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Battlestar Galactica Episode: "A Disquiet That Follows My Soul"

Season 4, Episode 14
Episode Synopsis: The renegade Cylons seek an alliance with the Colonial fleet while Vice President Tom Zarek rallies opposition to that prospect.
Original Air Date: Jan 23, 2009
Guest Cast Richard Hatch: Tom Zarek
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Season 4, Episode 14
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Length: 43:44
Aired: 1/23/2009
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Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "Blood on the Scales" Season 4, Episode 14

Battlestar Galactica continues to thrill and chill at every turn as rebels take full control of the mighty Galactica ship. Zarek and Gaeta also put Adama on trial for treason, while Lee and Starbuck are able to free the Cylon prisoners in order to get help rescue Adama and return him to power.

We begin the episode where we left off — a grenade has been lobbed into the storage facility where Adama and Tigh have been hiding from the rebels. Though they're both knocked around a bit, they survive and are taken into custody.

Gaeta (that little weasel) has ordered that his rebels take out the raptor that's carrying Roslin to the Cylon baseship, but for some reason, Hot Dog can't fire. Narcho tries to get him to snap out of it, but then Roslin's voice comes over the P.A., begging for them not to fire. Ha! Your plan is foiled, Gaeta! Wait, no it's not. Narcho takes over and fires at the raptor, but luckily Athena is one heck of a pilot, and she dodges the missile. The raptor makes it safely on board the baseship, and my heart can start beating again.

Gaeta orders Tigh to be put in the brig with the Cylons and to bring Adama straight to the deck. Back on the baseship, Athena tells the rebel Cylons that the government has lost control of Galactica. She's not happy with that assessment, especially because the Cylons start panicking a bit. Awesomely, she really gets her presidential mojo back and tells them all to calm down. She orders them to stay put, and that the only chance Adama has to save the fleet is if they hide the baseship within the fleet; using them as cover.

Gaeta tries to get Adama to call Roslin and ask her to surrender. Adama, with murderous contempt in his eyes, refuses. He tells Gaeta that Gaeta is the now the Admiral, and it's his job to call the president and get her to laugh. Ha! Gaeta realizes that the baseship is taking cover in the fleet and tells his ships to stand down. Adama asks, in his best Clint Eastwood voice, "Are you going to shoot me now, Mr. Gaeta?"

Zarek boards Galactica to talk strategy with Gaeta. Gaeta insists on having a trial with the quorum, and the first trial will be Adama's. Oh Gaeta, you are going to be so sorry you frakked with Adama.

Romo Lampkin is brought by the rebels to meet with Zarek and Gaeta about the trial. They are charging Adama with treason, desertion and giving aid and comfort to the enemy in gross dereliction of duty. Punishment is death by firing squad. (Holy crap)! The appoint Lampkin as Adama's lawyer, while Zarek will serve as judge. What a frakkin' farce this is... just an illusion of being in control so the rebels won't switch back to Adama's side.

Zarek addresses the quorum about Gaeta taking control of Galactica. One of the brave quorum members stands up and tells Zarek to leave. Whoa! That's fantastic! That is, until Zarek orders the guards to massacre them all. Dear gods! The humanity! This has just taken a massive turn for the worse.

Gaeta observes the carnage on Colonial One and is furious that Zarek murdered the quorum. Zarek insists that this is what happens during a coup. Gaeta says that they used to have truth on their side, and now all they have is lies. But Zarek insists this was a necessary step, and that the next step is to eliminate Adama. Gaeta is looking very green around the gills and now knows he's in way over his head.

The rebel Cylons have taken a vote and inform Roslin that they have decided to jump away from the fleet. Roslin fights their decision with an amazing speech, filled with a little panic and a lot of emotion, about their ability to take on this challenge and survive. She says that no one thought they could survive anything they've been through, but they have and it was mostly due to Admiral Adama's leadership. She begs them to give Adama a chance to regain power and set things straight, and also plays the "are you gonna be brave, or cut and run" card.

Chief crawls through the ventilation system to the engine room, and is caught by Aaron. After sharing a few laughs over Callie and Galactica, Aaron loses his sense of humor and points the gun in Chief's face again. But instead of shooting, he gives Chief a gift. He tells him to get the frak out of there, and Chief obeys.

Lampkin advises Adama to write a statement proclaiming his innocence to the fleet, but Adama refuses to play along. He knows in his gut that Zarek and Gaeta will fail, and he doesn't want his fleet to ever think he would betray his beliefs by testifying.

Starbuck and Lee make their way to the Cylon prisoners and Lee is shocked that Adama is not there. While Starbuck and Anders try to steal ammo from dead guards, one of the rebels shoots Anders in the head. Gulp. Starbuck tells Lee and the others to leave and she'll stay with Anders, who seems to be fading quickly.

