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Battlestar Galactica Episode: "Hub"

Season 4, Episode 11
Episode Synopsis: Viper pilots and Cylon rebels forge a strategy against the Resurrection Hub.
Original Air Date: Jun 6, 2008
Guest Cast Dean Stockwell: Brother Cavil Lucy Lawless: D'Anna
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Season 4, Episode 11
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Length: 43:48
Aired: 6/6/2008
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Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "Sometimes a Great Notion" Season 4, Episode 11

Twelve Cylon models — seven are known — four live in the fleet — one will be revealed...

Frak ya, one will be revealed! In the very last scene of this episode! Holy motherfrakker! This episode was just one big shock after another — it did not disappoint after all this time.

You guys have no idea how much this secret has been weighing on me! I'm so happy to know the truth now, but the bigger question is, what does it all mean?

We left off with humans and Cylons alike completely destroyed by the fact that Earth was discovered as a burnt shell of a planet. There are tears, and shock, confusion and bitterness. It's just not fair.

Helo says there's low level radiation all over the planet and Baltar says the radiation is still in the soil, in the water and food chain, even though it was nuked 2000 years ago. Dee finds a pocket watch, some jacks and a rubber ball in the dirt. She's clearly heartbroken and traumatized by what she sees, and tries to comfort herself on the ride back to Galactica. Clearly, it's not working.

The president is completely speechless (wouldn't you be?) when she returns to Galactica to address the crew. She tells Adama to get her out of there as soon as possible.

Back on Earth, Kara and Leoben search for a signal from a colonial ship. He finds some wreckage with a number on it... and holy motherfrakker! It's Kara's raptor number! She has been to Earth, but in what capacity and what does it mean? Oh my god, my stomach is in knots already. We all knew that there was way more to Kara's mysterious Earth expedition than she was able to remember. How was her raptor unharmed and in pristine condition? How did she find the signal there in the first place?

On Galactica, Dee babysits Hera for Helo and Athena. Dee, clearly not over her trauma, tells Hera, "You have no idea what's going on. It's just another day." I love the way they are zeroing in on Dee to make us think there's something funky going on. Is she going crazy? Could she be the last Cylon?

On Earth, the Cylons have been digging to find clues in the ground about what happened to the planet. They find a very interesting Centurion-like helmet along with many skeletons. It's not one of the Colonial Centurions. The Cylons inform Adama and Roslin back on Galactica that the skeletons aren't human. They're all Cylons — the 13th tribe was all Cylons. Roslin looks like she's gonna puke, and I don't blame her. This group of people who annihilated their world was the 13th tribe? So, Pithia's prophecies seem to be a load of bull now, and poor Roslin looks like she's lost her faith in everything.

Chief walks around some ruins on the beach and touches a dark spot on a wall. He instantly flashes back to a beautiful lively world, where he's walking around a marketplace until a nuke hits. He's as stunned by his flashback as I am. Holy cow! Chief used to live on Earth! Does that mean they all did at one point?

Dee tries to comfort Lee, who is thinking about all the people who gave their lives for a new world that's now destroyed. He thanks her for the good times they had on Pegasus, and tells her he couldn't have gotten through everything without her. She, as always, builds him up and tells him that if anyone can turn this awful event around... it's "Apollo." Oh gods, I'm crying already. This does not bode well for me the rest of the season.

Kara and Leoben search for and find the wreckage of her raptor... and that ain't all! There's a body inside, and from the blonde hair, we can tell it's Kara — even before she rips the "K. Thrace" dog tags of the corpse's neck. Leoben flips out, because he has no idea what this means, and neither do I. If she was the last Cylon, wouldn't he have some sense of it? Wouldn't she have been summoned by the signal? I think from his reaction, plus the weird Cylon helmet in the dirt, that Kara could be something else all together. Help me guys, you're way smarter than I am! Either way, this is a HUGE development.

Anders discovers a piece of a guitar in the dirt on the beach, and suddenly, he remembers having played the song — the Cylon signal of "All Along the Watchtower" — for the woman he loved. Tori also has the same memory, and chief realizes that he and all of them used to live on Earth. Anders is angry and confused at how they could have lived on this planet over 2000 years ago and not remember any of it. What are they? Where do they come from?

