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Jul 28, 2014 Season 10 Episode 12 watch on (Paid)

After surviving shocking twists and turns and a journey filled with laughter, tears and love, Andi has narrowed down 25 bachelors to two fabulous guys: Josh and Nick. Josh is the type of man Andi has always dated in the past - handsome, athletic and playful - but Andi is plagued with a nagging doubt that he may be too good to be true. Her relationship with Nick is undeniably passionate and filled with an intensity she has never known, but she worries that it may be overwhelming. In this week's dramatic conclusion, Andi is absolutely torn between the two men and can envision a future with both, but time is running out. How will Andi's journey end?

After the Final Rose

Aug 01, 2011 Season 7 Episode 12

With Ashley's search for her soul mate over, she talks to Chris Harrison about the two final bachelors this season in "After the Final Rose" special. She'll take viewers back to exotic Fiji on the final day, and to what she was thinking when she made the most challenging decision of her life. Ashley and the bachelor she rejected square off in an emotional discussion about his dramatic exit from the show - and he wants some answers. He will confront Ashley for the first time since that day he left heartbroken. Finally, Ashley and the man who received the final rose are together in public for the first time. They will discuss the difficulty of sustaining the relationship in secret, the roadblocks they encountered on their journey - including a surprise guest, Ashley's sister Chrystie, who was one of those obstacles - and what the future will hold for them. It's an emotional conclusion to Ashley's heartfelt journey to find true love.
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711: Finale

Aug 01, 2011 Season 7 Episode 11

In this gripping conclusion, Ashley, who began her search for love with 25 bachelors, has survived a shocking and emotionally taxing journey and found herself falling in love with two very different but wonderful men, Ben F. and J.P. As she prepares to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life, she invites the two remaining bachelors to tour more of the breathtaking island of Fiji and meet her family. Ashley hopes her family will offer some crucial input about which incredible man they believe will make the better match for her. Then the men have one last chance to lay their hearts on the line, each trying to guarantee that he will be the one to get Ashley's final rose. Once fearful that none of the men would be drawn to her, she now has two men in love with her. But which man will she choose to leave paradise with and share her life, and who will go home with a broken heart?
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710: The Men Tell All

Jul 31, 2011 Season 7 Episode 10

It's an explosive reunion viewers won't want to miss, as the most memorable bachelors from this season - including Constantine, Ryan P., Ames, Mickey, William and Jeff ("The Mask") - return to confront Ashley and each other one last time on national television, to dish the dirt and tell their side of the story. The men will discuss the difficulty of competing for Ashley and focus on the most controversial bachelor of the season: Bentley. Plus, William and Ben C. have a heated face-off about their dramatic two-on-one date and its aftermath; Ryan P. shares how he has changed since being on the show; and Ames, the bachelor who charmed America, explains his tactics for winning Ashley's heart. Finally, Ashley offers her very frank assessment about her experience on the series, remembering the good and bad times. Sensational unseen moments from the season will also be featured, as will a special preview of season two of Bachelor Pad.
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Jul 25, 2011 Season 7 Episode 9

Romantic adventures await Ashley and the final three bachelors - Ben F., Constantine and J.P. - as they travel to the tropical heaven of Fiji and the possibility of intimate overnight dates. There's electricity and passion in the air during these sand and surf excursions, as Ashley continues to explore what her future would be like with each one of these potential partners, and is faced with extending an invitation to each bachelor to spend the night in a "fantasy suite." However, one man - in a shocking return - asks Ashley to give him another chance to win her heart. But there is nothing that can prepare Ashley for the startling disclosure that Constantine makes, as her rollercoaster ride in search of a happy ending continues.
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Jul 18, 2011 Season 7 Episode 8

The stakes are high as Ashley returns from her exciting tour of the Far East for an emotionally charged journey across the country to visit Constantine, Ames, Ben F. and J.P. in their hometowns. Her bonds are growing stronger with these men, but she is severely tested by some of their families. Are these bachelors really ready for marriage? Ashley is about to find out from the people who know them best, as she moves closer to making her own fairytale come true. Yet in a heartbreaking turn, she must send one man home.
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Jul 11, 2011 Season 7 Episode 7

Taiwan, the "hidden jewel of Asia," is the romantic city where Ashley will make her most important decision yet: Which four men will have the opportunity to take her home to meet their families? The pressure is mounting and Ashley still has serious questions about some of the men, but she must be ready to let two of them go forever. Will she make the right choice? Plus, in a revealing, emotional tell-all update, EMILY MAYNARD, the single mom who captured Brad Womack's heart last season on The Bachelor, will finally speak out about the state of her relationship with Brad.
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Jun 27, 2011 Season 7 Episode 6

