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Battlestar Galactica Episode: "Razor, Part 1"

Season 4, Episode 1
Episode Synopsis: Part 1 of 2. Flashbacks recount the tough choices made by Adm. Cain and the Pegasus crew in the wake of the Cylon attack on the Colonies; Lee Adama assumes command of the troubled Battlestar and appoints a hardened soldier as his executive officer.
Original Air Date: Nov 24, 2007

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Season 4, Episode 1
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Length: 44:00
Aired: 11/24/2007
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"He That Believeth in Me" Season 4, Episode 1

I know everyone who writes about Battlestar Galactica overuses the word "Frak," but I think the fourth and final season premiere of one of the best shows on TV deserves a hearty "Frak Yeah!" Hey, everyone, it's Erin Fox, and I'll be blogging Battlestar to the not-so-bitter end this season. Let's talk about the title for a second. I know it's a bible verse, not because of my years of catechism and Catholic school (sorry mom), but because I remember it being uttered over and over again on a creepy episode of The X Files. The man who was repeating the verse over and over again was actually raising someone from the dead. Hmm... raising from the dead? Starbuck back from the dead, and no one believes that she's been to Earth? The full two verses that I know are the following: "(John 11:25) Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: (John 11:26) And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?" Just sit with that, knowing what we know about Battlestar, for a minute.... It's a great title for so many reasons. (Side note: How frakkin' excited are you that Season 4 is here!) Let's get down to business: At the beginning of the episode, we get a recap of the last few huge developments. Basically, we are reminded (as if we could forget!) that Tigh, Tyrol, Anders and Tori have been revealed as Cylons, and while on a flight to kill some toasters, Lee finds Starbuck alive and well in her Viper. Cut to.... Starbuck, flying her viper, looks at Lee and tells him not to freak out. He says he watched her blow up, and that this can't be real. In trademark Starbuck sass, she says, "'Fraid not. Did you not hear me, I've been to Earth!" Back on the Galactica deck, Adama gets a furious look on his face and demands that they double check the identification of her craft. Roslin repeatedly and emphatically insists that Starbuck is nothing more than a Cylon trick or a trap. The raiders are multiplying like rabbits and outnumber the vipers a bazillion to one. Suddenly Pixus, one of their fleet ships, is blown to bits including the 600 souls on board. This looks like the end for civilization if they can't jump away. So, Adama screams at the crew to get every bird in the air immediately, but Tigh doesn't move. Instead he has a horrifying fantasy of taking his gun out and shooting Adama through the eye. Adama snaps him out of it, and Tigh makes the call to the pilots. Meanwhile, Anders is freaking out to Chief Tyrol about going up against the Cylons, now that he actually is one. What if a switch goes off and he starts firing on his own people? Chief tells him to get it together and he'll be fine. The crazy thing is, when Anders goes face to face with one of the raders, they just stare at each other until the raider scans his eyeball. Instantly, the raiders all retreat and jump away, saving Galactica from certain annihilation. Everyone is stunned, and then Tori says enigmatically, "Maybe something's changed." Duh, duh, duuuuh! Meanwhile, Baltar has been whisked away by what looks like a cult of hot women who live in a secret compartment of the ship, and have a shrine of him. Of course, Baltar thinks he'd rather face another ship's wrath than live with these nut jobs. But, Six assures him that she wouldn't have brought him this far to abandon him now. His position on the cult starts to soften: Especially when one hot member comes on to him. Then, it's all good. After they do the deed, two of the other women return. One of them has a very sick son and asks for Baltar's help. Since the boy's condition is viral, he says all they can do is be strong and pray. Back on Galactica, Starbuck has landed to the confused and frightened stares of the entire crew, except for Lee who attacks her with a huge hug. Aww. Anders gives her a kiss and hug, until Starbuck says, What the hell are you doing in a jock smock?" He explains he's a pilot, and she's really confused. Adama tells her that she's going straight to sick bay for a physical, and then Starbuck gets pissed. Guns pointed at her, she says, basically, what's the big