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Latest Episode: Lost Heroes - Part I

Feb 23, 2008 Season 5 Episode 12 watch on (Paid)

One by one the most powerful members of the Justice League are abducted and it's up to Batman, Robin and Green Arrow to uncover the mystery. Part One of a two-part episode.

Batman: Judgment Day

Apr 24, 2013 Season 4 Episode 24

Tired of "turnstile justice," a Gotham City judge takes matters of punishment into his own hands.
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Batman: Beware the Creeper

Apr 24, 2013 Season 4 Episode 23

Reporter Jack Ryder goes insane, turns into a villain called the Creeper, and steals the Joker's act.
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Batman: Mad Love

Apr 24, 2013 Season 4 Episode 21

Harley recounts how she became involved with the Joker.
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Batman: Girls' Nite Out

Apr 24, 2013 Season 4 Episode 20

Harley, Poison Ivy, and Livewire wreak havoc when they plan to have a leisurely night out in Gotham City.
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Batman: The Demon Within

Apr 24, 2013 Season 4 Episode 18

Bruce resorts to black magic as he fights a demon released from an ancient artifact.
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Batman: Animal Act

Apr 24, 2013 Season 4 Episode 16

Dick Grayson revisits his roots as a circus performer, only to find the Mad Hatter is using circus animals to commit crimes.
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Mar 03, 2007 Season 4 Episode 11

A new vigilante comes to Gotham with his sights set on defeating the city's major villains permanently. Now Batman finds himself in the unusual position of having to protect some of his greatest enemies from this deadly threat.
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Batman: Torch Song

Apr 24, 2013 Season 4 Episode 10

When a rock star refuses the advances of her special effects man, Garfield Lynns, he becomes Firefly, a madman who vows to burn down the city.
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Feb 10, 2007 Season 4 Episode 9

After a seemingly ordinary criminal continues to get the better of Batman and his partners, it is discovered that he has the ability to travel back in time by several seconds.
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Two of a Kind

Feb 24, 2007 Season 4 Episode 8

After Batman defeats Punch and Judy, Joker takes an interest in TV pop psychologist Harley Quinn and decides to groom her as his new partner in crime.
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Batman: Joker's Millions

Apr 24, 2013 Season 4 Episode 7

The Joker is penniless, but when he inherits money from a Mob boss, he distributes it freely throughout Gotham to gain influence.
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The Breakout

Nov 11, 2006 Season 4 Episode 6

When notorious crime boss Black Mask is captured, his organization works to break him of out jail. But when Batman is sidelined, Batgirl and Robin must prove they can be heroes on their own and stop Black Mask.
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Strange New World

Nov 11, 2006 Season 4 Episode 5

Professor Strange unleashes a deadly toxin on all of Gotham, turning its entire population into zombie-like creatures. With the fate of the city in his hands, Batman must overcome incredible odds to find an antidote...
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The Everywhere Man

Nov 04, 2006 Season 4 Episode 4

When a close friend of Batman's is implicated by evidence from a series of art thefts by a new costumed villain with the power to replicate, Batman believes there must be another explanation.
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Batman: Cold Comfort

Apr 24, 2013 Season 4 Episode 3

Avenging the loss of his wife, Mr. Freeze goes on an icy rampage throughout Gotham, hoping to confront his ultimate target: Batman.
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Batman: Holiday Knights

Apr 24, 2013 Season 4 Episode 1

During the Christmas season, Harley and Poison Ivy lure Bruce into a hypnotic shopping spree while Joker threatens Gotham with a sonic bomb loud enough to kill anyone within earshot of its explosion.
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