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The DVR Has Spoken: Survivor Is Most-recorded Show

This report was kinda cool until I saw that it's for the week of Sept. 17, aka the one preceding the true onslaught of the fall season. But I already started typing up this blurb and came up with that boss headline, so here goes: For the week of Sept. 17, Survivor: China was the most-DVR'd program, with 2.17 million people recording the show for later playback. Rounding out the top five were the premieres of Family Guy (1.8 mil), Prison Break (1.55 mil) and Back to You (1.46 mil), and a Grey's clip show (1.26 mil). read more

"The First Supper"

Clunk. That's the sound this episode made as it hit the air. You may be wondering how a show could make a physical clunk sound, but (and imagine some dramatic flare here) they found a way! It's almost as if after last week's great momentum, the powers that be decided that they didn't want to give us too much funny too fast, and so they churned out an awkwardly paced and plotted car boot of an episode.On the upside, Fred Willard's Marsh was on fire tonight, and doing his proprietary shtick that I've loved since Best in Show. From his opening where, after reporting that Jason Shaw, a Steeler, was dating a supermodel, and exclaiming, "Now that's one person I'd like to trade places with for three hours," only to insist on explaining that he meant he wanted to exchange the football player, and very emphatically not the supermodel, I knew he was back in fine form. In fact, Marsh and Gary's shared scenes were, to borrow a term, "the adorablest," of the episode. Gary's robotic delivery in r... read more

What did you think of the ...

Question: What did you think of the hour-long Star Wars-themed episode of Family Guy? I thought it was absolutely hilarious, and one of the best parodies I have seen in a long time. I know everyone is waiting for all the live-action comedy premeries this week, but don't you think that the best comedy period is Fox's Sunday-night animated shows? You may think that Family Guy can get crude and nonsensical from time to time, but you must admit that it's hysterical. Especially since I know you get all the old TV references they often do. Answer: I got a kick out of parts of it, but as usual when it comes to TV comedies, I think supersizing it wasn't the best idea. Too much of a hit-or-miss thing. In fact, sitting through the first Sunday night of Fox's animated comedies, I wondered if I'd lost my ability to laugh out loud. I was amused here and there, but it didn't blow me away. The ratings were strong, though, and the idea was solid, so it was without doubt a good opening week for Family read more

"Fish Story"

An alternate title for this episode could have been, "One fish, two fish, overfed fish, fried fish." I doubt PETA will be particularly thrilled with the outcome of the story. Me? I just kind of want to go out for seafood. While the fish-as-child metaphor was not exactly subtle (or original — they did it on Frasier in the episode "Flour Child," leading to Niles' wonderful line, "After all, a real child would have cried before it burst into flames"), it did create an almost Stooge-like backdrop for what was actually a pretty heavy topic: Is it healthy to everyone involved for Gracie to spend time with Chuck? It's obvious they will, and luckily for her, small as she might be, Gracie won't fit in a coffee cup.The writers could have had no idea that a story about tasers would be so relevant when this episode was in development, so this was quite fortuitous timing. I'm glad there's a force out there bringing such screamingly funny physical comedy around once in a while, reminding us... read more

Can Back to You Save Multi-camera Comedy?

Back to You by Sam Jones/Fox

A time-period-winning 9.5 million viewers watched Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton return to prime time Wednesday in their new Fox sitcom, Back to You. Most of them surely tuned in to see two stars from two of their favorite shows, Frasier and Everybody Loves Raymond. But the industry insiders are watching carefully for another reason: They’re curious as to whether the series about two over-the-hill local TV news anchors with a past can prove that the multi-camera comedy has a future. Steve Levitan, executive producer, writer and creator of the show with partner Christopher Lloyd, offered his thoughts to The Biz about meeting the challenge. Do you feel the future of the multi-camera sitcom is riding on this show?Steve Levitan: I hate the thought of that. We have enough pressure trying to do a funny show. But some people are saying it, and it does start to weigh on you. I’m not sure that’s fair. The No. 1 comedy on TV is a multi-camera show in Two and a ... read more

