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Latest Episode: The Batman: Lost Powers - Part 2

Saturday, September 06, 2014 Season 5 Episode 13 watch on VUDU (Paid)

When kidnapped members of the Justice League have their powers transferred into alien androids, it's up to Batman to help his friends get their powers back and prevent an alien invasion. Part Two of a two-part episode.

Batman: Harley and Ivy

Dec 08, 1966 Season 2 Episode 28

Harley Quinn has broken off with the Joker and teams up with Poison Ivy. Together they wreck havoc on Gotham and now Joker wants a piece of the action.
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Batman: Mudslide

Nov 24, 1966 Season 2 Episode 24

When Clayface's clay-like body begins to disintegrate, he is forced to steal to pay for the expensive ingredients of a possible remedy.
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Batman: Off Balance

Nov 17, 1966 Season 2 Episode 22

Batman investigates a notorious global crime cartel, The Society of Shadows, which has begun to operate in Gotham City.
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Batman: What Is Reality?

Nov 10, 1966 Season 2 Episode 20

To prove that he has a superior mind, the Riddler lures Batman into a contest inside a virtual reality computer game.
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Batman: Birds of a Feather

Nov 09, 1966 Season 2 Episode 19

Veronica Vreeland, a socialite desperate to create a novel party, makes the mistake of inviting the Penguin as her guest of honor.
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Batman: Tyger, Tyger

Oct 20, 1966 Season 2 Episode 14

When a genetic engineer produces a man-cat hybrid, he kidnaps Selina Kyle to provide his creation with a mate.
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Batman: Heart of Steel (Part 2)

Oct 12, 1966 Season 2 Episode 11

Batman escapes from being attacked by his own Bat computer, which was sabotaged by HARDAC. He now seeks to get back Gordon, Hill, and Bullock, who have all been replaced with robots.
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Batman: Heart of Steel (Part 1)

Oct 06, 1966 Season 2 Episode 10

Karl Rossum, owner of Cyberton Labs has been replacing important authority figures with robot look-alikes. Batman invites a young woman to dinner, not knowing that she is a robot as well.
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Batman: Cat Scratch Fever

Sep 29, 1966 Season 2 Episode 8

Selina Kyle uncovers a plot to infect stray animals with a deadly disease that will be transmitted to the human population.
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Batman: The Laughing Fish

Sep 22, 1966 Season 2 Episode 6

The Joker becomes enraged when the Gotham copyright office rejects his demand for a copyright for his grinning Joker fish.
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Batman: The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy

Sep 14, 1966 Season 2 Episode 3

Batman investigates a theft of bearer bonds intended for the starving people of a poor country.
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Batman: Perchance to Dream

Sep 08, 1966 Season 2 Episode 2

Bruce Wayne wakes up to find that his parents are not dead, he is not Batman, and he's engaged to Selina Kyle!
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The Cat, the Bat and the Ugly

Sep 07, 1966 Season 2 Episode 1

Penguin and Catwoman join forces to steal a pair of valuable gems. But when The Batman arrives to stop them, Catwoman is double-crossed by Penguin, who handcuffs her to the Dark Knight.
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