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Latest Episode: Inauguration

May 18, 1978 Season 4 Episode 23 watch on Crackle (Free)

The mayoral inauguration is hectic for the 12th Precinct officers as they rescue a would-be political suicide, investigate the new mayor's hate mail, and learn of the resignation of Harris, who has been asked to work on the mayor's staff.

The Sighting

May 11, 1978 Season 4 Episode 22

A wife claims that her husband is converting her assets into gold; the Air Force investigates Wojo's claim of having seen a UFO.
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May 04, 1978 Season 4 Episode 21

Evaluation reports worry the officers at a time when they must contend with the elderly, married proprietors of a vandalized pornography shop, and an assailant who will give no name, only a number.
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The Hostage

Mar 23, 1978 Season 4 Episode 20

A wild-eyed gunman forces Capt. Miller and his men to serve time in their own jail in the company of a loony ventriloquist and his obscene dummy.
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Quo Vadis

Mar 02, 1978 Season 4 Episode 19

While an irate citizen complains of the pornography being displayed at a distinguished art gallery, Captain Miller and his wife face marital crisis brought on by the dangers of police work.
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Wojo's Problem

Feb 23, 1978 Season 4 Episode 18

Capt. Barney Miller has his hands full with a wheelchair-bound shoplifter, a new detective, and Woo, who is experiencing difficulties in his dealings with the opposite sex.
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Eviction - Part I

Feb 02, 1978 Season 4 Episode 16

Capt. Miller fights to forestall the forceful eviction of a tenement full of impoverished tenants.
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Jan 19, 1978 Season 4 Episode 14

As Barney Miller and his detectives deal with a sugar addict and a elderly bounty-hunter, Det. Yemana suddenly doubles over with an appendicitis attack.
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The Bank

Jan 05, 1978 Season 4 Episode 12

Captain Miller handles a dispute between the operator of a sperm bank and an outraged customer who claims that his deposit has been destroyed.
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Copy Cat

Oct 27, 1977 Season 4 Episode 6

Barney's men apprehend a drunk who tried to rob a store without a weapon, and an inventive crook who has been getting all his ideas from TV police shows.
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Oct 20, 1977 Season 4 Episode 5

When a body is stolen from a local mortuary, Capt. Miller receives help from an unexpected source: retired Detective Fish.
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Oct 06, 1977 Season 4 Episode 4

An ecology-minded graffiti artist threatens to protest environmental contamination by committing suicide in Barney Miller's squad room.
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Sep 29, 1977 Season 4 Episode 3

Captain Barney Miller and his detectives become nervous and paranoid when a fumigator discovers a hidden microphone in the precinct squad room.
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Good-Bye Mr. Fish - Part II

Sep 22, 1977 Season 4 Episode 2

Faced with the pressure and finality of his retirement, Fish deludes himself into believing that he will continue working.
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Good-Bye Mr. Fish - Part I

Sep 15, 1977 Season 4 Episode 1

Worried about Sgt. Fish, who has failed to arrive for his last day of work before retirement, Barney must deal with trigger-happy neighborhood vigilantes.
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