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Mon Mar 27 8:00am
Charlie and the Last Temptation of Eugenio(Season 2, Episode 51) FXX

Charlie tempts a priest with women and liquor.

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Mon Mar 27 8:30am
Charlie and the Twins(Season 2, Episode 49) FXX

Charlie sleeps with Jordan's twin sister.

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Tue Mar 28 8:00am
Charlie Gets Date Rated(Season 2, Episode 54) FXX

Charlie uses Jordan to improve his online rating.

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Tue Mar 28 8:30am
Charlie and Jordan Go to Prison(Season 2, Episode 55) FXX

Charlie starts a new clinic at the prison.

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Wed Mar 29 8:00am
Charlie Catches Jordan in the Act(Season 2, Episode 57) FXX

Jordan kisses a prisoner, sending Charlie into a rage.

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Wed Mar 29 8:30am
Charlie and the Re-Virginized Hooker(Season 2, Episode 56) FXX

Charlie gets cut off from sex after neglecting his work.

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Thu Mar 30 8:00am
Charlie Spends the Night With Lacey(Season 2, Episode 58) FXX

Charlie helps Lacey keep her anger in check.

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Thu Mar 30 8:30am
Charlie Screws a Prisoner's Girlfriend(Season 2, Episode 59) FXX

An ill-advised tryst puts Charlie in the sights of a soon-to-be-released prisoner.

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Fri Mar 31 8:00am
Charlie and the Houseful of Hookers(Season 2, Episode 78) FXX

Charlie opens a halfway house for prostitutes.

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Fri Mar 31 8:30am
Charlie, Lacey and the Dangerous Plumber(Season 2, Episode 61) FXX

Charlie tries to prevent a potentially dangerous hookup.

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Sat Apr 1 7:00am
Charlie Cops a Feel(Season 2, Episode 60) FXX

Charlie breaks up with a cop.

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Sat Apr 1 7:30am
Charlie and the Lap Dance of Doom(Season 2, Episode 65) FXX

Charlie gets Sean fired from the strip club.

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Mon Apr 3 8:00am
Charlie and the Mother of All Sessions(Season 2, Episode 62) FXX

Charlie causes chaos when he brings his patients' parents to a session.

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Mon Apr 3 8:30am
Charlie and Sean's Twisted Sister(Season 2, Episode 63) FXX

Charlie is tempted by Sean's younger sister.

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Tue Apr 4 8:00am
Charlie Has a Threesome(Season 2, Episode 64) FXX

Charlie and his girlfriend have a threesome with her friend.

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Tue Apr 4 8:30am
Charlie and the Psychic Therapist(Season 2, Episode 67) FXX

Charlie and Jordan attempt to expose a therapist.

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Wed Apr 5 8:00am
Charlie Tests His Will Power(Season 2, Episode 66) FXX

Charlie makes an unwise promise to a reporter.

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Wed Apr 5 8:30am
Charlie Gets Between Sean and Jordan(Season 2, Episode 68) FXX

Charlie meddles with Sean and Jordan's relationship.

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Thu Apr 6 8:00am
Charlie Gets Trashed(Season 2, Episode 72) FXX

Charlie battles his garbage man.

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Thu Apr 6 8:30am
Charlie Does Time With the Hot Warden(Season 2, Episode 69) FXX

Charlie gets in hot water with his prison group when he sleeps with the new warden.

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Fri Apr 7 8:00am
Charlie and the Warden's Dirty Secret(Season 2, Episode 70) FXX

Charlie inadvertently helps a member of his prison group attempt an escape.

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Fri Apr 7 8:30am
Charlie and the Case of the Curious Hottie(Season 2, Episode 73) FXX

Charlie becomes paranoid after learning he's dating a private investigator.

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Sat Apr 8 7:00am
Charlie and the Temper of Doom(Season 2, Episode 71) FXX

Charlie struggles to control his anger after meeting a woman who doesn't date angry guys.

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Sat Apr 8 7:30am
Charlie Pledges a Sorority Sister(Season 2, Episode 74) FXX

Charlie falls into Jordan's trap, allowing her to fix him up with a girl who's a total heartbreaker.

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