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Are We There Yet? Season 2 episodes

The Lindsey Goes Vegan Episode Season 2, Episode 34

Lindsey decides to take on a vegan diet and lifestyle, but she may have ulterior motives in doing so. read more

The Mother's Day Episode Season 2, Episode 33

Suzanne and Marilyn convene for a spa weekend for Mother's Day, but friction soon mounts between the two. read more

The Suzanne's Surprise Party Episode Season 2, Episode 32

Nick secretly plans a surprise for Suzanne to help her overcome a traumatic childhood experience. read more

The Kevin Gets a Commercial Episode Season 2, Episode 31

Kevin's burgeoning career as a child actor has a negative fallout when a potential big break goes to his head. Ted Lange guest stars. read more

The Nick's Kid Episode Season 2, Episode 30

Suzanne suspects that Nick may have fathered his ex-flame's son. Ice Cube and Kandi Burruss guest star. read more

The Fight Party Episode Season 2, Episode 29

Suzanne's book group and Nick's boxing-match party collide in the family room on the same night, resulting in knock-out clashing. read more

The Liar Liar Episode Season 2, Episode 28

Suzanne insists that everyone in the family tell the truth at all times after she catches Nick in a lie. read more

The Lindsey Gets High Episode Season 2, Episode 27

Former child star Todd Bridges guides Lindsey on a wild odyssey to teach her the dangers of drug use. Ice Cube, Charlie Murphy and Jerry Springer also guest star. read more

The Play Date Episode Season 2, Episode 26

Suzanne and Nick go out with another couple, but the double date soon fizzles when an accusation flies. read more

The Mr. Almost Episode Season 2, Episode 25

When Nick happens upon his old college pal, the meeting gives rise to a business plan that involves sports star Deion Sanders and an energy drink. The results, however, aren't so bubbly. Sanders and rapper Heavy D guest star. read more

The Good Cop, Bad Cop Episode Season 2, Episode 24

Suzanne tires of being the family's "bad cop" to Nick's "good cop," so Nick must fill the role of tough disciplinarian for an entire week. Paulina Porizkova guest stars. read more

The Compatibility Test Episode Season 2, Episode 23

Suzanne reaches out to a relationship expert, then comes to believe that she and Nick have compatibility issues. read more

The Test Taker Episode Season 2, Episode 22

Kevin gets roped into taking a test for a peer, spinning into motion various complications. read more

The Nick Gets Jealous Episode Season 2, Episode 21

Suzanne helps a professional baseball player develop a charity event, but Nick is thrown a curve when he gets jealous of the two being together. Ice Cube and Jaleel White guest star. read more

The Salsa Episode Season 2, Episode 20

Suzanne enlists in a salsa-dancing class with Nick, but her controlling nature soon becomes an issue. read more

The Disney Episode Season 2, Episode 19

The family departs for a trip to Walt Disney World, but a cell-phone snafu and a scheduling conflict jeopardize the vacation. read more

The Pole Dance Episode Season 2, Episode 18

When Suzanne catches Nick spying a racy rap video featuring a pole dancer, she sets out to show him her own pole-dancing prowess. read more

The Fall of Troy Episode Season 2, Episode 17

A bully turns life upside down for Kevin and his pal Troy. Meanwhile, steady crank calls from sports fans irritate Nick, who turns to Martin for help. And an item found in Lindsey's laundry raises Suzanne's eyebrows. read more

The Take Your Kids to Work Day Episode Season 2, Episode 16

When Lindsey accompanies Suzanne to work, she uncovers a secret from her mother's past, leading to a misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Kevin gets primed for a school dance. read more

The First .45 Episode Season 2, Episode 15

As Lindsey films a reality show about her family, Kevin comes across a gun in Suzanne's handbag---leading to drama and potential danger. Ice Cube and Chubb Rock guest star. read more

The Suzanne Gets One-Upped Episode Season 2, Episode 14

Nick plans a belated surprise honeymoon for Suzanne, but keeping it a secret causes complications. Elsewhere, Lindsey helps Kevin with his homework. read more

The Whose Card Is It Anyway Episode Season 2, Episode 13

When Nick misleads Suzanne about spending a gift card, the couple appear before a TV judge to sort out the truth. read more

The Parent Teacher Trap Episode Season 2, Episode 12

Suzanne serves on a committee at Kevin's school, but complications arise when her fellow female members disrespect her---but adore Nick. read more

The Valentine's Day Episode Season 2, Episode 11

Nick flops in his efforts to help Kevin with Valentine's Day at school. read more

The She Got Game Night Episode Season 2, Episode 10

Suzanne organizes a traditional game night at the house, but the evening turns comically dicey due to a prank and a bet between Nick and Kevin. Ice Cube, David Rasche and Toccara Jones guest star. read more

The Despicable E Episode Season 2, Episode 9

Lindsey's romantic attentions turn to a young celebrity DJ, who only neglects her in return. Elsewhere, Suzanne teaches Kevin the art of doing laundry. Michael Strahan and Lil JJ guest star. read more

Suzanne Theft Auto Season 2, Episode 8

Suzanne becomes overly consumed with Kevin's science project. Elsewhere, Lindsey revs up for driving lessons, only to emerge as a suspect when her mother's car is scratched. read more

The Man and the Bragging Snafu Episode Season 2, Episode 7

Nick and Suzanne contemplate enrolling their children in a private school, but they soon grow disillusioned by the admissions process. Meanwhile, Kevin lands a modeling gig, but he lacks model behavior when he demands more money. Wayne Brady guest stars. read more

The Boy Has Style Episode Season 2, Episode 6

Lindsey develops a crush on a stylish boy at school, but complications soon follow. Meanwhile, comical mix-ups hound Suzanne when she tries to deliver a package. read more

The Gold Party Episode Season 2, Episode 5

When Nick suspects that Suzanne's wedding ring is fake, he sets out behind her back to replace it with a real one. Meanwhile, a panic-stricken Suzanne believes she's lost the ring. Series coexecutive producer Ice Cube guest stars. read more

Nick's Manny-Pedi Season 2, Episode 4

Suzanne infiltrates Nick's night with the boys, so he retaliates by crashing her all-lady spa getaway. Toccara Jones guest stars. read more

Oh No, She Di-in't! Season 2, Episode 3

Suzanne grows jealous of Nick's pretty young field producer. Elsewhere, Gigi falls for a man who has children, so she enlists Kevin and Lindsey to help her better relate to kids. Sandy "Pepa" Denton guest stars. read more

We Ain't Going Out Like That Season 2, Episode 2

Nick and Suzanne gear up for a special date night, only to run into various roadblocks. Meanwhile, the children rummage through an old box of videotapes and discover joy in the 1987-93 TV show "A Different World." read more

Mr. Himdependent Season 2, Episode 1

In the Season 2 opener, Nick lands a job as a regional TV station's sports anchor. Elsewhere, Suzanne's ex-husband pushes the idea of paying less child support, creating tension in Suzanne and Nick's marriage. Ice Cube and Charlie Murphy guest star. read more

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Premise: A newlywed couple with two children face various family-related obstacles in this sitcom based on the 2005 film of the same name. Rapper-actor Ice Cube, star of the film, serves as an executive producer.



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