Battles BC

  • 2009
  • TV Show
  • TV-PG

A series about ancient clashes that focuses on the military commanders and their tactics.

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Judgement Day At Marathon Season 1, Episode 8 May 1, 2009 Paid

After years of perceived disrespect, a gravely offended Persian army sets sail to teach the insolent Athenians a lesson. The massive Persian fleet seems predestined to overpower the small Athenian army, abandoned by their allies the Spartans. But a brilliant defensive strategy, the extreme mettle of Greek troops, and a runner whose route would go down in history, all combine to drive the Persians back across the Aegean defeated, dripping in their own blood. The Battle of Marathon sets up one of the most famous battles between Greece and Persia... the Battle of the 300.

Ramses: Raging Chariots Season 1, Episode 7 Apr 26, 2009 Paid

What begins as a dispute over a buffer zone escalates quickly into a struggle for regional dominance as two of the great Empires of the Ancient world trade blows. The Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses is baited into overextending his armies, believing the first fighting force to arrive at the contested city of Kadesh will be victorious. But Ramses has been deceived... the Hittite Army lies in wait. They strike when he is at his weakest, and his troops exhausted. Ramses suffers desertion and heavy losses. His weakened force is surrounded on three sides. Amazingly, the pure fighting ability of the Egyptian soldiers is enough to enable them to battle their way out of their corner and escape.

Alexander: Lord of War Season 1, Episode 6 Apr 19, 2009 $1.99

Explore how the legendary commander leads his armies into India, where he faces one of the most difficult tactical challenges in military history.

Moses: Death Chase Season 1, Episode 5 Apr 12, 2009 Paid

Most consider the Israelite Exodus out of Egypt an act of Divine intervention. Whether inspired by God or not, the Exodus is not merely a migration of slaves, but a military maneuver by a group of combat-hardened mercenaries. An enraged Pharaoh releases his army to hunt the Israelites down after they sack an Egyptian town as they make their exit. But Moses's sharp military mind and intimate knowledge of the terrain prove more than the massive, heavily armed Egyptian army can handle. While the Israelites perform a complicated night water crossing, Moses lures the Egyptians to a watery grave in the Sea of Reeds.

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Battles BC Season 1
From Hannibal to David the Giant Slayer, examine the strategies, tactics and weapons of infamous leaders throughout ancient history.

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  • Premiered: March 9, 2009
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: A series about ancient clashes that focuses on the military commanders and their tactics. (more)

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