B-Daman CrossFire Episodes

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B-Daman CrossFire Season 1 episodes

The Search for the Mysterious B-Daman! Season 1, Episode 22

Riki and the gang investigate a mysterious B-Daman. read more

Smash Dragold! Season 1, Episode 20

Dragold beats Drazeros in a match before Takakura ends the game early. read more

Enter Dragold! The North Grand Prix! Season 1, Episode 21

Rudy falls under Dragold's spell and joins Novu at the WBMA headquarters, where Dragold releases a dangerous energy force. read more

This Is It! The Final Match Season 1, Episode 26

The ultimate battle to defeat Dragold and save the world begins; the secret behind the B-Daman mystery is revealed. read more

The Complete Dragon King! Season 1, Episode 25

The WBMA headquarters is taken over by Rudy and Dragold, so they can use its powers to absorb all the B-Animals in the world. Riki and his friends work together to try and stop them before it's too late. read more

Watch Out! Rudy's Run Amok! Season 1, Episode 24

B-Shots are challenged to destroy their B-Damans; Rudy pushes Novu in a bid to seize Dragren's power. read more

The Ultimate Hammer Smash! Season 1, Episode 23

Rudy challenges Novu in an attempt to claim Dragren's power. read more

The Mystery of the Ruins Season 1, Episode 19

Riki and Rudy get separated from the others in a cave while searching the ruins for Novu. Rudy tries to open a door with a dangerous challenge that could destroy his B-Daman. read more

Brutal Bitter Blizzard Battle! Season 1, Episode 18

Dracyan loses his memory when Riki fires a double blast in the final Grand Prix match. Riki then receives a mysterious message from Novu telling him to come to some ruins in North City if he wants help getting Dracyan's memory back. read more

The Wild, Wild West GP! Season 1, Episode 17

Gunner, a football player turned B-Shot, enters a tournament and competes against Riki. read more

Calling All New B-Shots! Season 1, Episode 16

Riki and the other B-Shots teach other kids about the game; Sumi convinces Asuka to face Riki in a special exhibition match. read more

The Incomparable Jaku! Season 1, Episode 15

The B-Shots try to earn 10 points as fast as possible to gain a spot in the East GP preliminary. read more

Crossfire Is... Can It be True? Season 1, Episode 14

Riki and the other Crossfire B-Shots become overnight celebrities. A new tournament called the GP Series is held to decide who is worthy of claiming the Dragon King that the B-Crystal's energy has awakened. read more

Crowning the Overall Champ! Season 1, Episode 13

Riki and Samuru battle to decide the overall champion of Crossfire. But before the winner can celebrate, an emergency occurs when a mysterious B-Shot breaks into the B-Crystal chamber. read more

The East Champ Is Revealed! Season 1, Episode 12

Riki and his friends begin training for the final match of the Crossfire season. read more

Friendship Break Bomber! Season 1, Episode 11

A formal match is held. Novu will give up Crossfire if he loses, but he will take control of the WBMA if he wins. read more

Camping, B-Shot Style! Season 1, Episode 10

Riki and his pals go camping, only to discover ancient ruins that are connected to B-Daman. They also happen upon Novu and Derek and realize the two have joined forces, leading to a match. read more

This Is Break Bomber!? Season 1, Episode 9

Derek secretly works for Novu which puts the West Block in chaos. Rory tries to stop Derek, but he doesn't listen and takes her B-Daman as a hostage. read more

Dragon Tiger Combo! Mighty Dragren! Season 1, Episode 8

Novu becomes the newest member of the East Block, while troublemaker Derek transfers from the South to West Block. When Reggie overhears the two telling secrets about a trick they have up their sleeves, Novu offers to tell the truth if Reggie can beat him in a match, otherwise he keeps his secret. read more

Red Dragon? Who Is That Guy? Season 1, Episode 7

Riki runs into Novu who shows him the B-Crystal from which all of the B-Animals came from. He then challenges Riki to a match. read more

Tune Up! Thunder Dracyan! Season 1, Episode 6

Riki and his friends go to the East vs. West tournament and compete in a preliminary round. read more

The Name's Leo! Thunder Leo! Season 1, Episode 5

Yuki and Riki are chosen to represent the East at an inter-block Crossfire tag-team match and face tough competition from the West block's top two players. Meanwhile, Riki's friends bump into a mysterious new B-Shot who claims to be looking for Riki. read more

West City, Here We Come! Season 1, Episode 4

Yuki and Riki are chosen to represent the East at an inter-block Crossfire match, while their friends tag along with Saiga who is a B-Daman coach. read more

B-Animals? What Are Those? Season 1, Episode 3

Riki and some of his friends join a B-Daman event at an amusement park and quickly find themselves in a dangerous situation. read more

Wait a Minute! He's the Champion!? Season 1, Episode 2

Riki competes in his first tournament while keeping Crossfire a secret from his outside friends and family. read more

Did You Say... B-Daman? Season 1, Episode 1

Riki chooses the blue dragon B-Daman and receives an invitation to a secret tournament called Crossfire where B-Daman players with special skills compete. read more

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Premise: A boy discovers the game B-Daman and its magical beasts.

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