• 2005
  • TV Show
  • TV-MA

An anime series following two rival ninja clans as they fight to win a scroll and the favor of the Tokugawa government.

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(Sub) Requiem Season 1, Episode 24 Jun 15, 2007 Free

On the very grounds where the horror began, Gennosuke and Oboro are forced to fight the final conflict of a war that was not of their design.

(Sub) Emancipation Season 1, Episode 23 Jun 8, 2007 Free

Oboro begs for death, unable to stand against her beloved Gennosuke. But Kagero and Tenzen, each with their dying breath, set the final confrontation in motion.

(Sub) The Haunted Season 1, Episode 22 Jun 1, 2007 Free

Gennosuke is drawn from hiding by Oboro’s public challenge, and when he arrives to face Tenzen, he joins all of the surviving Iga and Kouga in the same room.

(Sub) With All Her Heart Season 1, Episode 21 May 25, 2007 Free

Tenzen's secret is revealed at last, leading to the death of a Kouga in disguise. Tenzen's lust for Kouga blood finds more satisfaction after a trap places Kagero into his torturous clutches.

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Basilisk Season 1
Feudal Japan is set to bear witness to the bloody clash of titans as two fearsome ninja tribes are unleashed, one upon the other.