Appraisal: Spontoon Pipe Tomahawk, ca. 1840
02:22 — Watch Ted Trotta's appraisal of a spontoon pipe tomahawk, ca. 1840, in Anaheim Hour 3.
Appraisal: Dexter Gordon Photo Group, ca. 1950
03:09 — Check out Laura Woolley's appraisal of this Dexter Gordon photo group, ca. 1950, in Anaheim Hour 3.
Appraisal: Shadow Box Attributed to Joseph Cornell
03:53 — Watch Leigh Keno's appraisal of a shadow box attributed to Joseph Cornell, in Anaheim Hour 3.
Appraisal: 18th-Century Chinese Cinnabar Lacquer Box
03:06 — Check out Lark E. Mason's appraisal of an 18th-century Chinese cinnabar lacquer box, in Anaheim Hour 3.
Appraisal: Wanted Posters in Hotel Ledgers, ca. 1900
03:38 — Check out Francis J. Wahlgren's appraisal of these wanted posters in hotel ledgers, ca. 1900, in Anaheim Hour 3.
Appraisal: Aleut Stone Oil Lamp
03:56 — In Anaheim Hour 3, John A. Buxton appraises this Aleut stone oil lamp.
The Anaheim Feedback Booth
04:38 — Anaheim Roadies get their onscreen moment in the sun in the Feedback Booth!
Appraisal: Carducius Plantagenet Ream Oil, ca. 1880
02:24 — Check out Susan Kime's appraisal of this Carducius Plantagenet Ream oil, ca. 1880, in Anaheim Hour 3.
Appraisal: Late 19th-Century Albert Neuhuys Watercolor
02:55 — Check out David Weiss's appraisal of this late 19th-century Albert Neuhuys watercolor, in Richmond Hour 1.
Appraisal: 1926 Raymon Jonson "Pot & Blanket" Oil
00:59 — In Anaheim Hour 3, David Weiss appraises this 1926 Raymon Jonson 'Pot & Blanket' oil .
Field Trip: Vintage Joseff of Hollywood Jewelry
03:14 — Joseff of Hollywood's jewelry has adorned the most glamorous stars of the 20th century. Take a look at some iconic pieces with Mark L. Walberg and Ros (more…)
Appraisal: Natzler Bowl & Vase, ca. 1960
03:12 — Watch Suzanne Perrault's appraisal of a Natzler bowl & vase, ca. 1960, in Anaheim Hour 3.
Anaheim (Hour Three) - Preview
00:31 — An 18th-century Chinese cinnabar lacquer box; Butch Cassidy wanted circular; a shadow box attributed to Joseph Cornell.
Appraisal: 1962 Andrew Dasburg Pastel
03:08 — 1962 Andrew Dasburg Pastel, from Miami Beach Hour 3
Appraisal: Navajo Yei Weaving, ca. 1935
03:40 — Navajo Yei Weaving, ca. 1935, from Miami Beach Hour 3
Appraisal: 1953 Charlie Douglass "Laff Box"
02:46 — Gary Sohmers appraises a 1953 Charlie Douglass 'Laff Box,' from San Diego Hour 2.
Appraisal: Dirk Van Erp Copper Lamp, ca. 1925
03:25 — David Rago appraises a Dirk Van Erp copper lamp, ca. 1925, from San Diego Hour 2.
Appraisal: Cormac McCarthy 1st Ed. with Fake Cover
02:52 — Ken Gloss appraises a Cormac McCarthy 1st Edition with fake cover from Des Moines Hour 1.
Appraisal: Folk Art Memory Tower, ca. 1900
03:13 — Allan Katz appraises a Folk Art memory tower, ca. 1900, from Des Moines Hour 1.
Appraisal: 1927 Gibson Florentine Tenor Banjo
02:22 — Frederick Oster appraises a 1927 Gibson Florentine tenor banjo, from Des Moines Hour 1.
Appraisal: Connecticut River Valley Chair Table, ca. 1800
04:05 — Dean Failey appraises a Connecticut River Valley chair table, ca. 1800, from Des Moines Hour 3.
Appraisal: Cheyenne Possible Bag & Souvenir Bag
02:58 — Bruce M. Shackelford appraises a Cheyenne Possible bag and souvenir bag, from Des Moines Hour 3.
Bonus Footage: The History of Making Marionettes
03:13 — Gary Busk, puppet historian, collector, and restorer is the proud owner of over 1000 marionettes. In this ANTIQUES ROADSHOW bonus footage, Gary invite (more…)
Field Segment: Little Bighorn Battle 7th Cavalry Weapons
04:22 — Host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Christopher Mitchell meet at Little Big Horn National Monument to discuss the weapons used in the infamous battle b (more…)
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