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Battlestar Galactica Episode: "No Exit"

Season 4, Episode 17
Episode Synopsis: Ellen Tigh resurfaces among the Cylons; Anders tells Kara that he remembers everything.
Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2009
Guest Cast Michael Trucco: Samuel Anders Kate Vernon: Ellen Tigh
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Season 4, Episode 17
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Length: 43:41
Aired: 2/13/2009
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Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "Someone to Watch Over Me" Season 4, Episode 17

Our girl Galactica is still falling apart and, so it seems, is everyone on board her. Starbuck searches for her identity and meets a new friend, while Chief begs for Boomer's life to be spared after the quorum decides to try her for treason.

Starbuck's Story
Things are looking mighty dire on Galactica. In the first moments of this episode, we see an ancient-looking, beat-up piano being played by someone on the ship. The music is haunting and sets the scene for a montage of sadness. Kara dresses, showers, and addresses her diminished flight crew on their mission. It's the same mission week after week: They must search the galaxy for a place to settle, and whoever is successful earns the last tube of Tauron toothpaste. How sad is that?

Kara visits Anders, who has brain activity and whose eyes are open, but is still unresponsive. Doc tells her to move on with her life, and if there's any change in his condition, she'll be the first to know. She drowns her sorrows at the ship pub - or at least she tries to. The mystery man at the piano is really pissing her off. He says he's composing a song but he's having a rough time. He's just trying to add some beauty to an ugly situation. Kara tells him maybe he should learn how to play the damn piano first. He then launches into a pretty song that clearly demonstrates he knows what he's doing.

Later, Kara goes to Helo's quarters. He tell her that he bartered to get all of Kara's belongings back (since they were auctioned off after she was presumed dead). All she wants is a cassette tape. It's a guy playing a piano named Deilide Thrace. I assume that's dear old dad.

Back with the pianist, Kara decides to be a bit nicer this time around. She says she likes the song more now. They have a nice chat about the meaning of the song. Later, Starbuck gets even cozier with the dude, and shows off her knowledge of classical music. Who knew? She admits her dad used to play, and that she loved to watch him and hear him play. We get a flashback of Starbuck as a girl being taught how to play by her father (who we don't see).

In what feels like a dream, Starbuck is in the launch tunnel section of Galactica and sees her younger self playing the piano. When she touches the girl, she gets a flash of her dead body on Earth. She tells piano man about her story (and finding her own dead body on Earth) and he simply says that sometimes "lost" is where you need to be.

Later, Starbuck's new friend tells his story: He was married with a kid, but his wife wanted him to quit playing the piano and get a real job. Starbuck is furious and rips into him. Did he ever think about what leaving his family would do to his kid? "You're just like my father," she says. And then, a wave of recognition washes over her face. This is her father... sorta. It just reminds her of her dad. She tells her new buddy that her dad was a son of a bitch who never called or wrote after he left. So she quit playing music. He tries to get her to come to terms with her loss and just start playing again. Sackhoff does some fantastic acting here.

Her new buddy finally gets her to play a song, and it's the Cylon signal song ("All Along the Watchtower")! Tigh and Tory hear the song and grab Starbuck's shoulder, demanding to know how she knows that song. She says her father taught her, and when she turns to acknowledge piano man, we see he was just a hallucination. Piano man was her father after all!

Boomer's Back in Action
After Chief informs Roslin, Lee, Adama and a new Six named Sonya that Galactica only has a few jumps left in her before her hull caves in, we find out that Sonya has been elected to the new quorum. She tells the group that she'd like to try Boomer on treason charges due to her alliance with Cavil. Her punishment if convicted: Death (since Cylons can no longer download).

While Chief tries to work on fixing Galactica, he flashes back to the good and bad times he had with Boomer, including when she died in his arms. He's clearly confused about how he feels for her, especially now that he knows he's a Cylon too.

Chief visits Boomer in the brig, and she tries to explain her actions (shooting Adama). She felt betrayed and wanted to forget the chief. But it didn't work. He says he feels the same way, and if he'd known back then what he is... well, things may have been different. She asks him to make the most of the time they have left now. He then flashes back to a beautiful home on Picon, where he and Sharon are married and live a wonderful life. But, it's actually a Cylon projection created by Sharon, and it really freaks him out.

Later in the bar, Chief discusses Boomer with Tory, Ellen and Tigh. He pleads that they help him save Boomer, but Ellen insists that justice take its course.

Boomer explains that the projection from earlier was just a way for them to enjoy the life they could have had... they never got to build a house together, so she did it in her head. He then notices a sweet little growth chart on the wall, and heads upstairs in the imaginary house. He meets their imaginary daughter there, and is so thrilled that he begins to laugh and cry at the same time.

Chief begs Roslin to spare the life of Boomer, but she insists that she is a danger to the fleet and their Cylon allies. She also implies that Boomer is manipulating Chief into being set free, and really doesn't care at all about him. Ouch! She signs the order, and Chief lives all wild eyed and desperate looking. He sees another Eight working on Galactica and knocks her out with a wrench to pull the old switcheroo move.

Boomer has now been swapped out, and boy does she look evil! I was hoping the president was wrong, but not so much! She walks into a bathroom and decks Athena. When Helo walks in and sees Boomer, he thinks it's Athena and wants some lovin'. Awkward! She tries to deny him at first but then kisses him, I think more to shut him up and stop him from asking questions. As they get it on, we can see poor Athena, who has been beaten, bound and gagged, having to watch as Boomer has sex with her husband.

After Boomer's finished, she dons Athena's flight suit and snags Hera from day care and heads to a raptor (to make her escape). As Chief helps her load up her raptor, she tells Chief that no matter what happens, she meant what she said to him earlier. I do believe her this time.

Athena escapes from the closet and finds Helo to tell him that Boomer is loose and has Hera. Helo screams to call the flight deck and stop Boomer from launching. Poor Athena lets out a primal scream of betrayal and beats Helo on the back.

Adama tries to stall Boomer from launching her raptor, but she gears up for a jump. Tigh says if she jumps while inside Galactica, she could rip the old girl apart. And, they can't shoot her because Hera's on board! Boomer panics and takes off once she sees the flight pod is retracting. And, even though she jumps outside the ship, it rips a hole in her side. We see the president, who is suffering and ill, whisper "Hera." They clearly still have a special bond.

Chief hears Athena screaming at one of the crew about letting Hera get past them. His face fills with horror as he realizes Hera was inside Boomer's trunk, and that she's not coming back.

Ellen sits in the empty day care center with Tigh and explains that Boomer didn't save her life at all. That Cavil planted her on Galactica to steal Hera.

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Our girl Galactica is still falling apart and, so it seems, is everyone on board her. Starbuck searches for her identity and meets a new friend, while Chief begs for Boomer's life to be spared after the quorum decides to try her for treason... read more

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