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Jan 01, 1963 Season 3 Episode 25 watch on (Paid)

Dr. Elefun and Astro Boy are sent back to 10th-century England, where they become contestants in a joust. Astro Boy emerges as the winner and the favorite of King Canute and Princess Lydia.

Dunder, Bird of Doom

Jan 01, 1963 Season 3 Episode 22

Atomic submarine trains, supersonic passenger planes, and whole communities are demolished by the monstrous Dunder Bird. After each attack, Dunder demands Astro Boy's surrender.
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The Dream Machine

Jan 01, 1963 Season 3 Episode 20

Astro Boy experiences first-hand the effects of a machine that allows robots to have dreams. While Astro Boy dreams, a villain named Mr. Nightmaroo tries to steal the Dream Machine.
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A Mighty Minute

Jan 01, 1963 Season 3 Episode 19

Professor Jingo develops a remarkably humanized little animal named Minute with a prophetic sixth sense that allows him to know of things that will happen before they transpire.
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Super Brain

Jan 01, 1963 Season 3 Episode 18

Professor Ibaru is murdered by Kanekura's gang through a staged auto accident. Several days later, a strange car-shaped robot named Friday appears before Kanekura and follows him around.
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Funnel to the Future

Jan 01, 1963 Season 3 Episode 17

Dr. Elefun, Astro Boy, and Astro Girl travel 60,000 years into the future to discover a robot who has inherited the earth. Now, new creatures are gaining control.
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The Hooligan Whodunnit

Jan 01, 1963 Season 3 Episode 16

Dr. Elefun is surprised to receive a package filled with disconnected robot parts. The broken voice box keeps repeating an intriguing message about "Horace" and "Mr. Aurora".
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Mission to the Middle of the World

Jan 01, 1963 Season 3 Episode 13

The Valyx, a rather unique earth-digging vehicle developed by Professor Prober, suddenly appears: ten years and half a world away from its initial plunge.
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Shipwreck in Space

Jan 01, 1963 Season 3 Episode 11

After their rocket gets broken in space, Astro Boy and the Ponkotsu Gang head for an emergency space station in search of food and make a surprising discovery.
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The Clock Tower Mystery

Jan 01, 1963 Season 3 Episode 8

Astro Girl discovers a woman and suspicious-looking man in a clock tower where no one is supposed to be living. She sneaks into the clock tower, but is captured and loses all of her energy.
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Dinosaur Dilemma

Jan 01, 1963 Season 3 Episode 7

Professor Al Kemmy succeeds in producing living cells, and works to reproduce ever more complex life forms. His crowning achievement is the creation of real dinosaurs, but he loses control.
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The Devil Doll

Jan 01, 1963 Season 3 Episode 6

After toy-maker Happy Klaus finds out nobody is buying his old-fashioned toys, he angrily decides to make a new kind of toy. The result is the Devil Doll.
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Jan 01, 1963 Season 3 Episode 5

Vikings from outer space have been capturing spaceships traveling between planets. Astro Boy is made a special member of the Space Patrol and goes off in pursuit of the Vikings.
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The Terrible Tidal Wave

Jan 01, 1963 Season 3 Episode 4

Porgy and Bess and their son Piko move in next to Astro Boy. He invites the three new neighbors over to his house but grows puzzled by their strange behavior.
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Vampire Vale

Jan 01, 1963 Season 3 Episode 3

Tick and Tock get lost and stumble upon a strange village. All of the houses in the village have crucifixes and garlands of garlic on their doors. No one appears, even when they call out.
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