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Battlestar Galactica Episode: "Deadlock"

Season 4, Episode 18
Episode Synopsis: Ellen reunites with the "Final Five" Cylons; the rebel Cylons consider abandoning the Colonial fleet.
Original Air Date: Feb 20, 2009
Guest Cast Rekha Sharma: Tory Foster Kate Vernon: Ellen Tigh
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Season 4, Episode 18
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Length: 43:54
Aired: 2/20/2009
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Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars" Season 4, Episode 18

This week's recap is by David Singer.

"You work on your side, and I'll work on mine"

Our episode starts with a scene of Hera playing with the ship model of Galactica on top of the space chart on the bridge. A scene of the shared vision of Hera in the opera house intersects. Hera slides Galactica towards a Cylon basestar surrounded by a few raiders.

Back on Galactica repairs are being made, presumably from Boomers too-close-to-call FTL jump getaway. One of the Six Cylons approaches a human worker, confronting him about his bitching about whose fault it is that Galactica is not getting repaired. Human metals, Cylon goop — neither appear to be getting the job done.

As they get back to repair work, Galactica splits some more.

"I've had it up to here with destiny"

We cut to Kara, Ellen, Saul, the Adamas, Roslin and Tory discussing what to do about Boomer's kidnapping of Hera. Starbuck is worried that Cavil is simply looking to dissect Hera. Ellen suggests he would bring her back to the Colony, where final five and the centurions went after the first war. Ellen knows where the Colony is. Lee does not think one child is worth the risk of jumping into the virtual home of the Cylons. Ellen stresses Hera's importance. Kara suggests Hera is just as important to the humans as she is to the Cylons. That her music experience and Hera writing the notes to the same song she knows, the same song that triggered the Final Four (presumably Five if Ellen was still aboard Galactica at the time), the same song that helped lead them to Earth means something, even if we don't know what. Bill Adama dismisses destiny or fate as a reason to do anything. Saul asks to do recon, if nothing else. Galactica's creaking can be heard while Bill thinks it over. He decides to send a raider in lieu of a raptor to make sure Helo and Athena don't find out about the mission.

It cuts to Helo and Athena. Face to face, Helo wants Athena to admit her hate for him. He asks her to say it, over and over, but she can do nothing but cry.

We see more of the opera house vision of Hera, then both Caprica Six and Roslin in the infirmary. Caprica is sleeping, Roslin is telling Bill about seeing the visions again.

Galactica creeks, rumbles and the power flickers.

Where repairs are being made, Galactica splits open, losing air, losing equipment, losing crew. The Six model arguing with the human repairman before helps save him, grabbing him and helping him to the airlock. The Six isn't able to get to the other side of the airlock before it's closed. She screams to lock it. With a look of terror he locks it, and she is sucked out into the vacuum of space.

"We'll straighten her out"

The doctor informs Tigh that 61 are dead or missing, 26 of those are part of the Cylon crew.

Our repairman tells the Admiral that Galactica has about five jumps before there's a 90% chance she splits. Tigh angrily tells him to come back when he's 100% sure. The XO tells Bill that Sonya wants to know when they'll be transferring to the Cylon basestar, and both are quick to reject the offer. Saul says he'll take over the repairs.

Roslin tells Bill it must be tough losing both his girls at once. Bill insists neither are going anywhere, despite the fact that both are deteriorating right before his eyes. Roslin sees the Hera vision some more as they talk.

"No one removes so much as one bolt from this battlestar"

Lee is left with a quorum not happy over possibly taking lead from a Cylon ship, not truly believing Adama would be in charge, despite Sonya's assurance that he would be. They focus on what parts to take, and Lee will not have any discussion about it until his father is ready. A quorum member asks what Gaius Balter thinks.

"Angels take the guise of those who are nearest and dearest to you"

Baltar is giving one of his sermons over wireless. He talks of angels, and Kara, listening, has a tear in her eye. Maybe due to the confusion over what she is, maybe due to her vision of her father. Baltar, on the other hand, is looking at his own personal Six while behind the microphone.

Baltar spots Caprica Six and stops her before she leaves to let her know how sorry he is about her loss. Baltar offers her a place to stay along with his condolences. She declines with contempt, insisting she's changed, even though he hasn't, but the frequently artificial Baltar seems sincere, and genuinely hurt by her abrupt dismissal.

"Too much confusion"

An injured eight is dying in the infirmary and requests Saul's company. She thanks him for her own existence and calls him father.

In the hijacked raptor, Hera is crying for her mommy. Boomer is less than sympathetic and threatens to drug her to sleep. She stops, showing a little compassion for the child.

Ellen and Saul argue about not doing enough to find Hera. Saul, back to his drinking ways, has no confusion about who his people are anymore — Bill and his fellow crew members. Ellen reminds him of his actual background, but with no memory of his past, Saul is not interested in hearing about it.

Boomer is trying to get Hera to eat. In an attempt to make her more comfortable, she tells Hera of her projection: the house she'd pretend to live in with Galen. She goes there, and to her surprise — so does Hera.

The revelation questions whether Kara was hallucinating about her father — or if she was projecting.

