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What were your Top 10 ...

Question: What were your Top 10 favorite shows of 2005, and why?

Answer: I thought you'd never ask, Jackie!

1. Battlestar Galactica: I haven't been this excited about a TV show since... ever. And if that makes me a sci-fi geek, so be it. (But please, no wedgies.)
2. Deadwood: Can't understand what they're sayin' half the time, but I sure like how they're sayin' it.
3. Lost: Season 2 not only exceeded my expectations, it upended them.
4. Grey's Anatomy: Makes me want to be a doctor, if only to hang out with these people. And have lots of sex.
5. Veronica Mars: If this is what happens when UPN meddles with a show, I say keep those notes c read more

Maybe you've had your heart ...

Question: Maybe you've had your heart broken too many times by shows that looked to be on the brink of salvation and then got canceled anyway, but my heart sank when you remarked that Arrested Development was "essentially over" now. The exciting recent news that AD was being courted by both ABC and Showtime (and that, despite the probable inevitability of it, news reports announcing that it had been "canceled" were in fact inaccurate since Fox hasn't technically canceled it yet) should at least allow fans of the show a feeling of hope that it might not be over yet. Count me as one who was disappointed in the Golden Globes snub, and although I know that obviously these things are subjective and completely personal, I have to admit I was saddened that AD didn't make your Top 10 in the magazine last week, while the nice-but-not-as-ingenious My Name Is Earl (which I like but feel is a watered-down kind of AD) made the cut. It's hard not to suspect that media buzz has influenced the ... read more

I was wondering if you could ...

Question: I was wondering if you could take a break from your Veronica Mars/Lost scoop column and let me know the current situation with Arrested Development. Are ABC and Showtime seriously interested?

Answer: Yes, they are seriously interested, but nothing can happen until Fox actually cancels the freakin' show. I have a sneaking suspicion that Peter Liguori is intentionally stalling to avoid getting lynched at press tour next month.

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Arrested Development Whatever...

Jason Bateman, Arrested Development

Arrested DevelopmentWhatever George Sr. is up to with that Colombian deal, it's made some enjoyable mischief. What a relief to see Michael get so easily ruffled out of his holier/better-businessman-than-thou attitude by Gob. That's the thing about siblings: No matter how grown-up you are, it takes next to nothing to make you revert to your childhood arguments. Excellent use of the slide-show montage for their banana battle, which was "less entertaining than you would imagine, no matter what kind of music you put under it." Except "Yellow Submarine," but who can afford that? (The substitute "Yellow Boat" song during the fake kidnapping also worked quite nicely.) I'm sure they could get more mileage out of Gob's "It Ain't Easy Being White" tape, if they really want a good sou read more

I'd like to know why there ...

Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, Arrested Development

Question: I'd like to know why there isn't a sign of life for Arrested Development on another network. Over the past several years, FX and BBC America have made names for themselves with The Shield and The Office purely because of their critical acclaim and, especially, their appearance at the Emmys. Why would a network such as FX not wish to invest in a series that would almost certainly bring them Emmy nominations and critical acclaim while boosting their popularity? After all, Fox's low ratings are highs for basic cable, and I think three years has proven that AD has enough of a dedicated audience to follow it to cable. I've rarely if ever watched FX, Bravo, Trio, etc., but I'd definitely tune in if they resurrected the best sitcom of the decade. What gives? Answer: Before anyone starts pounding on Shaun for being behind the curve, let me just say that this question came in long before news started to surface last week that Showtime is mulling over a rescue of Arrested Development ... read more

The Golden Globes are my ...

Question: The Golden Globes are my favorite awards show, mainly because they put TV and movie stars all together under one roof — and give them lots of booze. They can always be counted upon for great moments! But if one thing always irks me, it's the supporting actor TV category, which doesn't differentiate between drama, comedy or miniseries. And we end up with a field like this for Best Supporting Actor: Naveen Andrews, Lost; Paul Newman, Empire Falls; Jeremy Piven, Entourage; Randy Quaid, Elvis; Donald Sutherland, Commander in Chief. Seriously? We're putting Jeremy Piven's delightfully shallow superagent up against Andrews' painstaking dramatic portrayal of a tortured (no pun intended) former Iraqi soldier? In the same category? I am sure they must do this to get the time down on the program, but if they must lump TV-movies and miniseries together, can't they at least separate between comedy and drama (two drastically different media)? That would only add two awards to the program, ... read more


Arrested Development star Jason Bateman, who has long been on Scrubs boss Bill Lawrence's guest-star wish list, now has some free time to check into Sacred Heart Hospital. In a conference call to promote the new season launching Jan. 3, Lawrence confirmed that Bateman will tape an appearance after the holidays. Explaining the setup, he says,  "[J.D.] wants a thank-you from a patient [Bateman] that he worked really hard on treating." It all leads to J.D. getting assaulted by a gang of ostriches. OK, maybe Scrubs had a little too much time off. read more


NBC's My Name Is Earl and The Office each picked up three nominations, while Fox's The Simpsons swept all six animated series nods ("Mmmm, WGA-nods..."), for the 2006 Writers Guild Awards, to be held Feb. 4. Vying in the dramatic-series slot are Deadwood, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Six Feet Under and The West Wing, while the comedy nominees are Arrested Development (irony alert!), Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, Earl and The Office. Starting this year, awards will be handed out in the aforementioned categories to honor writing teams as a whole, as well as for individual episodes. read more

Is it for sure that Prison ...

Question: Is it for sure that Prison Break will be returning in March? I am dying to see what happens next!

Answer: That's what Fox is saying. Of course, they also said Arrested Development would air 22 episodes this season, and that turned out to be a big fat lie. Here's a little Prison poo… scoop to tide you over: Producers are currently casting a "Young Veronica" for a series of flashbacks that will reveal how Robin Tunney's lawyer came to know Lincoln and Michael.

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Jason Bateman of Arrested Development

Both ABC and Showtime are in talks with 20th Century Fox to rescue Arrested Development from the cold, clammy, hooked hand of the grim reaper. According to Variety, formal negotiations have not yet taken place, but sources still label the networks' interest as "serious," with Showtime being the more fervently interested of the two. read more

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Premise: A young man leads his oddball family and their real-estate-development business following a securities-fraud fiasco that put the father in jail. This is an arrestingly sophisticated and sardonic sitcom, with deliciously deadpan narration and stylish flashbacks, about mostly self-absorbed characters at odds with one another and the world at large.



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