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Battlestar Galactica Episode: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

Season 4, Episode 19
Episode Synopsis: Kara tries to reconcile her identity with her grisly find on Earth while the Cylons on Galactica want to charge Boomer with treason.
Original Air Date: Feb 27, 2009

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Season 4, Episode 19
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Aired: 2/27/2009
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Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "Daybreak – Part 1" Season 4, Episode 19

We get a glimpse at our heroes' lives before the 12 Colonies were destroyed, and it's heartbreaking for so many reasons. Also, Adama decides he can't abandon Hera just yet, and asks the fleet to go on a very dangerous rescue mission with him.

I just want to start off by giving a big "thank you" to David Singer for filling in for me last week. This week's episode title is like a little gift, don't you think? "Daybreak" has so many meanings: the time when darkness turns to light, or a sense of a new beginning, or a feeling of hope after times have been tough. Seeing this title gave me hope that the end of this show wouldn't be a descent into despair, death and tragedy; it would be the beginning of the next chapter of survival for our beloved fleet.

Caprica City — Before the Fall
I wish they had done more flashbacks of everyone's lives on Caprica before the Cylons annihilated the Colonies. I just love their dreamy tones and the insight they give us into our favorite characters. Caprica City is gorgeous, modern and sparkling, and looks like the perfect place to call home.

Adama meets with some sort of official and tells him he's commanded two Battlestars and should be trusted. The man tells him that "it" will take an hour, and there are just some things you have to do. I wonder what the heck "it" is? Any ideas?

Baltar and Caprica Six
They drive through town in a fancy stretch SUV limo, flirting away, and just when he asks her name, she starts making out with him. (Damn it! What is her name?!) He gets a phone call that alarms him and he tells the person on the other line that he'll come home immediately. We find out that Baltar's father lives with him, but he's a cantankerous old bastard who stabbed his caretaker. The old man is surly for a good reason, though, because we get a very raw glimpse of what a crappy son and human being Baltar really is.

Six is watching this whole scene and seems a little charmed by the old man, and slightly horrrified by Baltar's behavior. Even so, she's clearly enamored with Baltar. Later, we're with Baltar at his house (the one that explodes in the opening credits), and he's already moved on to another woman. But Six shows up to ruin his mood, until she tells him she found a groovy new place for his cranky dad to live. Baltar's such a bastard! He's about to leave for his hoochie upstairs, but Six keeps telling him about the place. It starts to intrigue him. Six leaves, and of course, Baltar is much more interested in her now that she seems enigmatic and mysterious.

Roslin has just hosted a baby shower for one of her sisters who is having a baby. Her preggo sis is on the couch, while another sister pours champagne. Roslin looks soft, healthy, glowing and happy - so different from the serious, strong and determined woman we've come to know. The next morning, we see how and why she changed. Police arrive at her door and inform her that her two sisters and her father were all killed in a drunk-driving accident. She tells the officers to leave as she looks around her apartment in shock. She walks outside in her pajamas and slippers to a park with a large fountain. She walks into the fountain and heads for the sculpture in the middle, where water rains down upon her, washing her of her grief, and she's finally able to break down. Three months later, she's on the phone with a friend and eating sushi. She agrees to go out on a date, but seems to regret it after she hangs up. We then cut to her on Galactica, frail and dying, but unwilling to give up. It's clear now that Roslin's always had that strength in her. She shakily makes her way down to Adama to make sure she supports him and his mission to save Hera.

Starbuck, Lee, Zak
Starbuck has her short 'do at her loft apartment (which looks exactly like the creepy apartment prison on New Caprica). She's cooking dinner when the doorbell rings, and Lee enters. It's the first time they've met, and it's sweetly awkward. Starbuck calls for Zak (Lee's deceased brother and Kara's first Adama beau for those who don't remember) to come out, and they all begin a fun repartee, where, ironically, Zak calls Lee a girlfriend-stealer. They are all having a great time together. Later, we see a very drunk Lee back at his place trying to chase a pigeon that's stuck in his living room back outside again. Um, I don't get it. Does he feel like a trapped bird?

