship Celestra from its supposedly dictatorial captain.
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Experiment in Terra

Mar 18, 1979 Season 1 Episode 22

Apollo and Starbuck follow the escaped Eastern Alliance ship back to Terra, where they help the Terrans overcome a nuclear holocaust.
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Greetings from Earth, Part 2

Feb 25, 1979 Season 1 Episode 19

The exciting conclusion - When Apollo and Starbuck find a primitive sleeper ship carrying a man, a woman, and four children, speculation spreads in the fleet that the people are from Earth.
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Murder on the Rising Star

Feb 18, 1979 Season 1 Episode 18

When Starbuck's rival in a popular sporting event is found murdered, all the evidence points to Starbuck; and Apollo is about the only person who believes in Starbuck's innocence.
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The Man with Nine Lives

Jan 28, 1979 Season 1 Episode 17

An old con man known as Chameleon meets Starbuck and convinces him that he may be Starbuck's father, to gain Starbuck's help in evading a trio of bloodthirsty Borellians who are after him in revenge for another con.
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Fire in Space

Dec 17, 1978 Season 1 Episode 14

A Cylon kamikaze attack leaves the Galactica burning in space, with no way to extinguish the blaze that has trapped Boomer, Athena, and Boxey except a dangerous spacewalk by Apollo and Starbuck.
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Battlestar Galactica: Kobol's Last Gleaming, Pt 2

Jan 14, 1979 Season 1 Episode 13

Part 2 of 2. When Commander Adama learns that Kara disobeyed orders and Jumped to Caprica on orders from President Roslin, he demands the president's resignation, with the implied threat of a military coup.
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The Living Legend, Part 1

Nov 26, 1978 Season 1 Episode 12

While on patrol, Apollo and Starbuck encounter the presumed lost Battlestar Pegasus commanded by a living legend, Commander Cain.
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The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part 1

Oct 29, 1978 Season 1 Episode 9

Baltar attempts to lure Galactica into range of a gigantic pulsar cannon. Adama becomes aware of the trap and sends in a team of commandos to destroy it.
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The Lost Warrior

Oct 08, 1978 Season 1 Episode 6

Apollo is marooned on a Western Frontier-like planet, where he meets a woman and her son...and a notorious gunslinger known as Red-Eye.
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Lost Planet of the Gods, Part 2

Oct 01, 1978 Season 1 Episode 5

While Commander Adama leads the rag-tag fleet of ships to the planet Kobo, Starbuck is taken prisoner by the Cylons as an important part of a renewed peace plan plot by Baltar.
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Lost Planet of the Gods, Part 1

Sep 24, 1978 Season 1 Episode 4

Apollo and Starbuck discover a void in space. Boomer and Jolly discover a Cylon listening outpost on an asteroid. Jolly is critically dizzy at the return to Galactica.
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Saga of a Star World, Part 1

Sep 17, 1978 Season 1 Episode 1

When the Cylons trick the human fleet and destroy all its ships except the Battlestar Galactica, Commander Adama gathers up the remaining humans from the 12 colony worlds and leads them in search of the legendary 13th colony: Earth.
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