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Battlestar Galactica Episode: "Sometimes a Great Notion"

Season 4, Episode 13
Episode Synopsis: Kara makes a disturbing find on Earth while President Roslin suffers a crisis of faith.
Original Air Date: Jan 16, 2009

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Season 4, Episode 13
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Length: 46:40
Aired: 1/16/2009
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Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "The Oath" Season 4, Episode 13

Gaeta and his mutiny team take over Galactica, while Zarek takes command of Colonial One. This finally forces President Roslin to take a stand and address the fleet, begging for understanding and cooperation with the Cylons. Meanwhile, several Cylons and their supporters are rounded up and thrown into custody, while the ship falls into chaos. Will Adama and Tigh be able to save the day?

We begin in the Admiral's quarters at 0620 hours. Tigh enters to tell the Adama that three more captains are forbidding the Cylon engineers entry onto their ship. Adama is annoyed because he thought this was all straightened out already. Adama's had enough and tells Tigh to have Lee go to the quorum and deliver a message: If they don't get their ships in line, they can all share a blanket in Zarek's cell. Heh.

Roslin appears from Adama's bedroom area and walks by Tigh in her robe to grab some coffee. Tigh is practically speechless. Did he not know about Adama and Roslin's relationship? Or is he just shocked that they are so open and comfortable with their relationship now?

Gaeta collects Zarek from his cell and tells him that rumors are already starting to spread about their efforts to mutiny. Gaeta tells Zarek that their biggest challenge will be in dealing with the quorum - mainly Lee. Gaeta tells Zarek to push his buttons to get some results. This is gonna get so ugly!

Roslin tells Adama that Tigh is correct about the fleet not being comfortable with a blanket Cylon alliance. She knows that while it's only one vote, having Lee in the quorum will be seen as a vote coming straight from Adama himself. Adama says Lee can handle it. Though Roslin says she's not getting involved, she does tell Adama that Cantrell is the key to the quorum.

Gaeta's people fake a fuel leak to sneak Zarek to a ship and transfer him to Colonial One. When they meet resistance from a mechanic, Zarek whacks him with a wrench. Baltar's girl, Jean, witnesses the entire incident. Though it seems like Gaeta is having second thoughts - especially about hurting innocent people - he tells Zarek that he started this fight, and he'll see it through. Who knew Gaeta would become so important to the end of this entire series?

Gaeta goes back to work and his boyfriend Hoshi spots Zarek's rogue flight on Draedus. Gaeta convinces everyone that it's just a ghost blip and Tigh orders that the equipment be checked. Tricky, Gaeta.

Now we're at 0741 hours on Colonial One in an emergency session of the quorum. Lee is screaming for order when Zarek walks in like he owns the frakkin' place. He takes over the meeting and lets everyone think that Adama actually released him from the brig.

Anders (where have you been, man?) and Diana have a little chat about old times. She says she had feelings for him and never understood why he didn't, until she found out he was a Cylon. Now it all makes sense to her. And even though it's been months, she's not over it. So, some goons come up behind Anders and throw a hood over his face, beat him up and take him away.

Starbuck teases Hot Dog (Nicky's real father) about letting his hot dog get him into trouble. Heh. But she's interrupted by an evacuation order/fire alarm. On her way out, one of the marines tells Starbuck, "No one even knows what you are anymore," and she can tell that something very wrong is happening. She grabs her firearm and calls the Admiral, but Gaeta answers. He won't put the Admiral on and hangs up on her. Oh man, this is brilliant of Gaeta. He's in charge of communications, so every call goes through him! He can manipulate the entire mutiny from his tiny desk. Lee calls to ask why Zarek was let go, and Gaeta plays stupid.

Lee and Zarek have a chat about loyalty. Zarek plants seeds of doubt about Adama's faith in Lee, but Lee knows something is amiss and heads out for Galactica. Once he arrives, he's punched in the gut by the mutiny team. Just when Lee is about to get a bullet between the eyes, Starbuck shoots the gunman and another dude. They take off together to find Adama.

The mutiny team comes after Helo and Athena... they're rounding up all the Cylons as well as punishing humans they feel sided with Cylons at any point.

Lee is freaking out that Skulls and Racetrack, people he flew with and served with, would betray the fleet like this. All Starbuck has to say is Semper frakkin' Fi. Ha! Lee realizes Zarek played him perfectly, and he's in a position to have a lot of fire power once they take over Galactica. Starbuck lays a big smooch on him and tells him to take a breath and get it together. (Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!)

On deck, Hoshi realizes the fire was not really a fire. Adama orders someone to check it out while Gaeta watches nervously.