For Charisma, Trump's Out, Other Big Shots Are In

Charisma Carpenter by Jesse Grant/

So much for that car-wash task dream. Buffyverse alumna Charisma Carpenter will not be toiling for the Donald after all on the celebrity Apprentice. Rather, she has booked a one-shot gig on Fox's Back to You, and, more importantly, a recurring run on the new ABC drama Big Shots. Details on Carpenter's Big Shots role are being kept hush-hush, though it is said she has a connection to Christopher Titus' character. Carpenter first appears in the Nov. 1 episode.Maybe she works at a car wash? OK, OK, I'll give up on that. read more

CBS' Mother, Free Fox Episodes Eye iTunes

How I Met Your Mother by Monty Brinton/CBS

Conspicuously MIA from the Apple service for its first two seasons,How I Met Your Mother is suiting up for iTunes starting Tuesday, the morning after the Season 3 premiere airs on CBS. Mother also will be available on Amazon's Unbox.Meanwhile, iTunes is now offering for free the first episodes of Back to You, Kitchen Nightmares and K-Ville, as well as Prison Break, American Dad, Bones and 'Til Death, for two weeks starting the day after their respective premieres. read more

Ratings: Kelsey Grammer Beats Up on CBS' Kid

Kelsey Grammer in Back to You by Carin Baer/Fox

Wednesday's ratings highlights:• This just in.... Fox's Back to You, starring Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton, premiered to 9.44 million total viewers, winning its 8 pm half hour (in key demos, as well). 'Til Death lost 18 percent of that lead-in audience, drawing 7.76 mil.• CBS' Kid Nation opened its frontier doors to 9.07 million. But did it deserve all the controversy? Vote here. UPDATE: CBS will rebroadcast the Kid Nation opener Saturday at 8 pm.• Last Comic Standing delivered its last laughs to 7.13 mil, besting Kitchen Nightmares (6.64 mil) along the way.• Top Model returned to an audience of 5.15 mil, down just a hair from the previous cycle's opener. Gossip Girl had 3.65 mil talking, matching One Tree Hill's 2006 season premiere and faring a bit better than that Pussycat Doll search. read more


There's something about this show that reminds me of a glazed doughnut. It's nothing you haven't had before and something you know you should stay away from, but in the end, you choose it anyway, not only because it's comforting, but because as hard as you try not to, you can't help but enjoy it.Our setup (if the millions of promos that Fox ran didn't give it away first) is this: Chuck Darling and Kelly Carr were the dream team of Pittsburgh's local news scene. Now, 10 years later, Chuck's made it to L.A., where one disastrous on-air blowup regarding a supremely ditzy coworker results in his being bounced back to the minor leagues. Only (in that classic pre-Seinfeldian sitcom twist) it turns out that Chuck unknowingly, "left a part of [himself] in Pittsburgh," in the form of Gracie Carr. Cue the final credits.Now, I consider myself to be the kind of cool and with-it gal who loves the kind of hip, ironic, single-camera sitcoms that no one actually watches, but I'm also a child of the... read more

I snapped up TV Guide's Fall ...

Question: I snapped up TV Guide's Fall Preview issue, and I find it a mixed blessing. While I appreciate the behind-the-scenes reportage and the luxurious layout, there's one crucial aspect that I miss greatly: your Picks (and yes, the capital P is deliberate). Of course, there were the "10 Shows with Buzz," but they included some shows you don't even like (Gossip Girl, etc.). And while you gave a helpful day-by-day analysis of the new programming, I and no doubt many other readers miss the days when you essentially said, "Here are the best dramas and comedies airing." And so, for old times' sake, I put in this plea: What is your must-see list among 2007's new crop? Answer: I would think it's pretty clear from reading those nightly roundups which shows I'm crazy about, and I state pretty bluntly that Pushing Daisies is unquestionably my favorite pilot. Everything else, even those I more or less like, pale by comparison in terms of ambition and execution. But in a nutshell, my short list ... read more

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