Episode Guide

Big Robot Gold Grab

Rescue of the Astronauts

Swarm of Robot Ants

Ace from Outer Space

Beast With a Sweet Tooth

Jupiter Moon Menace

Fearful Sea Anemone

Space Rocket Escort

Ghost Ship from Planet Mir

The Space Serpent

Attack of the Space Terrapin

The Space Mummy

Mad New Ruler of Spectra

Perilous Pleasure Cruise

The Thing With 1,000 Eyes

The Bat Ray Bombers

Magnetic Attraction

Microfilm Mystery

Race Against Disaster

The Sea Dragon

The Alien Beetles

The Musical Mummy

Whale Joins G-Force

The Fiery Lava Giant

Demons of the Desert

Curse of the Cuttlefish Part 2

Curse of the Cuttlefish Part 1

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