They throw Helo, Athena and Hera into the brig along with Anders and pregnant Six. Six is freaking out that they're going to kill all the Cylons because they can now reproduce without downloading. But, Athena says the mutiny team wants them alive as bargaining chips. I hope that's true, because Cylon or not, I've gotten attached to them. Haven't you?

Now we're 0922 hours with the Admiral on deck. When the boy Adama sent to check on the fire returns, he tells them the equipment has been tampered with and there is no fire. Gaeta rises from his seat and orders his marines to take the deck. Adama is furious and demands to know what is happening, though he already knows. The marines surround the crew, and open fire killing the boy. Gaeta orders them to stand down and yells at Adama that he is removing him from command and charging him with treason. Oh. No. He. Didn't! The Admiral's rage is completely palpable and the tension in this scene is beyond brilliant. Gaeta accuses Adama of being a "soft old man" whose affection for a Cylon (Tigh) got in the way of being the leader he used to be. Oh, Gaeta, just keep on digging yourself in deeper.

Adama's rage boils over as he addresses the entire deck. He says that if they go through with the mutiny, there will be no forgiveness or immunity. He tells Gaeta that the boy they just killed has died with the honor that comes with wearing the uniform, and Gaeta will die with nothing.

Back with Lee and Starbuck ... they find Roslin safe, and explain the situation. Roslin (finally) steps up and says she will not allow Zarek to take over, and will do whatever it takes to restore order to the fleet. It's about frakkin' time, Roslin!

We're now at 0942 hours in Baltar's compartment. Baltar says goodbye to his harem, which is hilarious and disingenuous as always. He just wants to get the hell out of there so the mutiny team doesn't snag him. But, before he can go, Roslin asks to speak to him. Chief intercepts them and informs Roslin, Lee and Starbuck that the Admiral has been led away from the deck by gunpoint. He tells them not to trust the main communication system, and that if they can get Adama to a certain holding spot, Chief can get him safely off the ship.

At 0947 hours, Adama tries to talk up the soldiers, telling them he remembers them all. And one day after this is over there will be a reckoning. Adama and Tigh then open up a can of whoop ass and overpower the soldiers, taking one as a hostage.

Roslin finally gets to Baltar and asks him to help her address the fleet about the Cylons. She knows Baltar has a wireless and needs it to make her plea to the fleet. This scene is more awesome than I can describe here. They know exactly how to play each other and what to say in order to get what they want.

As Gaeta and Zarek pat each other on the back about seizing Galactica, Roslin's voice comes over the speakers. She tells the fleet that although the alliance with Cylons is terrifying, with their options limited, a pact with their former enemies may be their only hope for survival. She asks the people to reject the traitors who are using their fear of the Cylons to destroy Colonial civilation. You go girl!

Starbuck and Lee run into Tigh and Adama. Adama lets their prisoner go, but Starbuck tries to shoot him. She tells Adama that they are no longer his men, they are the enemy. Though he's furious, he knows she's right. It's just so devastating to watch everything fall apart even more after finding Earth destroyed. How much more can the fleet take?

At 1027 hours, Baltar calls Gaeta and tells him he wants this to stop. Baltar says that he knows Gaeta is an honorable man, and implies that their little secret is safe with him. (Which secret? Do we know?) Gaeta hangs up on him.

In the secondary storage unit, Adama is reunited with Roslin and they share a sweet moment. She tells him that she knows what he has to, and she doesn't want him to worry about her. But, before we find out what that is, Chief gets a call saying three fire teams are headed their way. Adama tells Chief to take everyone else back the way they came; Adama and Tigh will stay to see the Roslin's raptor gets away safely. It does leave safely, but Gaeta gives orders to destroy it! Tigh and Adama wait together for the team to break down the doors, and Adama tells Tigh that it's been an honor serving with him.

Will Tigh and Adama survive and be taken into custody by Gaeta? Will the president's ship make it to safety? Will someone else rise to the occasion and put the mutiny to rest?

What do you think will happen next?

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Gaeta and his mutiny team take over Galactica, while Zarek takes command of Colonial One. This finally forces President Roslin to take a stand and address the fleet, begging for understanding and cooperation with the Cylons. Meanwhile, several Cylons and their supporters are rounded up and thrown into custody, while the ship falls into chaos. Will Adama and Tigh be able to save the day? read more

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Premiered: January 14, 2005, on Sci Fi
Rating: TV-14
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Premise: An interstellar warship protects survivors of a decimated civilization with a race of android predators in hot pursuit in this dark update of the 1978-80 space adventure. Unlike its `Star Wars'-influenced predecessor, this `Galactica' is a decidedly grim saga that portrays the Cylons as creatures that rebelled against their creators, who soon discover their foe can infiltrate their `ragtag fugitive fleet' by taking human form.



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