Ancient Aliens

  • 2009
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

A series exploring theories regarding supposed alien visitations involving ancient civilizations.

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Fri Sep 29 3:00pm
Aliens and Mysterious Rituals(Season 3, Episode 5) HIST

Ancient rites and rituals and their possible connection with aliens are explored.

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Fri Sep 29 4:00pm
Aliens and the Third Reich(Season 2, Episode 5) HIST

Exploring a theory that Nazis built experimental weapons and crafts based on information brought to Earth by aliens.

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Fri Sep 29 5:00pm
The Next Humans(Season 11, Episode 3) HIST

A look at the possibility that superhuman beings once walked Earth and set the stage for mankind's future technological advances.

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Fri Sep 29 6:00pm
The Star Children(Season 7, Episode 3) HIST

A theory about gifted children and a potential link to aliens is examined.

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Fri Sep 29 7:00pm
The Alien Architects(Season 12, Episode 4) HIST

A study of similar architectural marvels of the ancient world that bear striking similarities to one another, among them the pyramid complex in Giza, Egypt, the Avenue of the Dead pyramids in Mexico, an ancient pyramid temple in Cambodia known as Baksei Ch (more…)

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Sat Sep 30 12:00pm
Aliens and Deadly Weapons(Season 3, Episode 9) HIST

The theory that advances in weapons were influenced by aliens is explored.

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Sat Sep 30 1:00pm
The Viking Gods(Season 5, Episode 11) HIST

Examining a theory that aliens helped guide Viking voyages.

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Sat Sep 30 2:00pm
The NASA Connection(Season 4, Episode 5) HIST

Researchers probe NASA-related information in the search for proof of alien contact in the recent and ancient past.

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Sat Sep 30 3:00pm
Aliens and Stargates(Season 7, Episode 1) HIST

Myths about celestial portals are examined.

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Sat Sep 30 4:00pm
Shiva the Destroyer(Season 11, Episode 15) HIST

The Season 11 finale looks at the possibility that the Hindu god Shiva may have been the leader of an alien faction that came to Earth bringing advanced technology.

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Sat Sep 30 5:00pm
The Animal Agenda(Season 12, Episode 12) HIST

Spotlighting humanoid extraterrestrials and ancient cultures around the world that depicted their gods with animal traits. Ancient astronaut theorists also suggest that certain animals may not have developed through Darwinian evolution, but were planted he (more…)

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Fri Oct 6 8:00am
Aliens and Temples of Gold(Season 3, Episode 4) HIST

A possible link between gold and aliens is explored. Included: a theory regarding lost gold in Peru; and a legend regarding the Sphinx.

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Fri Oct 6 9:00am
Aliens and Monsters(Season 3, Episode 2) HIST

The theory that ancient stories about monsters may have been rooted in alien encounters is explored. Included: the flying creature Garuda in Hindu mythology; and the myth of Medusa.

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Fri Oct 6 10:00am
Aliens and Evil Places(Season 3, Episode 10) HIST

Supposed evil places and their connection with aliens are explored. Included: Australia's Black Mountains; a forest near Mount Fuji in Japan.

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Fri Oct 6 11:00am
The Doomsday Prophecies(Season 4, Episode 2) HIST

Exploring doomsday prophecies as related to the end of the Mayan calendar.

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Fri Oct 6 12:00pm
Aliens and Mega-Disasters(Season 4, Episode 4) HIST

The role of extraterrestrials in world catastrophes is explored.

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Fri Oct 6 1:00pm
The Satan Conspiracy(Season 6, Episode 5) HIST

A theory that Satan was an extraterrestrial is examined.

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Fri Oct 6 2:00pm
Aliens and the Lost Ark(Season 6, Episode 10) HIST

Myths about the Ark of the Covenant are examined.

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Fri Oct 6 3:00pm
Aliens Among Us(Season 9, Episode 3) HIST

A theory linking human technology to aliens is examined.

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Fri Oct 6 4:00pm
Aliens & Superheroes(Season 8, Episode 9) HIST

Examining a potential link between aliens and superheros.

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Fri Oct 6 5:00pm
Decoding the Cosmic Egg(Season 11, Episode 6) HIST

A show that explores into the formation of myths of diverse principles.

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Fri Oct 6 6:00pm
Aliens B.C.(Season 10, Episode 1) HIST

In the Season 9 premiere, large man-made caves, mysterious structures and unusual underwater discoveries from ancient times are examined.

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Fri Oct 6 7:00pm
The Alien Frequency(Season 12, Episode 8) HIST

A look at the possibility that mantras and chanting connect one to a higher plane and that certain frequencies provide links to greater, extraterrestrial forces.

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Sat Oct 7 6:00pm
The Returned(Season 11, Episode 14) HIST

Featuring reports of humans who've been abducted by space aliens and returned to Earth.

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  • Premiered: March 8, 2009
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: A series exploring theories regarding supposed alien visitations involving ancient civilizations. (more)

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