11:14 — While his mother battles cancer in the fight of her life, Carl maxes out her credit cards.
11:16 — Master Shake joins a hippie drum circle, and his new bongos harbor a dark secret.
Dumber Days
11:15 — Meatwad becomes depressed because his brain is really a squeak toy. Frylock gives him a new super-brain, turning Meatwad into an arrogant jerk.
Rabbit, not Rabbot
11:15 — Something is very odd about Master Shake after he returns from a long, mysterious journey with a talking rabbit.
11:11 — Master Shake sells Meatwad to the circus, only to become jealous when Meatwad becomes a huge success. Shake tries to become a circus performer too, bu (more…)
Working Stiffs
11:13 — After their cable TV is cut off, Meatwad and Master Shake hope to score some easy money by doing the unthinkable.
11:25 — Meatwad learns how dog food seamlessly integrates into porn.
MC Pee Pants
11:21 — Meatwad and Carl become addicted to rap music and candy after they begin listening to the new album from MC Pee Pants.
Banana Planet
11:18 — Meatwad's discovery of a mysterious banana-shaped planet calls for some last minute interplanetary exploration.
Sweet C
11:21 — When Frylock's bees stop producing honey, he enlists a miniaturized Carl to help him find out why.
Revenge of the Mooninites
11:13 — The Mooninites return with a belt that grants them the abilities of a 70's super group. Using the belt's powers, they create all sorts of havoc... un (more…)
Merlo Sauvignon Blanco
11:03 — Master Shake's crippling addiction to shellfish leads to a long-overdue intervention.
The Hairy Bus
11:04 — The ultimate party bus has bachelors screaming for medical attention.
The Shake Signal
00:31 — Master Shake explains the purpose of the Shake Signal.
Straight Teeth
00:30 — Master Shake thinks teeth are for gay people
Monster Noises
00:32 — The ATHF hear weird noises in the middle of the night.
Meatwad's List
00:30 — Meatwad wants hair from Santa.
His Genitals Were Purple
00:40 — The Aqua Teens prepare for halloween
One Replicant
00:40 — Oglethrope and Emory want to rule Earth with replicants.
Meatwad's Camp Trip
00:31 — Shake gets Meatwad ready for camp.
Who Is the Drizzle
00:41 — Here's a clue: It's Shake.
Rescue Mission
00:34 — Frylock tries to save Carl from the vortex.
Dr. Weird Unveils the Rainbow Maker
00:41 — Dr. Weird uses the Rainbow Maker on Steve.
Grass Planet
00:48 — Master Shake pushes lawn mower over Meatwad's dolls.
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