Gaeta serves as prosecutor in Adama's bogus trial, urging the Admiral to admit his collaboration with the Cylons. Adama says that he never gave the Cylons aid and comfort; they gave him aid and comfort. Gaeta looks like he wants to have a temper tantrum, and I am completely in awe of Adama. Zarek takes a phone call in the middle of this and then announces that Tigh has been killed trying to escape. Adama tries not to waiver at this news, and I hope it's because he knows Zarek is full of crap. Adama refuses to answer any more questions and Zarek proclaims him guilty on all charges. Then, Roslin's voice gets through on the P.A. again, and the look of pride and relief on Adama's face is priceless. Zarek flips out and orders the communications team to stop her transmission. Oooh, someone is feeling pressure! Ha!

One of the rebel guards escorts Lampkin out of the trial, and they run into Starbuck and Anders. Starbuck tries to shoot the guard, but her gun is out of ammo. Luckily, Lampkin saves the day and stabs the guard with his pen. The symbolism of that is not lost on me: the pen used in such a dirty farce of a trial is used to kill one of the rebel supporters. Starbuck begs him to help her get Anders to Cottle, and he says no. But, because Lampkin is all kinds of awesome, he changes his mind with a big "Frak!"

Aaron can't handle his role as a rebel anymore, and goes rogue. Lee finds him and wants to know where Adama is. Even though Aaron doesn't know, he decides to fight with Lee's team now instead.

On the baseship, Baltar has a dream that Adama is killed by Gaeta and a firing squad. He wakes up in the bed of a long-haired Six model. Man, he's just a one model kind of guy. Once he's fully awake, he freaks out that he's with this new Six model and tells her to stop kissing him. He chastises himself for being a coward, and leaving his harem on the ship to secure his own safety. He says he must go back to be with them. Who is this guy, and what have they done with Baltar?

Roslin addresses Galactica over the P.A. and orders them to return command to Adama in five minutes. Meanwhile, Gaeta returns Adama's Admiral medals to his desk before tearfully ordering Adama's execution. Narcho confirms, but as the camera pulls away, we see a gun pointed at him, held by Tigh! Ha! That just made my day. We can also see Lee freeing Adama from the execution chair, and the two embrace. Narcho refuses to help Adama take back his ship, and Adama simply orders him to be tied up.

Zarek tells Roslin over the p.a. that Tigh and Adama are both dead, and that she should surrender. Roslin makes me love her even more by telling him, "No. Not now, and not ever! I will use every canon, every bomb, every bullet, every weapon down to my eye teeth to end you! I swear it! I am coming for all of you!" I have goose bumps all over my body right now, and tears in my eyes! Maybe the prophecy was right all along. Maybe she was meant to save her people, just not in respect to finding Earth.

Lee, Adama, Tigh and the rest of the good guys make their way to take back the deck, while we see the Chief has finally made it through the vents to the ships FTL drives to disable them before Gaeta can jump away. Chief rips the FTL drive out and Zarek sees it's now offline. He screams at Gaeta to defend the ship by launching his birds, but Gaeta looks stoned and in another world. He simply says, "One day there will be a reckoning." To Zarek's wild-eyed astonishment, Gaeta orders everyone to stand down. Then, Adama and the good guys rush the deck and take back control of the ship. Is anyone else out there holding their breath like I am? It's OK, you can exhale now. It's over. Phew!

Just when we thought we could relax for half a second, down in the engine room, Chief spies a huge and ominous looking crack up the wall of Galactica.

Gaeta talks about his childhood as he smokes a cigarette with someone. He used to want to be an architect as a kid, and as we pull back, we see he's speaking to Baltar. Baltar just listens as Gaeta babbles on about wanting to be a scientist too. Gaeta asks Baltar to please not mention religion at the moment. Oh boy, I think I know what this is... it's his last moments before execution. He's smoking, drinking coffee, chatting with a religious figure.... Gaeta says he hopes that people realize who he really is eventually. Baltar says he knows who Gaeta is, and with that statement, the camera pulls back from a close up of Gaeta to reveal that he and Zarek are in the airlock, awaiting death by firing squad. Wow. Just, wow.

Adama tells the squad to aim at Zarek and Gaeta. Gaeta has a moment where he looks down at the remainder of his amputated leg and simply says, "It stopped." Since he was always rubbing his leg and wincing, I know he means for one brief moment, his leg ceased to be painful. It's a small comfort before dying.

Well, my peeps at Sci Fi were not kidding about this being one heck of an episode. What was your favorite part? What do you think the crack in the ship means?



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Battlestar Galactica continues to thrill and chill at every turn as rebels take full control of the mighty Galactica ship. Zarek and Gaeta also put Adama on trial for treason, while Lee and Starbuck are able to free the Cylon prisoners in order to get help rescue Adama and return him to power.

We begin the episode where we left off — a grenade has been lobbed into the storage facility where Adama and Tigh have been hiding from the rebels. Though they're both knocked around a bit ... read more

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Premise: An interstellar warship protects survivors of a decimated civilization with a race of android predators in hot pursuit in this dark update of the 1978-80 space adventure. Unlike its `Star Wars'-influenced predecessor, this `Galactica' is a decidedly grim saga that portrays the Cylons as creatures that rebelled against their creators, who soon discover their foe can infiltrate their `ragtag fugitive fleet' by taking human form.



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