Animal Mechanicals

  • 2008
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

Mechanical critters face challenges selected by viewers in this interactive children's series.

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Mechana Cricket King Island
11:30 — It’s time for the Mechana Crickets to choose a new King by seeing which Cricket can jump the highest, farthest, and fastest, but the little insects ar (more…)
Mechana Skee Ball Island
11:30 — The team’s mission is to go to Mechana Skee Ball Island and fix the broken ski jump, so that the Skee Balls can play their game. Komodo uses super-sti (more…)
Mechana Kanga Bounce Ball Island
11:30 — The team head over to Mechana Kanga Bounce Ball Island to fix one of the trampolines used in playing Mechana Kanga Bounce Ball – a game Sasquatch boas (more…)
Beetle Buggy Island
11:30 — The Destination is Beetle Buggy Island. The Mission is to unblock a traffic jam. Unicorn transforms to get a bird's eye view of the track; Rex transfo (more…)
Mechana Dancing Bear Island
11:30 — The nice music on Mechana Dancing Bear Island has been replaced by unpleasant sounds, causing the Bears to dance very strangely. With Mouse’s super ea (more…)
Mechana Copycat Island
11:30 — The Animal Mechanicals are given a very big mission by Island Owl – fix the Mechana Copycat so that it can go back to making toys for the koalas! On M (more…)
Mechana Snow Owl Island
11:30 — The snow is melting on Mechana Snow Owl Island, making it difficult to crown the new Snow Owl King. Unicorn uses her magic horn to re-freeze everythin (more…)
Mechana Coconut Island
11:30 — There’s a thirsty problem over on Mechana Coconut Island – the mechana camels which deliver coconuts to the coconut freezie factory haven’t made their (more…)
Turbo Tulip Island
11:30 — Some lazy Mechana-Bees on Turbo Tulip Island are spending all their time playing, instead of collecting nectar for the Honey Hive Machine! The Animal (more…)
Mechana Skate Park Island
11:30 — Something is making the Raccoon Rollers slip and slide all over their skate park, so the Animal Mechanicals head over to figure out what’s going on. T (more…)
Mechana Paint Parrot Island
11:30 — The Paint Parrots love to create beautiful paintings, but they’ve run out of paint, and it’s up to the Animal Mechanicals to get them more. Island Owl (more…)
Shimmer Wish Island
11:30 — The Animal Mechanical’s mission is to free the Shimmer Queen from a sucker bush, so that she can fly high into the sky and be wished upon. First, Rex (more…)
Hippo Hovercraft Island
11:30 — The Destination is Hippo Hovercraft Island. The Mission is to change the Hippos' worn-out bumpers. Mouse transforms to chase the Hippos into the pit-s (more…)
Jigsaw Shark Puzzle
11:30 — The Destination is Jigsaw Shark Island. The Mission is to put together a jigsaw. Sasquatch transforms to stretch up and see how to put the jigsaw toge (more…)
Mechana Monkey Island
11:30 — The team’s mission seems easy – to bring a special mechana banana to the top of Mechana monkey Mountain. But when they get to the Island, the banana t (more…)
Mechana Fireworks Fireflies Island
11:30 — It’s a big day for the Animal Mechanicals – the Mechana Firworks Fireflies have invited them to see their latest fireworks show. Except there’s a prob (more…)
Beardozer Island
11:30 — Over on Beardozer Island, some frisky baby Beardozers have woken up from hibernation early and are knocking things over with their crazy play! The te (more…)
Mechana Pegosaurus Island
11:30 — The Pegosaurus over on Mechana Pegosaurus is shedding its log-sized pegs, and it’s up to the Animal Mechanicals to get over there and protect the thre (more…)
Babble Bot Island
11:30 — The chatty Babble Bots on Babble Bot Island need charging up by Mechana Zappers, so the team is sent over to make sure it happens. Once they get to th (more…)
Mechana Chicken Springing Island
11:30 — It’s the Annual Chicken Springing Contest, but there’s a problem – the Chicken Springer is broken! The team slide over to the Island, and see that a s (more…)
Flying Glitterfish Island
11:30 — The Destination is Glitterfish Island. The Mission is to find the lost Power Bubble. Mouse transforms to catch the crab who has stolen the Bubble; Kom (more…)
Mechana Ski Sheep Island
11:30 — The ski sheep are skiing all over the place because their ski patrol safety dog is missing, and it’s up to the Animal Mechanicals to find it! On Ski S (more…)
Mechana Sand Castle Clams
11:30 — The Sand Castle Clams have invited the A/M’s to compete in their sand castle-making contest. The Animal Mechanicals work separately on castles, with R (more…)
Mechana Race Rabbit Island
11:30 — The Animal Mechanicals race over to Race Rabbit Island to make sure the sneaky rabbits play fair in their next big race – Island Owl has told them the (more…)
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