Archie's Funhouse

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The animated exploits of Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica.

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Archie's Funhouse Season 1
Bop along with Archie and the Riverdale gang in the complete series of The Archie Show (17 episodes), inspired by the hit comic book series.
Paint Your Car/Breaking Car
18:00 — Jughead's new high-powered spray gun "helps" Archie paint his jalopy, Reggie tries to impress Veronica and a terrifying TV show convinces Hot Dog Jr. (more…)
Jughead Pulls Fire-Hose/Cannon
18:00 — Jughead performs a running gag with a fire hose, while Mr. Weatherbee demonstrates how to pitch a pup tent and Reggie explains his fearless dreams.
Photo Machine/Elevator
18:00 — Archie comes across a talking photo machine while Professor Jughead gives a skiing lesson and Dilton Doily invents the only self-starting bird shower.
18:00 — Trouble comes when Archie answers an old-fashioned telephone.
Piano Movers/Light Shows
18:00 — Archie and Moose try to deliver a piano and later Archie films an old-fashioned movie with Betty tied to the track and Reggie and Jughead running the (more…)
Seesaw/Drive In
18:00 — Archie, Reggie and Moose perform a death-defying seesaw act, while the "Little Archies" give Mr. Weatherbee's dog, Fluff, a bath.
Coke Head/Shadow Boxing
18:00 — While Archie tries to use a soda machine that is on the fritz, Betty adds a new and highly fanciful chapter to her diary.