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Battlestar Galactica Season 4 episodes

Daybreak---Part 2 Season 4, Episode 22

Adama and the volunteers take the Galactica to Cavil's base in a bid to recover Hera in the finale of the fourth season and the series. read more

Daybreak---Part 1 Season 4, Episode 21

Part 1 of 2. Adama calls for volunteers for a final mission. read more

Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "Daybreak – Part 2" Season 4, Episode 20

After four seasons, the fate of Battlestar Galactica and her fleet is revealed after a treacherous rescue mission to save Hera.

I honestly can't believe this is the last recap I'll write for Battlestar Galactica. What a frakkin' ride this show has been, particularly in the last ten weeks. We've discovered Ellen was the fifth and final Cylon, said goodbye to Dualla after her shocking suicide, and saw humans and Cylons working together to ensure their survival. We've also questioned who and what our heroine Starbuck really is and seen the ever-stoic Adama become an alcoholic and drug addict. But there are still so many questions to be answered! Could the show resolve them all in just two hours and 11 minutes? Let's find out.

* Remember, if you don't want to see any spoilers in comments, don't read on!

read more

Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "Daybreak – Part 1" Season 4, Episode 19

We get a glimpse at our heroes' lives before the 12 Colonies were destroyed, and it's heartbreaking for so many reasons. Also, Adama decides he can't abandon Hera just yet, and asks the fleet to go on a very dangerous rescue mission with him. read more

Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars" Season 4, Episode 18

"You work on your side, and I'll work on mine"

This week's recap is by David Singer.

Our episode starts with a scene of Hera playing with the ship model of Galactica on top of the space chart on the bridge. A scene of the shared vision of Hera in the opera house intersects. Hera slides Galactica towards a Cylon basestar surrounded by a few raiders.

Back on Galactica repairs are being made, presumably from Boomers too-close-to-call FTL jump getaway. One of the Six Cylons approaches a human worker, confronting him about his bitching about ... read more

Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "Someone to Watch Over Me" Season 4, Episode 17

Our girl Galactica is still falling apart and, so it seems, is everyone on board her. Starbuck searches for her identity and meets a new friend, while Chief begs for Boomer's life to be spared after the quorum decides to try her for treason... read more

Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "Deadlock" Season 4, Episode 16

Ellen returns to Galactica, causing all sorts of drama between the Cylons, including Saul's pregnant girlfriend. Also, we begin to see how the Cylon and human cultures have already begun blending together, regardless of the tensions between the groups. read more

Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "No Exit" Season 4, Episode 15

Anders' brain injury has opened up a flood of Cylon memories, and he's sharing with the rest of the class. Also, Chief shows Adama the huge cracks in Galactica's infrastructure, and suggests an interesting fix. But the most exciting part of the episode is seeing what our long-absent fifth Cylon, Ellen, has been doing for the last 18 months. read more

Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "Blood on the Scales" Season 4, Episode 14

Battlestar Galactica continues to thrill and chill at every turn as rebels take full control of the mighty Galactica ship. Zarek and Gaeta also put Adama on trial for treason, while Lee and Starbuck are able to free the Cylon prisoners in order to get help rescue Adama and return him to power.

We begin the episode where we left off — a grenade has been lobbed into the storage facility where Adama and Tigh have been hiding from the rebels. Though they're both knocked around a bit ... read more

Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "The Oath" Season 4, Episode 13

Gaeta and his mutiny team take over Galactica, while Zarek takes command of Colonial One. This finally forces President Roslin to take a stand and address the fleet, begging for understanding and cooperation with the Cylons. Meanwhile, several Cylons and their supporters are rounded up and thrown into custody, while the ship falls into chaos. Will Adama and Tigh be able to save the day? read more

Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "A Disquiet Follows My Soul" Season 4, Episode 12

Unrest and unease plague the humans of Galactica and its fleet, prompting Vice President Zarek to question the entire validity of the Adama-Roslin administration. Is mutiny on the horizon? read more

Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "Sometimes a Great Notion" Season 4, Episode 11

Twelve Cylon models — seven are known — four live in the fleet — one will be revealed...

Frak ya, one will be revealed! In the very last scene of this episode! Holy motherfrakker! This episode was just one big shock after another — it did not disappoint after all this time... read more

Sine Qua Non Season 4, Episode 10

A power struggle unfolds in the Colonial fleet following the disappearance of the Cylon basestar with President Roslin trapped onboard. read more

Guess What's Coming to Dinner Season 4, Episode 9

Hera meets the rogue Six aboard Galactica, leading to a standoff with Athena. read more

Faith Season 4, Episode 8

Unlikely alliances are forged after the search for Earth takes an unexpected turn. read more

The Road Less Traveled Season 4, Episode 7

The search for Earth produces tension aboard the Demetrius for Kara and her crew mates. read more

Escape Velocity Season 4, Episode 6

Baltar's beliefs create a controversy for those faithful to the 12 Lords of Kobol, and a crew member's demise casts a pall on the Colonials. read more

The Ties That Bind Season 4, Episode 5

Cally learns the truth about Tyrol; Kara sets off to find Earth; the aftermath of the Cylon coup unfolds. read more

Six of One Season 4, Episode 4

Tensions rise in the Cylon ranks after they learn that the final five models are among the Colonials. Meanwhile, Kara's standoff with the president does not work out in the pilot's favor. read more

He That Believeth in Me Season 4, Episode 3

Season 4 picks up where the third-season finale left off, with Starbuck's mysterious return unhinging the Galactica crew in the middle of a Cylon attack. Meanwhile, Anders enters the space melee and has a surprising standoff with a Cylon raider. read more

Razor, Part 2 Season 4, Episode 2

Conclusion. Lee discovers a missing link to the Cylons' past experiments on humans during the Cylon War. read more

Razor, Part 1 Season 4, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. Flashbacks recount the tough choices made by Adm. Cain and the Pegasus crew in the wake of the Cylon attack on the Colonies; Lee Adama assumes command of the troubled Battlestar and appoints a hardened soldier as his executive officer. read more

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