Breathtaking Hong Kong - where traditional Chinese customs and the mystique of the East reside side by side with contemporary urban life - opens its doors to the Bachelorette and the remaining men. Yet the stage is set for another emotional explosion: Bentley, the bachelor that Ashley cannot forget, flies halfway around the world to see her. Ashley still needs closure with this unscrupulous bachelor in order to move along with the other men; but why is he really there, and how will it affect Ashley and her relationship with the remaining bachelors? Lucas opens up about a very emotional time in his life - his difficult divorce - hoping to capture a rose. World-famous Stanley Beach is the backdrop for a thrilling dragon boat race between the intensely competitive men. And sparks fly when J.P. and Ashley go on a special one-on-one date to Victoria's Peak Park, but how will he take it when Ashley tells him about Bentley's surprise trip?
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Jun 20, 2011 Season 7 Episode 5

The specter of Bentley still looms over Ashley's chances for a happy ending as she and the final 11 men travel to the ancient city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Though still a little shell-shocked, Ashley is optimistic that she can prove to her suitors she has moved on and gotten over her disastrous disappointment attached to Bentley's departure. However, Ben F. has problems opening up to Ashley on their magical, romantic one-on-one date and the dreaded two-on-one date pits Ben C. and William on a scenic raft sailing down a majestic river - and Ashley has a jaw-dropping way to settle the decision about who goes home. But will it lead to more heartbreak? On the group date, eight brave bachelors get the workout of their lives as they train in Muay Thai boxing and fight each other in front of hundreds of people. The competition takes a frightening turn as one of the men ends up in the hospital.
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Jun 13, 2011 Season 7 Episode 4

Ashley hopes that southern Thailand will be the perfect place to start over and move forward in her search for a happy ending, as she begins her round-the-world journey with the 12 remaining men. How will she be affected long-term by Bentley's deceitfulness and game playing? One of the best ways to help mend a broken heart is to get involved in helping others, so Ashley takes 10 of the bachelors to assist in the renovation of Baan San Fan orphanage, which houses children who lost parents in the devastating 2004 tsunami. The Bachelorette also explores some astonishing sea caves off the coast of Thailand with Ames, as she attempts to delve into their relationship. And will a cancelled first date with Constantine lead to something more romantic and exciting? Everything has changed for Ashley and, still shaken from the raw emotions she felt about Bentley, she needs to make sure these guys are all here for her. Finally, two men face off as nerves fray before the dramatic rose ceremony.
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Jun 06, 2011 Season 7 Episode 3

Could the Bachelorette's journey be over before it really starts? A downward spiral of emotions and tears in one jaw-dropping week has Ashley questioning whether she should quit.
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May 30, 2011 Season 7 Episode 2

The dates for this week have the 18 remaining bachelors dreaming of finding true love with the Bachelorette. At the mansion, they quickly learn that roses will be at stake on the upcoming group date and two individual dates with Ashley. But not all the men will get dates before the next rose ceremony, so the bachelors must take advantage of every opportunity to score points with the Bachelorette. As the group heads to Las Vegas, hearts are wild, and Ashley is ready to gamble hers as she gets one lucky man to the altar and shares the season?s first kiss. Plus, fierce competition breaks out among the men to perform with hip hop dancers the Jabbawockeez, and hit pop singer Colbie Caillat serenades Ashley and one sexy bachelor. After careful deliberation, Ashley must eliminate three men, as she tries to make her fairytale come true.
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May 23, 2011 Season 7 Episode 1

As a bachelorette on season 15 of The Bachelor, ASHLEY HEBERT couldn't admit she was in love with Brad Womack - and it might have cost her the final rose. The energetic and vivacious Ashley will get a second chance at love as she returns as the Bachelorette in season seven of the hit romantic reality series. Ashley, 27, who resides in Philadelphia, where she is finishing her degree in dentistry, will choose from among 25 bachelors - will she find the perfect guy to finally open her heart to? In the season premiere, 25 eligible men come from all over to try and win her heart, including a buffed butcher who is ready to slice up the competition, a handsome brokenhearted winemaker, a masked mystery man who wants to be known as more than a pretty face, a solar energy executive who will try to light up Ashley's life, an amusing "boy next door" who can crack a joke but might not be ready to settle down and a divorced, single dad who may be there for the wrong reasons.
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