A reality-bending drama about a detective who lives in two parallel worlds after surviving his family's car accident. In one reality, his wife survived the crash and his son perished. In the other, his son continues to live but his wife was killed. While trying to regain footing in his complex double lives, he continues his efforts to crack cases in both worlds.


Guest Stars

Laura Innes
Capt. Tricia Harper, Capt.Tricia Harper
8 Episodes (2012-2012)
5 Episodes (2012-2012)
Kevin Weisman
Det. Hawkins
4 Episodes (2012-2012)
John Ferris
1 Episode (2012)
1 Episode (2012)
Billy Lush
Gabriel Wyath
1 Episode (2012)
1 Episode (2012)
Charley Koontz
Tim Wax
1 Episode (2012)


Executive Producer (2 Credits)
Creator (1 Credit)
Cinematographer (1 Credit)
Producer (1 Credit)