An interstellar warship protects survivors of a decimated civilization with a race of android predators in hot pursuit in this dark update of the 1978-80 space adventure. Unlike its `Star Wars'-influenced predecessor, this `Galactica' is a decidedly grim saga that portrays the Cylons as creatures that rebelled against their creators, who soon discover their foe can infiltrate their `ragtag fugitive fleet' by taking human form.

Active Cast

Edward James Olmos Adm. William Adama
Mary McDonnell Laura Roslin
Jamie Bamber Captain Lee 'Apollo' Adama
Katee Sackhoff Lieutenant Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace
James Callis Dr. Gaius Baltar
Tricia Helfer Number 6
Grace Park Lt. Sharon Valerii
Michael Hogan Col. Saul Tigh
Aaron Douglas CPO Galen Tyrol
Tahmoh Penikett Capt. Karl 'Helo' Agathon
Alessandro Juliani Lt. Felix Gaeta
Kandyse McClure Lt. Anastasia 'Dee' Dualla
Donnelly Rhodes Dr. Cottle

Former Cast

Paul Campbell Billy Kiekeya
Samuel Witwer 'Crashdown'