After Starbuck plugs him into the mainframe, Anders flashes back to a locker room after one of his Pyramid games. He's being interviewed by a sportscaster about playing the game, and he gets very philosophical about it. They then cut back from his flashback to him as a hybrid spewing out line code. Sad.

Back on Galactica...

Letting Go
Everyone is having a hard time letting go of Galactica; from Lee's crew who don't want to strip her of certain parts, to Adama who is packing up the last of his belongings very slowly.

Baltar's people tell him that they have a majority voice in the fleet now, and he should be a representative in the new quorum as their voice. Baltar gets a little glint in his eye, because this could be his chance to regain some status and power in the fleet. He approaches Lee, who dismisses him immediately, but then agrees to hear him out for five minutes. Baltar insists to Lee that he's not trying to be a part of the government for himself, but for his people. Yeah, right. Lee isn't buying it either and tells him there is no way he'd bring in Baltar or anyone from his harem into the government. Baltar finally admits that he wouldn't trust himself either. Damn straight.

Later, Helo visits Chief, who is now in the brig for his roll in allowing Boomer to escape. Helo tries to convince the Chief that Athena is different, that their feelings are real for each other. He says that Chief's feelings for Boomer were real and that's why he did what he did. Chief tells Helo that he did what he did because he's a frakkin' idiot who never learned that machines are all the same, and you can't trust any of them.

Adama runs into Hot Dog, aka Nicky's real daddy, who drops a bunch of pictures from the memorial wall. People are taking them to their new homes, but many have been left behind because their owners have died along the way. So, Adama takes a stroll through the hall with the pictures and spots Athena and Hera's picture. He leaves, but then pauses and returns for the picture. He realizes that he can't give up on finding Hera because she is one of their own, and she's still out there.

The Message in the Music
Kara struggles to find meaning in the notes that Hera drew for her, and that her father taught her as a child. She's trying all sorts of mathematical equations, but seems stumped.

Kara shows her work to Adama and he ends up asking her if Baltar's claim (of her body being found on Earth) was true. She admits that it is true, and she has no idea what she truly is... but he does. He says, "You're my daughter, and don't you forget it." Aw! Adama then suggests that they plug Anders back into the mainframe to ask him a question.

After Adama and Kara get the location of the Cylon colony from Anders, he addresses the fleet. He and Kara put a huge red piece of tape down the middle of the hanger deck. Then, we get a tiny montage of characters explaining the content of Adama's address. Now, they know where the colony is, but it's in a very dangerous spot, and he needs volunteers to go with him on a rescue mission to get Hera back — knowing full well that it may be a one-way mission. Adama asks volunteers to move starboard and civilians to move to port side. It's a startling and strong image. Lee, Ellen, Tigh, Caprica Six and Hot Dog join Adama, while Baltar and his people stay put on the safe side. Slowly, people make their choices, and of course, Baltar proves Lee right, and stays on the safe side. Coward.

Cylon Colony
Man, is that place ugly! It's gooey, dark, gelatinous and scary-looking from the outside. Inside, Cavil tells Boomer that Hera is nothing more to him than a hybrid with the secrets to their survival brimming inside her, and he can't wait to open her up and figure them out. He's such a sick bastard, and we can tell that Boomer is feeling the same way about Cavil. She's becoming much more maternal with Hera, and really senses her fear and dread.

During a recon mission, two of Galactica's pilots find the Colony right on top of a singularity, which is a nice name for a black hole. Yikes! Starbuck and Lee explain that there is one parking spot only and it's less than a click away. But this is their only shot.

OK guys, what are your thoughts? Do you like where this is headed? Did you like the flashbacks? What do you think will happen next week?

Don't forget to tune in to BSG's behind-the-scenes finale special on Monday at 10 pm/ET.

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We get a glimpse at our heroes' lives before the 12 Colonies were destroyed, and it's heartbreaking for so many reasons. Also, Adama decides he can't abandon Hera just yet, and asks the fleet to go on a very dangerous rescue mission with him. read more

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