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Latest Episode: The Batman: Lost Powers - Part 2

Saturday, September 06, 2014 Season 5 Episode 13 watch on VUDU (Paid)

When kidnapped members of the Justice League have their powers transferred into alien androids, it's up to Batman to help his friends get their powers back and prevent an alien invasion. Part Two of a two-part episode.

Batman: Batgirl Returns

Aug 02, 2012 Season 3 Episode 29

Batgirl finally gets to prove her skills when a cat statue is stolen from a university museum. She teams up with Catwoman to solve the mystery and recover the stolen artifact.
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Batman: Make 'Em Laugh

Aug 02, 2012 Season 3 Episode 27

The Joker has brainwashed famous comedians and has them committing crimes throughout the city.
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Batman: Harley's Holiday

Mar 07, 1968 Season 3 Episode 25

Harley gets herself into a whole mess of trouble after she steals Bruce Wayne's car and kidnaps his girlfriend.
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Batman: Riddler's Reform

Feb 22, 1968 Season 3 Episode 23

The Riddler is released from the asylum and begins prospering as an inventor of well-loved toys and games. However, he feels that his obsession with Batman will always haunt him and decides that he must annihilate him.
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Batman: The Lion and The Unicorn

Feb 01, 1968 Season 3 Episode 21

Alfred is kidnapped while journeying back to England. The kidnapper is Red Claw, an international terrorist, who plans to force Alfred to tell him the code to a hidden long range missile.
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Batman: Bane

Jan 18, 1968 Season 3 Episode 19

Batman is forced into a confrontation with hired assassin, Bane.
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Batman: Time Out of Joint

Jan 04, 1968 Season 3 Episode 17

Batman and Robin rush against time to save Mayor Hill from the insane Clock King.
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Batman: The Terrible Trio

Dec 21, 1967 Season 3 Episode 15

Three of Bruce Wayne's associates decide to start a crime spree under the alias the Terrible Trio.
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Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind

Dec 07, 1967 Season 3 Episode 13

The Digitally Advanced Villain Emulator, or D.A.V.E., is an artificially intelligent computer program made up of the combined psychological profiles of the most diabolical criminals committed to Arkham Asylum.
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The Icy Depths

Nov 30, 1967 Season 3 Episode 12

When Alfred joins Ewan Fripp, an "old school chum" and world renowned treasure hunter, on his latest adventure, the pair find themselves in a race with Penguin and Mr. Freeze to locate a fortune which has been long hidden somewhere in Gotham.
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Batman: A Bullet for Bullock

Nov 23, 1967 Season 3 Episode 11

Harvey Bullock asks Batman for help when he realizes that someone has put a hit out on his life.
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The Apprentice

Nov 16, 1967 Season 3 Episode 10

Jealous that The Batman has a new sidekick in Batgirl, Joker decides he needs one of his own. Turning to Donnie, a misguided prankster and classmate of Barbara Gordon's, he attempts to mold the wannabe comic in his own image.
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Batman: The Worry Men

Nov 09, 1967 Season 3 Episode 9

Wealthy socialite Veronica Vreeland returns from Central America bringing tiny handmade dolls for all her friends--but the dolls are controlled by the Mad Hatter!
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The Batman: Brawn

Oct 26, 1967 Season 3 Episode 7

One thousand years in the future, Gotham City is terrorized by a dangerous villain from its past. Can the city defend itself from such a threat without the Batman?
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Oct 12, 1967 Season 3 Episode 5

Gearhead, a part-cyborg adrenaline junkie, rides into Gotham in a souped-up racer. With the ability to take control of cars with his nano-technology, Gearhead is out to commit a series of crimes for thrills.
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The Batman: A Dark Knight to Remember

Sep 28, 1967 Season 3 Episode 3

Shape-shifting villain Clayface surrenders himself, promising to give up his criminal ways and hoping to earn a second chance for his alter ego, Ethan Bennett. But when a new Clayface stalks the streets of Gotham, Ethan wants to prove his worth as a hero by helping defeat this threat. Having been fooled in the past by a seemingly reformed Ethan, Batman isn't sure his friend can still be trusted.
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Batgirl Begins: Part One

Sep 14, 1967 Season 3 Episode 1

While The Batman faces off against Temblor, a villain possessing seismic powers, we meet Commissioner Gordon's teenage daughter, Barbara. Already worried his daughter lacks focus, Gordon fears Barbara's new friend Pam Isley is a bad influence.
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