Roslin sets fire to her book of Pithia's prophecies. She's inconsolable about the decision she made — risking so many lives — all to find a planet that was ruined and worthless. Adama tries to get her to turn her attitude around, but she tells him not to touch her and to go away. She's stopped her Diloxin treatments in favor of wallowing in despair and self-pity. With no life left in her eyes, she tells the book to "burn!" She is so brilliant in this scene — the guilt she feels is so completely palpable, as is her hopelessness.

Kara builds a huge pile to set on fire — in order to burn the corpse she found in the raptor. The sky is so eerie and blue, it gives me the chills. There are so many dark times ahead for this crew, it's almost impossible to fathom.

Dee and Lee (heh) walk down the hall to the crew quarters after sharing a drink. Dee is glowing and happy, wearing a fancy dress as she makes Lee recount his speech to the fleet. You can see how proud she is of him as she recites his words about this being a "new opportunity" and that they are no longer bound by the promise of Earth or ramblings of Pithia. They share a sweet and passionate smooch, which is just so poignant. Dee walks into the crew quarters and Gaeta calls her on her "glow." He says he can't stop thinking about Earth, and she says that she wants to hold onto the feeling for as long as possible. When Gaeta leaves, she hums a haunting tune, takes off her wedding ring and blows her brains out! Holy motherfrakker! Poor Dee. This is huge.

In the morgue, Lee touches Dee's hand, showing us he's still wearing his wedding ring. (Sob!) Jamie Bamber is spectacular in this scene as he speaks about kissing Dee and seeing joy in her eyes just 45 minutes earlier. Adama is wasted to dull the pain and offers some alcohol to Lee. He refuses and runs off, while Adama tearfully apologizes to Dee for letting her down. I'm sorry, but could this show, the writing and the actors be any better?

Adama orders a guard to give him a side arm and drunkenly stumbles through the halls of Galactica (filled with people weeping in despair over Earth) to find Tigh. He tells him they should have that chat Tigh's been asking for. Uh oh. He grabs a bottle of booze, and we get to enjoy one of the most tense, thrilling and moving scenes since Adama discovered Saul was a Cylon, At first, he goads Tigh by slandering him and Ellen's name, then tries to get Tigh to shoot him in order to end his pain, and then ends up exhaling — he's finally able to speak to his old friend like old times. He tells the story about foxes that attacked his uncle's henhouse. They would chase the foxes to the river, and some would turn and fight, and some would go into the river and let the current drag them to sea. Tigh says it was because they wanted to die, but Adama thinks maybe they were just... tired. Either way, Tigh gives Adama the best verbal bitch-slapping he's ever gotten — he tells him to nut up and be a leader (in his most awesome and growly Tigh voice).

Starbuck tries to tell Lee about her discovery in the raptor, but she notices Lee looks like hell. He tells her about Dee, and she doesn't understand it — neither does Lee, nor will he ever because it's "too frakkin' late."

Adama and Tigh get their sh*t together and go to the command deck. He tells Hoshi to take over for Dee and Gaeta to chart a course to a new star system. He addresses the entire fleet over the sound system. He tells the survivors that while their hopes have been dashed, they must not give up. That the people who survived the destruction of Earth found new homes and so will they. Those original inhabitants of Earth struck out on their own into deep space with only their ships and guts. These men and women were not monsters but ordinary people just like they are. Adama promises them that they will find a new home.

Now we can see most of the puzzle fit together. They Cylons were the 13th colony, and when their home was destroyed, each model settled on one of the 12 colony planets and began anew. They blended into society, loved, lived, lost and thrived among humans until something made them revolt. So, is this a never-ending cycle?

(P.S. Props to one of our users who nailed that theory!)

Tigh tells Deanna to get back on the ship, but she's thinking what I'm thinking: This cycle of death and destruction will just keep happening. She asks Tigh, "Don't you want to stop fighting this?" He says, "Just ride the tide out to sea?"

Tigh decides to give that a whirl, and walks deep into the ocean, finding a piece of wreckage. He flashes back to a memory of the nuclear attacks. Ellen is trapped under debris from a collapsed building. He tries to dig her out from the rubble and she says to stop, and that "everything is in place." That they'll be reborn again, together.

And there you have it! Ellen Tigh is the final Cylon!

Thoughts? Reactions? "I told you so's?" "Holy fraks?"

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Twelve Cylon models — seven are known — four live in the fleet — one will be revealed...

Frak ya, one will be revealed! In the very last scene of this episode! Holy motherfrakker! This episode was just one big shock after another — it did not disappoint after all this time... read more

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