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Auction Hunters Season 4 episodes

To Pawn or Not To Pawn Season 4, Episode 26

Ton and Allen face off against Carolyn, and find a special-effects machine used for stunt work. Then, the guys decide the fate of the shop. read more

Gone in 20 Seconds Season 4, Episode 25

Ton and Allen get taken down by a fierce opponent, but a twist of fate keeps them in the game. Uncovered items include a Geiger counter and some NASCAR tools. read more

Big Sis Ducks Out Season 4, Episode 24

Big Sis delivers some bad news at an auction in Long Beach. Then, Ton and Allen discover a tomahawk, a dunk tank and a rare firearm. read more

Cashville, Tennessee Season 4, Episode 23

In Nashville, the guys encounter a group of high-bidding bikers, then come across an anti-tank gun and a cowboy's rodeo saddle. read more

Hall of Fame Game Season 4, Episode 22

Allen digs up a spirit board and some antique basketballs, going head-to-head with an NBA Hall of Famer. Meanwhile, Ton and Big Sis revamp the shop to help bring in more customers. read more

Nothing But Net Season 4, Episode 21

The guys find a motorcycle and a pair of net guns while facing two old rivals who've joined forces. Meanwhile, the staff clash with some mystery shoppers. read more

Allen's Big Crush Season 4, Episode 20

The guys face an ex-employee, and a shill bidder threatens to ruin the day. read more

You Foos You Lose Season 4, Episode 19

A foosball table is among the items found when they guys try to raise enough money to fix their truck. read more

Ton Voyage Season 4, Episode 18

Ton and Allen fight back against a California store owner set on stopping their quest for items. read more

Without a Chute Season 4, Episode 17

Ton tries to negotiate with the shop's landlord when he asks to talk to the guys. Meanwhile, Allen puts a parachute to the test in order to save the day's profits. read more

You Got Served Season 4, Episode 16

A bad defeat at an auction leaves the guys empty-handed and scrambling to find new merchandise at a yard sale. read more

Allen vs. Ton Season 4, Episode 15

Ton and Allen's friendship is tested when the former partners find themselves bidding against one another at an auction. read more

Separation Anxiety Season 4, Episode 14

With Ton missing, Allen struggles to keep the shop afloat while training Elle to work an auction. read more

The Fall Guys Season 4, Episode 13

The pressure of running the shop begins to take a toll on the guys and Ton decides to abandon ship and leave town. read more

Don't Taze Me, Bro Season 4, Episode 12

Ton and Allen get bested by two determined competitors, and later, Ton winds up getting Tasered. read more

Carolyn Goes Topless Season 4, Episode 11

The guys get into a battle over a 1968 Corvette Stingray with a former employee; and Allen tests his skills with an antique ninja weapon. read more

Always Money in Philadelphia Season 4, Episode 10

In Philadelphia, Ton and Allen tackle former NFL player Vince Papale over a vintage football-passing machine and a Colonial musket. read more

Machine Gun Ton Season 4, Episode 9

Ton and Allen get in a bidding war with two competitive women over a Gatling gun and a suit of armor. read more

Flying Ton, Creeping Allen Season 4, Episode 8

At a Chinatown auction, thugs try to bully Ton and Allen, forcing the guys to defend themselves. read more

Whip It Good Season 4, Episode 7

Ton and Allen go toe-to-toe with a vengeful former employee who has plenty of cash and knows all their tricks. read more

Trading Places Season 4, Episode 6

Allen is sidelined with an injury so Ton takes Big Sis to an auction, where she makes some risky purchases. read more

Off the Deep End Season 4, Episode 5

Ton and Allen are at odds over a bidding strategy at an auction on California's Catalina Island, where they are also looking to deal a one-man submersible. read more

Rock-et to Me! Season 4, Episode 4

At an auction in Hollywood, Ton and Allen argue whether to take a gamble on what may be an antique slot machine. Later, Allen straps on a jet pack. read more

It's Raining Ton Season 4, Episode 3

The guys bring Big Sis to her first auction; and Allen is shot with a riot gun. read more

Win, Lose or Joust Season 4, Episode 2

The partners spend six figures on a rare comic book and find a samurai sword that was used in a ritual suicide. read more

Once a Pawn a Time Season 4, Episode 1

In the Season 4 premiere, Allen and Ton's bills are stacking up, and they hope that selling items from a collection of antique ammo and classic football helmets will get them over the hump. read more

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Premiered: November 09, 2010, on Spike
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Premise: Two public auction prospectors bid on unclaimed storage units in the hope of selling historic finds in this reality series.


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