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Battlestar Galactica Episode: "Blood on the Scales"

Season 4, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: Zarek and Gaeta hold Adama accountable for his actions.
Original Air Date: Feb 6, 2009

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Season 4, Episode 16
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Length: 43:45
Aired: 2/6/2009
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Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "Deadlock" Season 4, Episode 16

Ellen returns to Galactica, causing all sorts of drama between the Cylons, including Saul's pregnant girlfriend. Also, we begin to see how the Cylon and human cultures have already begun blending together, regardless of the tensions between the groups.

I don't know about you guys, but aren't you dying to see the fleet's reaction to Ellen's return to Galactica? And how awkward will it be for Saul now that he's got one of the Sixes as his babymama? Plus, I'm completely nervous about Galactica's condition, and wonder if this biological resin can really do anything to help the ailing ship.

Can we talk about something else, too? What the frak is Universal thinking about developing a non-Moore and Eick BSG feature? I know J.J. Abrams is doing it with Star Trek in May, but seriously, this is really frakkin' disturbing to me. I can't imagine seeing a big-screen version of Adama and Starbuck, but it's not Edward James Olmos and Katee Sackhoff. It's just too soon. What do you think?

On with the show....

Galactica's Repair
Adama checks out the biological resin that the Cylons are painting on the internal surface of the ship. It looks like gooey tar, and Adama touches it; his look is one part terror and one part hope that this crazy goop could actually work.

Tensions Rising
One of the Sixes goes to a ration center on the ship to get food and encounters some angry humans. Luckily for her, she can kick ass. But the message is clear: The Cylons won't be welcome on Galactica for a very long time.

Roslin approaches the Caprica Six in the hall to congratulate her on her baby, though, we all know she couldn't care less. What's her real motivation for reaching out? She wants to know if Caprica's had anymore visions, and when she says no, Roslin asks a strange question. Is your baby important? Caprica is offended and leaves quickly.

Adama gets drunk with Tigh later and they joke around about his Cylon origins. Adama admits he's worried that the Cylon goop will change Galactica forever. He also admits he needs the Cylons help.

Ellen's Return to Galactica
Galactica makes contact with a raptor and is confused; that ship had been logged as lost a year ago. Starbuck steers it toward Galactica, and as the doors of the raptor open, we just see a pair of lovely, crossed legs. They belong to Ellen Tigh. She embraces Saul and kisses him, while Adama tells the guards to take Boomer to the brig (after Chief recognizes her as Boomer).

Ellen briefs Roslin, Adama, Lee and Tigh about Cavil's plan to rebuild the resurrection ship —  and the fact that Cavil's basically a nut job hell-bent on survival by download. Ellen asks to see the others so she can reconnect with them. Adama and Roslin look weary, but Adama agrees to bring all but Anders (who is still in sick bay, and non-responsive).  Everyone else leaves, and Ellen practically pounces on Tigh for a roll in the hay (or on the table in this case), but Tigh is having his Ellen/Six hallucination again.

Post coitus, Ellen asks Saul who he's been frakkin' since she was "dead." He admits it was a Caprica Six, and she's grossed out. I guess even Cylon men are stupid about discussing their conquests with other women. Not smart, Saul.

In the sick bay, Ellen is reunited with Galen and Tory. A Six and Eight are there as well and they invite her to go back to the baseship and rebuild their lives and civilization without the humans — after all Caprica Six is pregnant with Saul's baby. They can now reproduce biologically. They all start bickering like a big family and decide to vote on leaving Galactica. Galen and Tory vote to go, while Anders and Tigh want to stay.

Ellen is still Ellen... always wanting some booze. She's also still a petty, jealous woman. She purposely tells Caprica that she and Saul made love (I hate that phrase), but assures Carpica that her baby is all the proof she needs that Saul loves her (and not Ellen). Caprica stands up for herself and tells Ellen to stop threatening her, and Ellen tells her she's won and can have Saul. I don't believe her for a second.

Tigh tries to convince Ellen that Galactica needs the baseship to survive, but Ellen insists that it's only Bill that needs the baseship. Galen, Tory, an Eight and Caprica join the meeting, and Ellen announces the vote has been made: They are going back to the baseship. Saul insists this is a mistake, that a pure Cylon race and pure human race will backfire. It's a flawed way of living and has only resulted in catastrophe. But Ellen is on a mission to destroy Saul for giving Caprica what she always wanted... a baby. She tells Caprica that, clearly, Saul loves something more than her and her baby, and that something is Bill Adama. Everyone else will always come second. Ouch. Just then, Caprica collapses in pain.

In the sick bay, Cottle treats the baby, while Saul and Ellen bicker about her plan to leave. She says she didn't think about how it would affect Caprica and apologizes... sort of. She tells Tigh to talk to Caprica and tell her he loves her. The baby needs it. It's very sweet, even though he's such a curmudgeon about sharing his feelings. I love Tigh hard core. The baby is in major distress and Ellen gives Caprica an amazing speech about how much Saul really does love her and her baby. Unfortunately, it's all for not, because the little one's heart gives out. So sad!

Tigh finds Bill and they grieve together... it really is stunning to see the bonds of their friendship.

Baltar Comes Home to the Harem
After Baltar's attack of conscience, he's returned to his harem of ladies. Jean is thrilled to see him, but Paula... not so much. She taunts him with, "We were wondering if you were coming back." She says she realized they had been abandoned and had to take care of themselves... abandoned by god. So, they snagged guns and hoarded food so they can watch out for themselves now. Look who's back! Hello there Caprica Six hallucination! Gaius has missed you! We have missed you!

Baltar meets a boy named Gaius who is hungry, much like the rest of the fleet. He announces that they have food to share, and Paula is not happy. But nothing stops Baltar from announcing to the entire room that he vows to return and feed them all.

Baltar and crew hand out food to grateful fleet members, until some thugs pull weapons on them and steal the rest of their goods. When will Baltar learn that no good deed goes unpunished! The Sons of Aries stole their food, and Gaius is pissed that Paula never told him about their involvement around the ship. Gaius' Caprica hallucination is back and guides Baltar to question Paula's guidance of the women while he was gone. He makes another grand speech about how all they need is strength and bigger guns to win this fight. Ah, our narcissistic Baltar is back!

Baltar speaks to Adama, Lee and Roslin about the state of the ship and it's starving people. He's worried a revolution will begin because they insist on blending the two cultures on the ship. He says the humans aren't ready for it yet. Baltar has a solution, and that's giving him a bunch of really big guns.

What did you think about this week's episode? What was your favorite line?

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Ellen returns to Galactica, causing all sorts of drama between the Cylons, including Saul's pregnant girlfriend. Also, we begin to see how the Cylon and human cultures have already begun blending together, regardless of the tensions between the groups. read more

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