Babylon 5

1998, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Sleeping In Light

Nov 25, 1998 Season 5 Episode 22 watch on (Paid)

The series finale. Twenty years after the formation of the InterStellar Alliance, Sheridan summons his dearest surviving friends for a bittersweet reunion.

Objects At Rest

Nov 18, 1998 Season 5 Episode 21

Amidst farewells and new beginnings, disaster occurs as Sheridan and Delenn travel to their new home, Minbar, where the alliance headquarters is located.
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Objects In Motion

Nov 11, 1998 Season 5 Episode 20

Lise and Michael learn they are the targets of an assassin, and G'Kar prepares to leave.
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The Wheel of Fire

Nov 04, 1998 Season 5 Episode 19

Lyta is arrested for terrorism, while the number of G'Kar's worshippers begins to grow.
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The Fall of Centauri Prime

Oct 28, 1998 Season 5 Episode 18

Londo discovers that the Drakhs are really behind the war, planning to alienate the Centauris from the alliance.
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Movements of Fire and Shadow

Jun 17, 1998 Season 5 Episode 17

The seemingly purposeless Centauri attacks culminate in a bizarre and terrifying climax.
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And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder

Jun 10, 1998 Season 5 Episode 16

Sheridan announces the Centauris' guilt.
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Darkness Ascending

Jun 03, 1998 Season 5 Episode 15

Lennier's discovery of the Centauri's involvement in the shipping line attacks promises to cause all-out war.
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Meditations On the Abyss

May 27, 1998 Season 5 Episode 14

Vir learns he is the new Centauri ambassador to Babylon 5.
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The Corps Is Mother, the Corps Is Father

Apr 15, 1998 Season 5 Episode 13

While tracking an unstable telepath trainee on Babylon 5, Bester instructs two interns on the motives of the Psi Corps.
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The Ragged Edge

Apr 08, 1998 Season 5 Episode 12

Garibaldi is sent to retrieve a witness to the shipping line attacks from the Drazi homeworld.
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Phoenix Rising

Apr 01, 1998 Season 5 Episode 11

The fight with Byron's followers gains intensity.
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A Tragedy of Telepaths

Mar 25, 1998 Season 5 Episode 10

Lochley asks Bester for help in dealing with a group of telepaths who have locked themselves in an area of Downbelow.
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In the Kingdom of the Blind

Mar 18, 1998 Season 5 Episode 9

Byron and other telepaths seek a homeworld of their own.
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Day of the Dead

Mar 11, 1998 Season 5 Episode 8

A comedy team (comedic magicians PENN & TELLER) visits Babylon 5.
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