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Battlestar Galactica Episode: "Razor, Part 2"

Season 4, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: Conclusion. Lee discovers a missing link to the Cylons' past experiments on humans during the Cylon War.
Original Air Date: Nov 24, 2007

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Season 4, Episode 2
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Length: 44:00
Aired: 11/24/2007
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Episode Precap and Recap: "Six of One" Season 4, Episode 2

Hey guys! Because I know you're anxious to post about tonight's episode (which I'm watching right now), I thought I'd post this "precap" for you to be able to discuss the show before my recap is up (and it'll be up tomorrow morning). Until then, here's some food for thought: Can someone explain why some Sixes are sexy and platinum blonde, and some are Ginas? Did we just get confirmation on Cylon model numbers that were previously unknown (Cavil is No. 1)? What the hell is driving Starbuck and her "feeling?" Could she have been captured and brainwashed, or was she led by "god" to Earth? What do you think? Enjoy your evening, and I'll be back first thing tomorrow. Episode Recap: "Six of One" So last week, my BSG friends, there was a difference of opinion about what this recap should be: Plot, or thoughtful insights? Well, it needs to be both. Some people come here to chat about the plot and characters, and some people missed the show and need a recap. So, that's the deal. Let's begin. We left off with Starbuck pointing a gun right between Roslin's eyes. Word spread quickly on Galactica that Starbuck has the president cornered, and Tigh is ready to blow Starbuck away. I know he hates Starbuck, but isn't that a bit rash? Starbuck tells the prez that she had faith in Roslin when they were in the temple of Athena, so why can't she trust her about seeing Earth? Good question. Has cylon paranoia reached witch hunt hysteria? Why won't the prez trust Starbuck? I feel like, since Kara returned, that she's so completely "Starbuck" that by now, everyone should know she's not a cylon. You can see a flicker in the president's eyes as she remembers her bond with Starbuck. I think that's why she shoots the picture of her and Adama instead of Kara. Poor Kara! She and the prez used to be on the same wavelength about everything; Kara looked up to Roslin as much as she could. Now, Roslin and Adama (the closest thing Kara's had to parental figures on this frakkin' ship) have turned against her. Everything Starbuck held true is falling apart. When Tigh and crew arrive, Starbuck loses it and begs them to go back to Earth because she's losing her feeling for where the planet is located. Sackhoff does some mighty fine acting here. She plays crazy so well... I actually got a little choked up. Now aboard the cylon ship, we have Cavil, dark-haired Six, Eight, Leoben and then Boomer. Cavil says that the raiders have advanced past their programming, and that will endanger their mission. At first I'm not sure what he's referring to... but perhaps, it's the moment that the raider scanned Anders' eye and turned around running for the hills. Six is outraged that Cavil would consider reprogramming or "lobotomizing" the raiders. She is convinced something amazing is happening, and that it's god's plan. However, Cavil insists on reprogramming, but Six says that they need a majority vote of all the models to change any programming. The cool part about this is that Cavil admits that he's model No. 1, Leoben is No. 2, and the "fours and fives" (Simon and Doral) would be on his side. Now we know that most likely, No. 7 is that last cylon. (Tigh, Tory, Anders and Chief would be the last 9-12 models.) Tigh, Anders, Tory and Chief meet in the super-secret-cylon room. (It's like a club house, but for cylons. Do you think they have a password?) Here, Tigh tells Tory she needs to get in good with Baltar to see if he's the last cylon. This line cracked me up, "You don't need to get on your back for him," and Tory retorts, "Gee, thanks." So, she finds Baltar and shoots some glances his way enough to intrigue him . He asks why she's spying on him, but wait! Six doesn't appear in a hot red dress to manipulate Gaius: Gaius does! Now he's having a delusion of himself. What does this mean? Even he doesn't get it. There is a party going on for Lee (and some strip poker, hee!) and he toasts to missing friends. Adama looks right at a picture of Starbuck, and suddenly doubt mixed with regret (for his earlier tirade at Kara) flashes over his face. Oh man, this guy is screwed because he misses her like a daughter and can't separate himself from his feelings. Later, with Roslin in his quarters, she calls him on the same thing. She says, "You want to believe Kara. You are willing to be wrong about her and face your own demise rather than lose her again." Ooh, snap! She's totally right, and I can tell by the look on the Admiral's face that she's hit a big bulging raw nerve. Lee visits Kara before he leaves. He tells her he understands what it means to have a destiny and no real reason behind it. She utters, "So say we all." Before he leaves, they share an amazingly emotional final kiss. Lee gets an amazing send-off complete with sad Irish music while the fleet salutes him for his service. Am I a complete dork for getting teary-eyed during this part? I'm such a sucker for military salutes! Now we get to the interesting part! Six has returned and tells Cavil to once and for all stop lobotomizing the raiders. He refuses, and then the shizzle goes down. Six brings in two toaster cylons that have had their chips removed to make them obey commands. They now have free will, and Six has brought them to the meeting to either change the minds of the assembled or to kill them. And it's awesomely stunning. She kills Cavil, Doral, Sharon, Leoben and Simon. She is now, "Six of One." Well played, Ron Moore. I love that she just went all mutinous on their asses! This changes the game completely! The next big development, which also has me stoked, is that Starbuck has been given a ship by Adama to go find Earth! He admits to her that she may or may not be right about Earth, but he knows she'll die trying to find it. And he refuses to lose her again. Awwwww! This show just keeps getting better! What did you think about the revelations in "Six of One?" Use our Online Video Guide to watch full episodes of Battlestar Galactica. show less
Hey guys Because I know youre anxious to post about tonights episode which Im watching right now I thought Id post this precap for you to be able to discuss the show before my recap is up and itll be up tomorrow morningUntil then heres some food for thought Can someone explain why some Sixes are sexy and platinum blonde and some are Ginas Did we just get confirmation on Cylon model numbers that were previously unknown Cavil is No 1 What the hell is driving Starbuck and her feeling Could she have been captured and brainwashed or was she led by god to Earth What do you thinkEnjoy your evening and Ill be back first thing tomorrowEpisode Recap Six of OneSo last week my BSG friends there was a difference of opinion about what this recap should be Plot or thoughtful insights Well it needs to be both Some people come here to chat about the plot and characters and some people missed the show and need a recap So thats the deal Lets begin We read more

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