A.N.T. Farm Episodes

2011, TV Show

A.N.T. Farm Season 1 episodes

body of evidANTs Season 1, Episode 26

Chyna is accused of sabotaging Olive's pet robot, but Chyna claims she is being framed and vows to find the real culprit. read more

ballet dANTser Season 1, Episode 25

A new girl at school isn't afraid of the older kids, including Lexi, who orders Chyna to keep the girl far away from her. Meanwhile, Cameron and Lexi take a drivers-education class. read more

patANT pending Season 1, Episode 24

Chyna struggles with a heavy backpack, so Olive and Fletcher invent a massaging backpack. Meanwhile, Lexi pretends to break both of her arms to gain attention. read more

some enchANTed evening Season 1, Episode 23

Chyna and Fletcher go on a double date together. Meanwhile, Gibson takes over as cheerleading coach. read more

performANTs Season 1, Episode 22

Chyna tries to persuade her mom to let her go to a concert with the older kids. read more

you're the one that i wANT Season 1, Episode 21

Chyna lands the lead in the school musical, but jealous Lexi tries to sabotage the show. Meanwhile, Cameron learns that a teacher is living at school and offers to rent his family's living room to the man. read more

sANTa's little helpers Season 1, Episode 20

Chyna, Olive and Fletcher make toys for kids at an orphanage, but then learn that Principal Skidmore is actually selling the toys for profit. Meanwhile, Lexi and Paisley are hired by a mall gift-wrapping department. read more

america needs talANT Season 1, Episode 19

Chyna and Lexi audition for a talent show and are invited to Hollywood for the next round. When they arrive, the show's producer wants them to share a hotel room so viewers will think they are best friends. Meanwhile, Olive and Paisley enter a game-show competition. read more

slumber party ANTics Season 1, Episode 18

Chyna hosts a slumber party after she isn't invited to Lexi's sleepover. Meanwhile, Cameron gets Fletcher to help him draw a comic book. read more

ignorANTs is bliss Season 1, Episode 17

Olive loses her memory and Chyna tries to help her regain it before the principal sends her back to kindergarten. Meanwhile, Lexi and Cameron enter a dog show. read more

cANTonese style cuisine Season 1, Episode 16

Chyna loses a pop singer's phone number during a field trip to a fortune-cookie factory. read more

mutANT farm Season 1, Episode 15

Chyna discovers that monsters are attending school with normal high-school students. China Anne McClain performs "Calling All the Monsters." read more

the replacemANT Season 1, Episode 14

Olive becomes the new history teacher and sends rivals Lexi and Chyna to detention, where they team up to get rid of Olive as their teacher. read more

fraudulANT Season 1, Episode 13

A con artist passes off one of Fletcher's paintings as his own at a gallery. Meanwhile, Lexi and Paisley audition to be a princess at a kid's birthday party. read more

philANThropy Season 1, Episode 12

Chyna, Olive and Fletcher host a fund-raiser to save Gibson's job after he is let go due to budget cuts. Meanwhile, Lexi unfairly wins a beauty pageant. read more

managemANT Season 1, Episode 11

Cameron pretends to be Chyna's manager when they meet a top hip-hop producer. Meanwhile, Olive and Fletcher compete against each other in a home-economics challenge. read more

clairvoyANT Season 1, Episode 10

Chyna convinces Cameron that he is psychic in order to help him discover his true talent. Meanwhile, Fletcher battles Principal Skidmore over the cafeteria's nuggets. read more

replicANT Season 1, Episode 9

Chyna goes on a date with a new student from England, but a jealous Fletcher tries to sabotage the date. Meanwhile, Darryl challenges Olive and Cameron at an arcade to see who can get the highest score on a game. read more

the informANT Season 1, Episode 8

Chyna plots to get a new designer handbag after her dad refuses to buy her one. read more

bad romANTs Season 1, Episode 7

Fletcher tries to flirt with Chyna, but she doesn't notice because she is too busy feeling sorry for Gibson and attempts to reunite him with his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Lexi tries to persuade Olive to put her on the front page of the school paper. read more

studANT council Season 1, Episode 6

Chyna can't get into a dance and decides to run for A.N.T. Representative so she can alter the rules; Fletcher befriends Darryl, hoping it will get him closer to Chyna. read more

sciANTs fair Season 1, Episode 5

Chyna is skeptical when she fails to study for a science test but gets an A, so she experiments by doing poorly on her science project to see what happens; and Cameron and Lexi hope to get a reward when they find Principal Skidmore's cell phone. read more

phANTom locker Season 1, Episode 4

Cameron tries to convince Olive that her school locker is haunted so she will find one farther away from him. Meanwhile, Fletcher is commissioned to conduct a special art project. read more

participANTs Season 1, Episode 3

Chyna joins the cheerleading squad; Cameron and Fletcher create a unique lunchtime club. read more

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Premise: An 11-year-old music prodigy attends high school as part of its Advanced Natural Talents program for gifted students and struggles to fit in with the older kids who aren't fond of grade-skipping newbies.


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