"I'm not an angel"

While Gaius is shaving Kara starts talking to him in the stall, pants down, paper in hand, door open. With a smile full of class she lets him know the latch is broken. Starbuck wants to know if he believes his sermon from before, if there are really angels walking among us. He insists he does while seeing his own Six. He questions her humanity. She now does her own insisting, tells him she's dead and hands over the tags she took off of her own dead body and tells him to run whatever tests he likes on them.

Appropriately, in the next scene she walks out of the bright light and into the dark room where Anders is plugged in, red Cylon symbols covering the dimly lit room.

An Eight informs Kara that they tried plugging him into the mainframe to wake him up, but he looks like he's in no more than a hybrid state. Kara asks for time alone with Sam. She confesses to him that it doesn't matter that he's a Cylon, that he's just Sam, her Sam, and that she just wants him back. She puts a gun to his head, looking to own her own misery more than his. He quickly grabs her, jabbering in his trance-like state, and the ship's power begins to flicker. Sam repeats the hybrid's message, "You are the harbinger of death Kara Thrace. You will lead them all to their end."

The first time we heard "them all to their end", it interpreted as the death of humans. Now, with Kara possibly being the first human-Cylon child, she may be the end of humans and Cylons leading separate existences, and the hybrid prophecy may be less apocalyptic than first thought.

"It's medicinal"

Bill is reading to Laura in the infirmary, and she stops him to pull a joint out of page 61. They reflect on their relationship, their previous discussions and continue to toke up, because there can never be enough smoke in a medical facility. While most conversations would normally gravitate towards how great Doritos would be right now, Laura speaks of her own past, and how she's never felt like she's had a home until a few months ago, but even she realizes Galatica is falling apart, and should be vacated soon.

"We had no idea he had this ability"

We're shown a quick scene of Baltar like we haven't seen him in quite some time, with his science equipment. He's analyzing Starbuck's tags, and his pupil dilates with discovery.

The Cylons helping Sam recover have figured out he's the cause of the power fluctuations in Galactica. Due to the goop being used to try and repair Galactica, Sam has more access to systems than expected, and may even be able to jump the ship. Tigh orders him to be taken offline.

The recon mission is completed, and it's learned that Cavil has moved the Colony right before the Cylon civil war.

Boomer continues to show Hera around her projection, showing Hera where she thought her daughter's room would be. The longer they are in the projection together, the more Boomer is caring towards Hera.

"Let it go"

Helo confronts Bill Adama in the hallway, as Adama is making his way to the funeral of those lost making repairs. He begs for a raptor to go look for his daughter. Bill lets him know they already went on the recon mission and nothing was found. Helo still wants his raptor, but Bill is not going to approve of what would most likely be a suicide mission. Helo, admitting it may be, still wants to go. The Admiral is unresponsive.

"I told you there were angels walking among you"

The funeral has speeches from Gaius, Bill, Ellen and a Six. As the crowd disperses, Gaius starts talking of life after death, revealing that one among them has died and returned. He displays Kara's tags, sharing his analysis of them. There is blood from necrotic tissue and it's a 100% match to Starbuck. The crowd gets restless as he continues talking and Bill starts yelling at him to shut up. Gaius is quick to point out that she is not a Cylon, as all models are now known. A slap from Kara ends Gaius' latest evangelizing moment.

Kara stands by the wall of all the pictures of the fallen, staring. Lee approaches her, letting her know he doesn't care what happened, that she's there now and that's all that matters. Similar to what Kara said to Sam before, Kara smiles softly and almost giggles in response. No guns to the head this time, Lee walks away, and Kara places a picture of herself on the wall, not far from Dee.

"Don't worry, we'll take good care of her"

Boomer has arrived at the Colony. It is ominous and dark, with glows of purple, red and green. She lands and carries Hera to Cavil. Hera appears comfortable with Boomer now, and Boomer is hesitant to hand her over. Cavil reassures Boomer of Hera's safety and reluctantly gives her to him.

Hera cries for Boomer, and Cavil tells her not to worry, she'll have plenty of new playmates soon. Boomer stands there, watching their shadows, crying, and we're left to wonder what will happen to her. Boomer, like Gaius earlier, shows genuine sincerity not common to her.

"To Galactica"

Bill looks on at the repairs as he heads to his quarters. Upset, he starts to paint and realizes how futile it is, taking out his frustration on the paint and the wall that would ultimately be unaffected by a new coat.

Kara is talking to Sam again. He is still unplugged. Another confession that the old her is gone, just like the old him and it's taken her a while to accept it. She's focused on the music and wants his help to figure out what it means, plugging him back in.

Saul arrives at Bill's quarters. Bill tells him that it's time to stop repairs and let Galactica go. It's time to strip her of parts, and get civilians and crew on to other ships. Tigh argues Bill's decision, but comes to accept it. She will be abandoned, and they toast to her.


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"You work on your side, and I'll work on mine"

This week's recap is by David Singer.

Our episode starts with a scene of Hera playing with the ship model of Galactica on top of the space chart on the bridge. A scene of the shared vision of Hera in the opera house intersects. Hera slides Galactica towards a Cylon basestar surrounded by a few raiders.

Back on Galactica repairs are being made, presumably from Boomers too-close-to-call FTL jump getaway. One of the Six Cylons approaches a human worker, confronting him about his bitching about ... read more

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