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Latest Episode: Sparks Will Fly

Jun 26, 2014 Season 6 Episode 8 watch on History (Free)

Rick wheels and deals when a rare 1963 Simplex Sportsman Shriner's bike cruises into to the shop. Can the shop turn this ramshackle ride into a striking set of wheels? Then, Ron bargains with a local bar to restore their 1913 mercantile scale. But when he cuts the price in exchange for a party, will Rick be miffed about the money or pumped to party?

David Copperfield: Rick Works His Magic

Jun 26, 2014 Season 6 Episode 7

When legendary illusionist David Copperfield calls on the shop to restore two items from his magic museum's collection, it's time to see what tricks Rick has up his sleeve. Can he pull a rabbit out of a hat or will all the hocus-pocus be too much to handle?
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Jun 19, 2014 Season 6 Episode 6

When a BMX stunt rider brings in his 1976 Evel Knievel Junior Roadmaster bicycle, Rick bargains to get a jaw-dropping daredevil performance from the client for a discount on the project. Rick'll have to perform a few tricks of his own if wants to turn this broken-down bike into a show-worthy set of wheels. Then, the crew digs in when a vintage arcade Mighty Mack Crane Game swings into the shop. Can Rick keep his eye on the prize or will the ball get dropped?
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Bond Ambition

Jun 19, 2014 Season 6 Episode 5

When an authentic James Bond Lotus Esprit Submarine Car featured in the film The Spy Who Loved Me rolls into the shop, Rick is faced with one of the most difficult projects of his career. Will this be the one that puts him in over his head? Then, Ron and Tyler look to strike up a deal at an eccentric antique shop and Ron tests his big brother's patience with a foolish flub.
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Big Macs and Cool Tracks

Jun 12, 2014 Season 6 Episode 4

When a "Big Mac Jail" from a 1970s McDonalds PlayPlace arrives in the shop, Rick prepares for a fast food facelift. Can this playground piece go from faulty to fresh? Then, a 1950s Calliphone Portable Record Player makes some noise for the crew. Could it be music to Rick's ears or will it be a restoration record scratch?
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Back to Four Square

Jun 12, 2014 Season 6 Episode 3

When a rare British 1950s Ariel Square-Four motorcycle speeds into the shop, the crew goes full throttle to restore this vintage ride. Can Rick take this broken-down bike and make it road-trip worthy? Then, when Ron and Leonard need lessons on how to use the shop's fork-lifts, Tyler makes them practice using giant excavators. But when the master, macho-man Ron, challenges his 98-pound proteg , Leonard, to a big-rig contest, no one's sure who will be student and who will be teacher.
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Off the Rails

Jun 05, 2014 Season 6 Episode 2

It's full steam ahead when returning customer Mark Bassett brings in a late 1800s Velocipede, sometimes called a railroad hand-car. Can Rick turn this wreck-on-wheels into a museum-quality marvel or will the project go off the rails? Then, the shop powers up when a 1940s Battery Charger bolts in. Will Rick have the power to give this project a jolt or will the restoration run out of juice?
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George Clinton: Funky Yeah!

Jun 05, 2014 Season 6 Episode 1

When music legend George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic arrives with a funked-up 1920s Chickering Baby Grand Piano, the team preps for a pitch-perfect project. Can Rick hit the right notes on this classic instrument, or will the project fall flat? Then, when word gets out that P-Funk will put on a concert for the big reveal, Brettly and Tyler try to take charge of the planning. Can they pull off a spectacular show, or will it be a funky flop?
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