Mon Jul 6 3:00pm
Charlie's New Sex Study Partner(Season 2, Episode 37) FX

Charlie hires a psychologist to replace Kate in his sex study. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Lacey prank Sean.

Mon Jul 6 3:30pm
Charlie and the Sex Addict(Season 2, Episode 38) FX

Charlie sleeps with a recovering sex addict.

Thu Jul 9 1:30pm
Charlie and the Hooker(Season 2, Episode 39) FX

Charlie receives an unusual payment. Meanwhile, Sean and Michael get into a dating mishap.

Thu Jul 9 2:00pm
Charlie and the Devil(Season 2, Episode 40) FX

A disturbed patient joins Charlie's therapy group.

Fri Jul 10 3:30pm
Charlie and Sean and the Battle of the Exes(Season 2, Episode 41) FX

Charlie causes trouble when he sleeps with Sean's ex.

Fri Jul 10 4:00pm
Charlie Helps Lacey Stay Rich(Season 2, Episode 42) FX

Charlie offers immoral dating advice to Lacey.

Sat Jul 11 9:00am
Charlie Loses His Virginity Again(Season 2, Episode 43) FX

Charlie asks for a second chance with the woman to whom he lost his virginity.

Sat Jul 11 9:30am
Charlie Does It for Science(Season 2, Episode 44) FX

Charlie is pursued by a reporter who is interested in his sex study.

Mon Jul 13 2:30pm
Charlie and Lacey Shack Up(Season 2, Episode 45) FX

Lacey moves in with Charlie after she is sentenced to house arrest.

Mon Jul 13 3:00pm
Charlie and the Christmas Hooker(Season 2, Episode 46) FX

Ed derails Charlie's plans for Christmas.

Thu Jul 16 2:30pm
Charlie and the Pajama Intervention(Season 2, Episode 47) FX

Charlie seeks help from his prison group after he gets arrested.

Thu Jul 16 3:00pm
Charlie Sets Jordan Up With a Serial Killer(Season 2, Episode 48) FX

Jordan does an unusual favor for Charlie.

Fri Jul 17 3:30pm
Charlie and the Twins(Season 2, Episode 49) FX

Charlie sleeps with Jordan's twin sister.

Fri Jul 17 4:00pm
Charlie and Sean Fight Over a Girl(Season 2, Episode 50) FX

Charlie and Sean compete for the same woman's affection.

Sat Jul 18 4:30am
Charlie and the Last Temptation of Eugenio(Season 2, Episode 51) FX

Charlie tempts a priest with women and liquor.

Sat Jul 18 9:30am
Charlie and the Hot Latina(Season 2, Episode 52) FX

A forbidden romance tempts Charlie.