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May 14, 2014 Season 2 Episode 23 watch on (Paid)

In the Season Two Finale, Oliver must decide once and for all whether he's a killer or a hero when Slade moves forward with his plan to kill one more person in Oliver's life. While Oliver has fought all year to be more than the killer he once was, he's pushed to the edge when Slade kidnaps someone close to Oliver's heart and realizes sometimes it takes doing the unthinkable to stop the monster. Meanwhile, Diggle takes on Amanda Waller with a little help from some friends, and Thea turns to Roy in her time of need.

Streets of Fire

May 07, 2014 Season 2 Episode 22

Malcolm Merlyn returns. Oliver rallies his team as Slade's soldiers attack the city. Felicity gets a call from S.T.A.R. Labs with game-changing news and Thea comes face-to-face with her father – Malcolm Merlyn (recurring guest star John Barrowman).
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City of Blood

Apr 30, 2014 Season 2 Episode 21

After Slade threatens to take away everything Oliver loves, Oliver decides the fastest way to stop further bloodshed is to surrender to his enemy. Knowing that surrender will surely lead to Oliver's death, Diggle and Felicity go to extreme measures to keep Oliver from confronting Slade. Meanwhile, Thea considers leaving town, and Laurel resumes her crusade against Sebastian Blood. Finally, Slade unleashes his assault on Starling City.
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Seeing Red

Apr 23, 2014 Season 2 Episode 20

The Mirakuru sends Roy into an uncontrollable rage and he unleashes his fury on the city. After Roy's deadly fight with a police officer, Oliver realizes the Mirakuru has taken over Roy completely and must figure out a way to stop him. Things get more complicated after Sara declares that Roy is too far gone and the only way to stop him is to kill him. Meanwhile, Thea believes she can breakthrough to Roy so she goes on camera at Moira's campaign rally to lure him to Verdant. Her ploy works but after Roy attacks Thea, Team Arrow unleashes on him.
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The Man Under The Hood

Apr 16, 2014 Season 2 Episode 19

Deathstroke hits Oliver at home. Oliver, Canary, Diggle and Felicity return to the lair and find Slade waiting for them. An epic battle breaks out and one member of Team Arrow is sent to the hospital. Thea hits her breaking point, but just as Oliver is about to reach her, Slade intervenes and Oliver is faced with a choice – his battle with Slade or his family. Meanwhile, Laurel struggles with a new secret.
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Apr 02, 2014 Season 2 Episode 18

Oliver's world starts to crumble when Slade makes his move against Oliver – and the repercussions are enormous. While Oliver scrambles to protect his family, a key player in his team starts to question Oliver's decisions. Meanwhile, Isabel makes her move to take Queen Consolidated away from Oliver.
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Birds of Prey

Mar 26, 2014 Season 2 Episode 17

When Frank Bertinelli (guest star JEFFREY NORDLING) is arrested, Oliver knows it's only a matter of time before his daughter, Helena, aka The Huntress (guest star JESSICA DE GOUW), returns to town. To make matters worse, Laurel is picked to try Frank's case, putting her right in the path of Helena. Oliver tells Sara he will handle his ex-girlfriend, but when Helena takes hostages at the courthouse, including Laurel, the Canary will stop at nothing to save her sister. When The Huntress and Canary meet, an epic battle begins. Meanwhile, Roy realizes he needs to keep Thea safe, but doesn't like the way he is forced to go about it.
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Suicide Squad

Mar 19, 2014 Season 2 Episode 16

Following Slade's return and his promise to make good on his threat to destroy Oliver's loved ones, Oliver focuses all his energy on preparing for battle with his former friend. Sara tries to help but, fearing for her safety, Oliver pushes her away. Meanwhile, Diggle is recruited by Amanda Waller and A.R.G.U.S. to stop a warlord (guest star Lee Majdoub) he knew from his time in Afghanistan. Always the solider, Diggle agrees to help. However, he's not prepared when Amanda introduces him to the rest of the team – Deadshot, Bronze Tiger and Shrapnel, all criminals he and Arrow helped put away. Lyla defends the team and explains the world is a complicated place, but Diggle isn't sure he agrees. When the mission takes a dangerous turn, Diggle is forced to make a difficult decision.
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The Promise

Mar 05, 2014 Season 2 Episode 15

Oliver is shocked when he learns that Slade has come to Starling City. Back on the island, as Oliver, Slade and Sara prepare to take over the freighter from Ivo (guest star Dylan Neal), Sara pulls Oliver aside and tells him he needs to kill Ivo to prevent him from telling Slade what happened with Shado. Oliver feels immense guilt over the situation but realizes Slade's growing rage from the Mirakuru makes him unpredictable and he could turn on his friends if he thinks Oliver is to blame. Oliver agrees to kill Ivo and the battle begins.
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Time of Death

Feb 26, 2014 Season 2 Episode 14

Oliver brings Sara into the Arrow team. Watching Oliver and Diggle spar with Sara and talk old scars, Felicity starts to feel left out. The team is investigating a villain named William Tockman, a.k.a. The Clock King (guest star ROBERT KNEPPER), who is a brilliant thief armed with technology that can open any bank vault in Starling City. After The Clock King infiltrates the computer systems in the lair, Felicity feels pressure to prove her worth. When she gets a lead on Tockman's whereabouts, she heads out without the team, putting her in peril. Meanwhile, Oliver throws Sara a welcome home party, but Laurel refuses to attend. After Lance makes his case for a family dinner, Laurel acquiesces, but when Oliver shows up with Sara, she loses her temper on both of them.
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Heir to the Demon

Feb 05, 2014 Season 2 Episode 13

As Laurel continues to unravel, Oliver and Lance try to convince Sara to stay in Starling City and finally reunite with Laurel and Dinah.
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Jan 29, 2014 Season 2 Episode 12

Arrow offers to train Roy so he can learn to control his newfound super-strength, but Roy is a rebellious student and refuses to listen.
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Blind Spot

Jan 22, 2014 Season 2 Episode 11

Oliver is conflicted after Laurel reaches out to the Arrow asking him to investigate Sebastian Blood, the man he has publicly supported for mayor, but decides to trust Laurel.
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Blast Radius

Jan 15, 2014 Season 2 Episode 10

Oliver must tackle a new threat to the city when bombs start to go off in Starling City, while Felicity discovers the person setting them off is a man by the name of Shrapnel.
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Three Ghosts

Dec 11, 2013 Season 2 Episode 9

Oliver is visited by ghosts from the past. After a fight with Cyrus Gold AKA the Acolyte (guest star Graham Shiels), Oliver is drugged and left for dead. Determined to cure him, Felicity makes a risky decision. The cure causes Oliver to hallucinate, and what he sees forces him to confront his past. Meanwhile, Barry continues to help Felicity, and their connection grows stronger. The Arrow asks Lance to look into Gold, but when the stakeout on Gold goes bad, someone is killed. Roy is captured and tortured by Brother Blood (guest star Kevin Alejandro).
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