deal, I've only been gone for six hours. That's when they reveal she's been gone for over two months. She is freaked the frak out, and doesn't believe them. But... but... she's been to Earth! Sorry, Starbuck, no one cares yet. Back in Adama's quarters, Roslin and Co. interrogate Starbuck on her journey to Earth. She has photos to prove it, and insists the star patterns match what they saw in the temple of Athena, but she has no recollection of how she got to Earth or returned from there. When Roslin and Adama ask Chief about the ship, he confirms their suspicions: It looks like the same ship, but is not banged up at all and has no data in its system. Uh-oh, Starbuck. They want her in the brig because they think she may be a trick to take them off the course to Earth. Lee thinks Kara may be the clue to lead them to promised land. I heart Lee. The new Galactica Cylons discuss what's next for them, and how they'll handle the situation. Tigh insists he will live the rest of his life fighting the Cylons, because that's who he's been his whole life. He surrenders his weapon to make sure he can't hurt anyone. Roslin approaches the Six model in the brig, and asks her about the other 5 Cylons, and if Starbuck is one of them. Six doesn't say much, but she does say, "The five are close, I can feel them." Starbuck and Gaeta are going over different areas that Earth could be in, while Dee prepares to jump the ship further away from where Starbuck thinks the planet is situated. Starbuck insists that the "feeling" she has for the location of Earth is getting dimmer with each jump. But Adama can't take that to Roslin; she then plays the "You love me like a daughter so trust me," card. He doesn't buy it. Lee reviews the tape of Starbuck's ship blowing up and Adama says he wants to believe Kara, but can't. Lee then admits to Adama that he doesn't want to fly anymore because he doesn't fit in... that he wants to be in the government now. Adama looks crestfallen, and then Lee asks the million dollar question: "What if Zak... what if my brother was the one to step out of that cockpit? Would it matter if he had been a Cylon, and had been one all along? Would that change how we feel about him?" Very interesting... is this some foreshadowing? We shall have to see. Back in the Baltar Lair (ha), and he selflessly (what????) prays for God to take him instead of Derek, the sick boy. One of the ladies takes him into the bathroom for a nice straight razor shave... a man enters telling Baltar his son Kevin spoke to him once, and looked up to him. He's now dead, and this guy goes crazy and starts beating up Baltar, and puts the razor to his throat. Six appears and asks him if he really meant what he said to God about taking his life. He says he was serious, and suddenly the girl is able to beat off the attacker. Back in the lair, Derek has miraculously recovered. Kara is freaking out that the Cylons really did mess with her, or clone her, or something to make her not real. Anders assures her that if she was a Cylon, it wouldn't change who she really is, and that he still loves her. She retorts, "If I found out you were a Cylon, I'd put a bullet between your eyes." She gets a pain in the head because they've jumped further from Earth again, and knows it's Roslin's fault. She beats up Anders and some other people so she can stalk the President with her gun. WTF? This is intense, people. The episode ends with Starbuck pointing her gun right between Roslin's eyes. Frak to the Yeah! What did you think of the season premiere? Do you think Starbuck is really Starbuck? Watch more Battlestar Galactica on our Online Video Guide. Read our interview with BSG producer Jane Espenson. show less
I know everyone who writes about Battlestar Galactica overuses the word Frak but I think the fourth and final season premiere of one of the best shows on TV deserves a hearty Frak Yeah Hey everyone its Erin Fox and Ill be blogging Battlestar to the not-so-bitter end this season Lets talk about the title for a second I know its a bible verse not because of my years of catechism and Catholic school sorry mom but because I remember it being uttered over and over again on a creepy episode of The X Files The man who was repeating the verse over and over again was actually raising someone from the dead Hmm raising from the dead Starbuck back from the dead and no one believes that shes been to Earth The full two verses that I know are the following John 1125 Jesus said unto her I am the resurrection and the life he that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live John 1126 And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die Believes read more

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