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Latest Episode: Binky's Music Madness/Brain Freeze [HD]

Nov 15, 2013 Season 17 Episode 10 watch on (Paid)

From PBS KIDS: Binky's Music Madness - Everyone loves the Bang on a Can All-Stars. Everyone that is, except Binky. Brain Freeze - A new ice cream shop has just opened up across the block.

Caught in the Crosswires/Framed

Nov 15, 2013 Season 17 Episode 9

From PBS KIDS: Caught in the Crosswires - Muffy is thrilled when mega producer J3 chooses her family for his latest reality TV project. After all, she was born to be star! But when Muffy's asked to amp up the drama between her and Bailey, she worries that she's being portrayed as a spoiled brat. Is it possible reality TV isn't as realistic as she thought?
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The Director's Cut/Crime and Consequences [HD]

Nov 14, 2013 Season 17 Episode 8

From PBS KIDS: The Director's Cut - George is inspired to make a movie of his own. Crime and Consequences - Binky gets unfairly blamed. Will George come clean to Principal Haney?
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Pets and Pests/Go Fly a Kite

Nov 14, 2013 Season 17 Episode 7

From PBS KIDS: Pets and Pests - There's a mouse loose in the Read home! Go Fly a Kite - While playing in the park, Binky, Muffy, and Ladonna stumble upon an abandoned kite.
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Speak Up Francine/Waiting for Snow

Nov 13, 2013 Season 17 Episode 6

From PBS KIDS: Speak Up, Francine! - The local creek is polluted! Waiting for Snow - Ladonna can't wait to experience her first blizzard.
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All Thumbs/Kidonia [HD]

Nov 13, 2013 Season 17 Episode 5

From PBS KIDS: All Thumbs - When Arthur catches Buster sucking his thumb, Buster worries that Arthur will tell the entire school. Can Arthur stay mum? Or is this secret just too juicy not to share? Kidonia - Tired of doing chores, Arthur and the gang decide to invent their own country: Kidonia. But when there are no rules, no laws, and no chores, someone's bound to ruffle a few feathers.
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Opposites Distract/Just the Ticket

Nov 12, 2013 Season 17 Episode 4

From PBS KIDS: Opposites Distract - Arthur and Buster discover that they make better friends than roommates. Just the Ticket - Arthur's ecstatic when he wins free concert tickets on the radio.
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Molina's Mulligan/Buster Bombs

Nov 12, 2013 Season 17 Episode 3

From PBS KIDS: Molina's Mulligan - Alberto discovers that he has a natural talent for golf. Buster Bombs - The unthinkable has happened!
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Adventures in Budylon/Ladonna Compson: Party Animal [HD]

Nov 11, 2013 Season 17 Episode 2

From PBS KIDS: Adventures in Budylon - D.W. and Bud embark on an epic wilderness adventure! Ladonna Compson: Party Animal - Apple picking, bake sales, craft classes...there's so much to do in Elwood City in the fall!
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Show Off/Dog's Best Friend

Nov 11, 2013 Season 17 Episode 1

From PBS KIDS: Show Off - It's the Elwood City dog show! Dog's Best Friend - Arthur agrees to watch Amigo while Alberto's off at camp.
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