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Latest Episode: With guest appearances by the canine stars of

Jan 23, 2011 Season 102 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

The stars of Beverly Hills Chihuaha 2 make an appearance in this episode.


Jan 10, 2010 Season 102 Episode 12

The Muppets join Tom as special guests appearing throughout the episode.
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Favorite Pets

Mar 02, 2008 Season 102 Episode 11

This themed show features AFV's favorite dogs, cats, and other pets.
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Holly Jolly Follies

Dec 16, 2007 Season 102 Episode 10

In this themed episode a boy loses his tooth trying to unwrap a gift.
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Halloweenies and Creepy Crawlies

Oct 29, 2006 Season 102 Episode 9

This themed episode features people get scared by frightening costumes.
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Nobody's Funnier Than Dad and Kids are Expensive

Jan 22, 2006 Season 102 Episode 7

In this messy episode, a boy gets into mom's makeup!
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Halloween Classics, Magic Mishaps, and Spiders

Oct 30, 2005 Season 102 Episode 6

Classic Halloween clips are the focus of this episode.
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Pinatas and the Top Reasons Hamsters are Better than Rats

Oct 10, 2004 Season 102 Episode 4

Clips include the top reasons hamsters are better than rats
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Find the Dog and the Happy Hiccuper

Oct 03, 2004 Season 102 Episode 3

Clips include a kid who gives clean dishes a spit shine!
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The All Animal Extravaganza

Feb 07, 2004 Season 102 Episode 2

This special show features a cheetah and anteater from the San Diego zoo.
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