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Battlestar Galactica Episode: "Sine Qua Non"

Season 4, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: A power struggle unfolds in the Colonial fleet following the disappearance of the Cylon basestar with President Roslin trapped onboard.
Original Air Date: May 30, 2008

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Season 4, Episode 10
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Aired: 5/30/2008
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"Revelations" Season 4, Episode 10

"...and the Emmy goes to... Edward James Olmos! Mary McDonnell! Ron Moore! Battlestar Galactica" (Thunderous applause)! OK, I'm getting a little carried away, but after thinking about this past season of strike-invaded TV, I still feel that Battlestar Galactica is the best show on TV. It may not have been the allegorical genius of Seasons 1, 2 and 3, but no show wins an Emmy for the year that they actually deserve it. (Yes, that's aimed at YOU Emmy voters. Get it right for once!) But the last episode of the (sigh... how annoying will this wait be?!) first half of Season 4 was as satisfying emotionally as it was story wise. At least it was for me. After the fade to black and credits, the only thing running through my mind was, "Holy Mother Frakker!" That was one hell of a finale, no? I actually watched it at my hotel off some Asian website, so thanks to them for allowing me to see it before I got home from Austin! Judging from early comments, most of you seemed to really enjoy it, with the exception of the Planet of the Apes-type ending (LOL to that by the way). I thought it was pretty genius that, after some major stakes-raising hard ball by both Lee and D'Anna involving air-locking either Colonial hostages or Tigh, the two sides came together over a need for survival: To find Earth. And once they arrived, we see the emotional release of three years of blood sweat and tears... which was then ruined by the bleak nuclear holocaust that seems to have befallen their last shot at new lives. Goose bumps... tears... and a pit and my stomach. That is great television. Let's start at the beginning though: Starbuck and Lee discuss the way to Earth and what it's like to be in Adama's quarters and looking at Roslin's things when they're not there. The sad celtic music floats over the scene as Starbuck says that "children are born to replace their parents." I'm really hoping that this isn't foreshadowing what's to come by the end of the episode. I'm not ready to say goodbye to the Prez or Adama yet. But in all dramatic stories, unfortunately, the hero usually dies. So, which one will be our fallen hero in Battlestar? Roslin? Starbuck? Adama? Ugh, I don't even want to think about it. Back on the baseship, Leoben, Caprica Six, Boomer and D'Anna talk to Roslin and Adama. Leoben says they'll be returned in an hour, and Roslin says that they'll have the final five returned to them. Tricky! Roslin's trying to see if D'Anna will slip and say who the final cylon is... but that doesn't work. D'Anna insists that there are only four in the Colonial fleet. Roslin looks at her with disdain and says, "Four?" D'Anna wants the four on the ship, and Adama says what we're all thinking: "It would be a lot easier if you just tell us who they are." No kiddin'. But D'Anna thinks that would just make it easier for the four to be killed. Roslin chimes in saying that there is no way they'd be killed since they know the way to Earth. Leoben agrees, but D'Anna is convinced working together is a mistake. She will hold the Colonials hostage until the four are safely on the baseship. D'Anna is going to Galactica to retrieve her people, and is taking Adama with her. Roslin embraces Adama and says, "If the cylons get the fourth and get to Earth, you can't let this happen. You have to blow the ship to hell." I love Roslin. She's so in control even though she knows she could die. Adama looks at her with a mix of fear and respect. I love how their relationship has come full circle without taking away the edge and tension of their situation. Back on Galactica, Adama and D'Anna arrive to some stoney, yet relieved faces. Lee embraces his dad as Tigh looks like he sees a ghost when he sees D'Anna. Lee says the cylons are free to go back to the baseship now. No one steps forward, except for Tory. Who, brilliantly, uses her position as presidential aide to make it back to the baseship. Tigh tries to stop her, but she pulls the "I have the President's medication" card, and gets to leave. Anders and Tyrol look on and wonder how long it is before they are discovered. In Adama's quarters, Lee says Starbuck is working on a plan to get the hostages back by force. Adama admits that Roslin wants the ship destroyed if the final four get to the baseship. Tigh objects to the idea of murdering so many innocent hostages, but Lee gets to make the call and he agrees with Roslin. In the war room, the team goes over a plan of attack which is grim to say the least. If they fire on the fleet while the rescuers board the baseship, the cylons could wipe out the entire human race. Starbuck says they needs to be ready with nukes, cocked and locked (how Top Gun of her). Tigh asks for other options and Starbuck says, "Yeah, those frakkin' four could give themselves up." Bingo. Tigh realizes what he must do, and it's about frakkin' time. Tory walks down the hall of the baseship and looks like a kid on Christmas. She's very happy to be "home," and her brothers and sisters look pretty darn happy too. Baltar thanks Roslin for not killing him. Tory enters and gives Roslin her meds and to tell her now former boss to frak off. OK, she didn't say that, but she may as well have. Roslin asks Tory, since she's a revered final four, to talk to D'Anna about releasing the hostages. Tory blankly says, "I'm done taking orders from you." Oh, s-nap! D'Anna airlocks a poor hostage and threatens to kill another every quarter hour until the four come home, and then cuts off communications. Lee tells Adama to go forward with the rescue mission and if it fails, to destroy the baseship. HOLY! Chief, Tigh, Anders get a funky sound in their heads, then they meet at the viper that Starbuck returned from Earth in a few weeks