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Battlestar Galactica Episode: "Revelations"

Season 4, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: A hostage standoff unfolds as the rebel Cylons hold President Roslin captive in a bid to coax the "final five" Cylons to come out of hiding on Galactica.
Original Air Date: Jun 13, 2008

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Season 4, Episode 12
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Aired: 6/13/2008
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Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap: "A Disquiet Follows My Soul" Season 4, Episode 12

Unrest and unease plague the humans of Galactica and its fleet, prompting Vice President Zarek to question the entire validity of the Adama-Roslin administration. Is mutiny on the horizon?

Thank you for your wonderful, insightful comments last week. For those of you who corrected me about the viper vs. raptor, thank you. Brain fart.

We open the episode with a rare glimpse into Admiral Adama's morning routine. At first I almost feel guilty for watching him brush his teeth, take his pills and turn on the shower — it seems too intimate. There is not a note of music; just the uncomfortable and lonely silence of his quarters. This is really just a subtle reminder to the audience that all men, even our greatest leaders, are merely human beings at their cores. It's simple, yet powerful.

The next scene is kind of shocking to me; Doc Cottle and an assistant perform an ultrasound on the pregnant Six. Tigh growls that he can't see anything while Six thinks "it's beautiful." Can you believe this is happening (insert shiver)? Is this a dream? It feels so surreal to have Saul holding Six's hand and him gazing at her with wonder and what looks like love. Six says that this is the first time a Cylon-Cylon pairing has produced offspring. This means that the Cylon race can survive without downloading. Hoo-boy. The assistant looks as unsure as I feel about their "savior" baby.

The medical assistant then heads over to Gaeta who needs a better prosthetic. He's really cranky about the state of the human fleet (and how it's falling apart), yet the Cylons seem to be doing just fine. Suddenly, Chief pops in with baby Nicky, who is very sick. This is starting to feel like Battlestar ER!

The President takes questions from the press, including "Aren't you worried about having a Cylon as second-in-command?" and "Are you really considering an alliance with the rebel Cylons?" Excellent questions, but Adama's not playing their game and doesn't give them any real answers. The crowd asks Vice President Zarek if he agrees with forming and alliance and he says, "No comment." Seriously? I can't believe he just did that to the Admiral in front of the press. When the press asks where Roslin is, Lee jumps in and says she's "resting comfortably on Galactica." As expected, that does not go over well.

Lee, making things worse, lets it slip that the last Cylon was a "she," and the press goes nuts trying to find out who it is. In the next room, Zarek pounces on the Admiral and Lee both, and wants an explanation for the alliance and where the heck Roslin is. He warns that an alliance with the Cylons will have consequences. You know he's up to no good.

After the opening credits, we revisit Adama taking some pills in his bathroom and wincing with pain. And, so begins Adama's downward spiral into booze and painkiller addiction. Not that I blame him with the state of things. He walks into a meeting with Chief, Helo, Lee and Tigh about upgrading the fleet ships with Cylon technology. They know this will not go over well with the quorum and try to figure out a way to get them on board. Gaeta wants to know what the catch is with Cylons wanting to upgrade the human ships. Gaeta's right: there's always a catch. Chief says they want to become part of the fleet to ensure their safety in case Cavil's forces arrive. Adama thinks it makes sense, and Gaeta flips out.

Nicky is suffering from kidney failure, but Cottle thinks it can be managed with dialysis. Chief wants to know if he can donate blood, but Cottle's not telling him something. The assistant (who is this girl and where did she come from? Does anyone remember her?) tells Chief that his son could die. Cottle pulls Chief aside and tells him that Nicky is not his baby! Holy cow! Chief is very upset, but Cottle refuses to tell him who the real father is.

Roslin sets out her pills for the day, then throws them in the trash. She's having more than just a "rough time;" she smiles like she's finally in control of her own destiny. It's a very scary smile.

Roslin stretches in her quarters as Adama asks her to address the fleet about forming an alliance with the Cylons. She agrees, but we can see how she is not going to see that plan through. She tells him she needs time to herself first.

Gaeta approaches Starbuck in the commissary and picks a very big fight over the fact that her husband is a Cylon, and Cylons are basically responsible for all of their misery. It gets ugly fast; he says maybe she's a Cylon, she says at least she's not a gimp. Oh snap! He says one day there will be a reckoning and people will have to answer for what they've done. Yikes, Gaeta, what's up with the mob talk? He closes the hatch to talk to the others in the room about options.

Zarek addresses the quorum and asks that they vote to ensure that each ship will decide if Cylons may board their fleet, and not the "Roslin-Adama" administration. The vote passes and Lee looks beaten down.

Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos are so amazing in this next scene. He calls her out on not getting her treatments and implores her to take a stand and be a part of the process again. Yes! Be the president, otherwise Zarek with ruin everything! But she looks at him and heartbreakingly says that she has already played her part in this "farce:" the dying leader showing her people the way to Earth. "Blah, blah, blah." Adama knows she's giving up and his expression is filled with pain, betrayal, love and worry all at once. Then she says she's earned the right to live a little before she dies. (Sob!)

Baltar is back and preaching to a bunch of lost souls and fills their head with thoughts of abandonment by their gods. They become completely riled up and angry, which is the perfect environment for a fight. Enter Nicky's real father, who gets decked by Chief.

Right as Gaeta is about to get bitch-slapped by Tigh for questioning the Admiral's decision to upgrade the ships, Hoshi gets a message from a smaller ship. Their crew has mutinied; killed a Cylon and two others. Admiral launches raptors to check out the situation, but the ship is heading for Zarek on Colonial One. He is allowing the mutiny to happen! Adama tells Athena to arrest the VP and bring him back to Galactica. He says that deadly force may be used if the ship doesn't respond.

Adama speaks to Zarek in the brig about his corruption and has the documents to prove it. Heh. Adama knows that Zarek would go down as a martyr no problem, but people finding out about his shenanigans would destroy him. He's all about people's perception of him. Adama tells Zarek to give up the location of the attilium ship. Adama knows Zarek knows the location because it's in the "file." Zarek folds and gives Adama the location even though the "file" was a fake. Love Adama! But, Zarek has something, or shall I say, someone up his sleeve: Gaeta. He, along with some others, will assist Zarek in the mutiny, no matter the consequences. Holy frak!

What were your favorite moments tonight?

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Unrest and unease plague the humans of Galactica and its fleet, prompting Vice President Zarek to question the entire validity of the Adama-Roslin administration. Is mutiny on the horizon? read more

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