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Battlestar Galactica Episode: "The Oath"

Season 4, Episode 15
Episode Synopsis: Gaeta and Zarek execute a power grab that puts Adama and Tigh on the defensive.
Original Air Date: Jan 30, 2009
Guest Cast Richard Hatch: Tom Zarek
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Season 4, Episode 15
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Length: 43:44
Aired: 1/30/2009
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Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "No Exit" Season 4, Episode 15

Anders' brain injury has opened up a flood of Cylon memories, and he's sharing with the rest of the class. Also, Chief shows Adama the huge cracks in Galactica's infrastructure, and suggests an interesting fix. But the most exciting part of the episode is seeing what our long-absent fifth Cylon, Ellen, has been doing for the last 18 months.

OK, so I'm going to make things easy on myself and easy on you guys by just giving a simple run down of the three main storylines in this episode. If you've watched it, you know that almost the entire episode is exposition. I'd be here all day if I were to give you a real play-by-play, so I'm gonna try it this way. But, since the beginning sequence changed again, I'm going to write it here:

This has all happened before. And it will happen again. The Cylons were created by man. They rebelled. Then they vanished. Forty years later they came back. They evolved. 50,298 human survivors hunted by the Cylons. Eleven models are known. One was sacrificed (Ellen!).

Ellen's Story
We flash back to 18 months ago, and Ellen is downloading into the vat o' goo on a different ship than the resurrection hub. She's with Cavil, who she calls John, and they begin a long series of conversations that explain exactly who Ellen is and what she means to the Cylons. We also learn that even though Ellen and Cavil have a long and twisted history, they act like a couple of bickering siblings, and I love every second of it.

We learn rather quickly that Ellen is basically the "mother" of all Cylons. She was a research genius and along with the others in the final four, she created the other eight models. Yes, you heard me right. Eight models. We discover, first through Anders rant in the sick bay and then through Ellen, that Cavil destroyed one of the Cylon models named Daniel. More on that later.

Cavil detests Ellen and lets her know it every chance he gets. He detests that she made him in the image of a human. He feels that the humans enslaved his ancestors (the Centurions) and he wants justice. Boomer appears to bring Ellen lunch, and at first, she seems under Cavil's spell. Ellen warns her to watch out for Cavil and his intentions.

A few months have passed now. Cavil is furious with Ellen about how she created him. He'd rather has been Centurion and without the complicated and fallible nature and sensibilities of a human. But, Ellen holds firm to her belief that what she created was a more beautiful and remarkable creature than any machine could ever be. Boomer asks if she feels remorse about how she created the other Cylon models. Ellen says no, because she gave them the gifts of free will, so that they could love, be creative, have compassion, etc.

Back with Ellen (four months ago), Cavil informs her that the resurrection hub has been destroyed and he wants her help to rebuild it. She says she can't without the other final four, but Cavil doesn't believe her. Boomer pipes up and tells Ellen to just spill the info about the resurrection technology. Ellen says she can't, so Cavil says he's going to find it himself; by poking around in her brain. Ew.

Later, Ellen calls Cavil on destroying the eighth model, Daniel. Cavil was jealous of him so he contaminated the amniotic fluid of every Daniel model. Cavil points out that if he's such a bad Cylon and a broken mistake, it's her fault since she created him. She urges him to accept himself, because he has the capacity to be good. He rejects that idea, and goes off to prepare to poke around her brain. I wonder if we'll ever get to see this Daniel model in a flashback, or perhaps in the flesh?

Now, we're in present time on Cavil's ship. In an awesome twist, when Boomer goes to collect Ellen for the surgery, she makes a detour to her raptor instead. They escape from the ship, and Boomer jumps back to Galactica with Ellen in tow. Aw, yeah, this is getting so good!

Anders Knows All
Anders is in sick bay, shaved bald and attached to a halo-like contraption for brain surgery. He's babbling because he has a huge hematoma in his brain, along with a bullet lodged next to a blood vessel. Doc can remove the hematoma, but needs a brain specialist for the bullet. After the hematoma is removed, Anders brains starts working overtime, and he remembers back thousands of years to the beginning of the "skin job" Cylons. He tells Starbuck, who won't leave his side, to gather the rest of the final four and Ellen. Starbuck tells him that Ellen's dead, but she will summon the others.

Once the final four arrive, Anders tells them that the final five had been warned that the end of Earth was near, and arranged to be downloaded on a ship orbiting the planet. He also says that the final five didn't invent resurrection, they reinvented it. Apparently, "organic memory transfer" came from Kobol along with the 13th tribe. It fell out of use after their people began to procreate, but the final five worked night and day to bring it back into use. Though they all helped, it was really Ellen's brainchild.

Later, after Anders has rested, he has much more to tell. They set out for the 12 colonies to warn the other tribes that the Centurions needed to be treated well and kept close, or history would surely repeat itself. Because they hadn't invented jump drives at this point, it took the final five a couple thousand years to get to the colonies. It was too late when they arrived, as the war had begun. The Centurions were trying to develop flesh bodies, and had built hybrids, but their progress had stopped. So, the final five agreed to help the Centurions build flesh bodies if they agreed to stop the war (hence the 40-year disappearance).

Tigh freaks out that Anders has basically told them that they are responsible in a larger sense for all the death and destruction that has occurred. Humans invented Centurions, but the final five made the skin jobs that annihilated the 12 colonies.

Before Anders is taken into surgery, the final four get a few more questions in: Chief wants to know why they thought it was OK to build skin jobs after witnessing the cycle of violence on Earth. Anders says Ellen thought by programming them with love and other human emotions (and the fact that they believed in one god), then the cycle of violence could end. Well, crap, that sure didn't work, did it? He tells them that Cavil turned on them all because he didn't share those beliefs. He killed the five, and when they downloaded, they didn't retain their memories. When Anders is being led into surgery, he screams at Kara to make sure the Cylons stay with the fleet.

Anders' bullet is removed, but he has no brain activity. Is this the end for him?

Galactica Is Falling Apart
Last episode, we saw that Chief discovered a huge crack up the wall of Galactica's engine room. But, in this episode, Chief shows Adama that the damage is much more severe and widespread. Galactica was 50 years old when the war started and has been through hell and back since. She (the ship is a she, according to Adama) has hairline fractures up and down every wall, and massive cracks in more frightening and important places. Adama asks Tyrol to become his chief again officially and fix the ship, but only with a human crew. When Chief suggests they use an organic resin from the Cylon baseship to fix Galactica, he refuses. But, back in Adama's quarters, as he slams down a bottle of booze and some pills, he sees a huge crack in his own walls and realizes that they're in a dire situation. Adama calls Chief and gives him the order to do whatever it takes to save "their girl."

This was a lot of information to take in during one episode. What are your questions? What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite line?

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Anders' brain injury has opened up a flood of Cylon memories, and he's sharing with the rest of the class. Also, Chief shows Adama the huge cracks in Galactica's infrastructure, and suggests an interesting fix. But the most exciting part of the episode is seeing what our long-absent fifth Cylon, Ellen, has been doing for the last 18 months. read more

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