earlier. Anders said there is something different about it but he can't figure it out. Tigh tells them to get Starbuck because maybe she can figure out what's different about the viper before more people die. He then walks straight to Adama's quarters for what is one of the best scenes in Battlestar history IMO. Tigh tells Adama that this is a suicide mission and that the cylons will kill everyone before they even make it to the baseship. Tigh tells Adama about the signal song in the nebula that turned him "on." Adama tells him to quit frakkin' with him. Tigh continues to insist about his true nature, but Adama is in denial. He offers himself up as airlock bait in order to get D'Anna to back down. Adama looks possessed by anger and grief. Saul is taken to the airlock and Adama has a nervous breakdown, and who can blame him? His best friend, his XO, his military touchstone is a skin job. He smashes his office, drinks a whole bottle of booze, breaks a mirror with his fist. He dissolves into sobs while Lee holds him and tries to tell him not to blame himself. Adama cries that he can't kill Tigh... awwwww! This poor guy! Lee storms off and punches "mother frakker" Tigh and demands to know who the others are, but D'Anna suddenly calls. Lee plays some awesome hard ball with D'Anna, threatening to airlock Tigh, and you can see she's finally starting to get nervous. Anders and Tyrol are arrested in front of Starbuck, who is not registering what's happening until Anders says it's true; he's a cylon. Her face is filled with horror, but he insists she check the viper. Tyrol just looks relieved that it's out in the open. Tigh says they should have done it day one. Starbuck climbs into the viper and turns on the instruments. D'Anna decides to play hard ball too and brings more hostages to the airlock. Baltar insists he can talk some sense into D'Anna, but she orders the nukes pointed toward the civilian fleet. My stomach is turning into a billion knots! This is cut together so brilliantly, with each scene upping the tension and raising the stakes. The nukes are hot, and there's no time to jump away, so Lee orders Tyrol and Anders out of the airlock. Tigh knows what is about to go down, and he seems fine with it. Wow. Starbuck sees a faint signal...could it be Earth? Lee gets the key to airlock Tigh. Starbuck bolts out of the viper and runs the longest run of her life trying to stop Tigh's execution. She gets there in the nick of time and says, those frakkin' cylons just gave us Earth. Somehow, I think this will be a tougher sell than she thinks. But at least Tigh isn't a space popsicle now. Cylon or not, he's still one of the best characters on the show. Lee thinks Starbuck is stretching this, but she insists that everything; her visions, the hybrid, etc. is leading them to find Earth with the cylons. The cylons enter Galactica to see the signal for themselves. They also think it's a stretch, but Lee insists that if they make up their minds to work together, to change, that there is a chance to make it to Earth together and begin anew. The four have been given amnesty and so D'Anna agrees to the joint mission. Another awesome scene with goose bumps. God, Mary McDonnell is good. Bill is worried about going to Earth... he's clearly still fragile about Tigh. But Laura looks at him and tells him this is what they've been working for, and she wants to see him pick up that first fist full of Earth. It's so moving, and keeps going with an awesome moment between Roslin and Lee, who have butted heads so many times. She tells him that he handled this crisis beautifully and he's not off the hook as a leader yet. Tears! Adama comes in dressed and ready for their trip to Earth. On the deck, Adama says without Laura, they wouldn't have made it this far, and that she should give the order. She does so, tearfully, and the fleet jumps into the Earth's range. Gaeta says that the constellations are a match. Adama gives the emotional speech to the fleet saying they have made it to their new home: Earth. And the celebrations begin. More tears! Damn you Ron Moore! Damn you good actors! We see Tyrol with Nicky, Athena and Helo with creepy little Hera (doesn't she look like she "knows things"?). Everyone embraces, cries, congratulates themselves... but something feels off. The planet is blue, but also dark grey. Once they land, Adama's fist full of Earth is filled with radiation. The skies are grey, the landscape bleak, the structures of buildings and bridges are all in ruins. Both humans and cylons look devastated. And if you could see me, so do I! Did you all see that teaser that ends with, "You're the fifth!" That was Tigh's voice right? Man this is gonna be a long few months to wait for the second half of the season. There are still so many questions! What will happen with pregnant Six? Who is the final cylon? How long can Roslin survive and what will her death mean? Will the Cavils who may have escaped the resurrection hub catch up to Earth and cause mayhem? Is there anyone alive on Earth? So much to discuss. It's been a pleasure blogging for you. See you around the boards! Related " Use Our Online Video Guide to Watch BSG " Read Roush's Finale Revelations " Watch Tory, Tigh and Anders' Cylon Revelations! show less
and the Emmy goes to Edward James Olmos Mary McDonnell Ron Moore Battlestar Galactica Thunderous applauseOK Im getting a little carried away but after thinking about this past season of strike-invaded TV I still feel that Battlestar Galactica is the best show on TV It may not have been the allegorical genius of Seasons 1 2 and 3 but no show wins an Emmy for the year that they actually deserve it Yes thats aimed at YOU Emmy voters Get it right for once But the last episode of the sigh how annoying will this wait be first half of Season 4 was as satisfying emotionally as it was story wise At least it was for me After the fade to black and credits the only thing running through my mind was Holy Mother Frakker That was one hell of a finale no I actually watched it at my hotel off some Asian website so thanks to them for allowing me to see it before I got home from Austin Judging from early comments most of you seemed to really enjoy it wit read more

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