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The Idol Finale Extravaganza! Season 7, Episode 42

Yo peeps The finale is here Lets cut right to the chase Im Erin Fox Im live blogging the finale EnjoyThe two Davids face each other in all white in the first shot of the show Its like a really angelic version of Face Off How are they not cracking up when Ryan refers to the competition as reaching critical massAwwRyan gets to make his grand entrance down the staircase just like a deb at her coming out The audience shots include Holly Robinson Peete and Lori Loughlin Thats the best they could come up withWhoa 975 million votes One David got 56 percent the other 44 percent Hmm what could it mean I have no ideaWho is Mikahlah Gordon Why is she acting like a porn star in Kansas CityMatt Rogers is muffled by thousands of blonde Archuleta fans in Salt Lake City The Top 12 are back singing Get Ready Cuz Here I Come and are also in white like a big Brady Bunch special They are backed up by what Im sure is a gaggle of So You Think You Can Dance read more

The Battle of the Davids Is Here! Season 7, Episode 41

Hey everyone Its Erin Fox and I cant believe were down to two contestants Can you believe it Its the final performance episode of this years American Idol contest Time sure does fly when youre watching Seacrest and Cowell spar week after week The shows actually kind of blur together after a while when you keep hearing Randy say repeatedly That was molten hot Dawg or You can sing anything you can sing the phonebookFor those of you who are curious to see what my predictionwish for who should win Idol is check out the slideshow on Yahoo You can see Matt Mitovich on slide No 1 and yours truly on slide No 8 How fun is thatOn to the show Some announcer guy Lets get ready to rumble announces David Cook clad in a satin boxer robe and boxing gloves And if that wasnt ridiculous enough they put Archie in the same getup only in blue If anyone looks out of place in a boxing outfit its that kid Im talking like its not even cool as a Halloween cos read more

The Final Two Revealed! Season 7, Episode 40

Hello everyone its me Erin Fox Thank you to so many bloggers who welcomed me back and enjoyed reading my post Thanks also to those of you wearing your cranky pants and calling me catty for wanting to draw whiskers on David Archuletas little baby face Heh catty about whiskers makes me laugh Just having a little fun guys try to relax PS Shizzle is supposed to sound ridiculousOn to the show Ryan does a nice job reminding the audience including many Idol cast-offs like Amanda Overmyer and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber that making it this far and not winning will be devastating Thanks for that Ry He also tells Cowell to button up his shirt because this is a TV-G rated show This is terribly ironic considering Paulas boobs are about to leap out of her dress and choreograph a number of their own Next were treated to a short and lame music video set to How Far Is Heaven featuring the reflection of David A in a large pool Thank goodness we wont have to see read more

The Top Three Perform Season 7, Episode 39

Erin Fox here back from sunny St Lucia with a wicked sunburn and a frighteningly strong desire to get back into Idol mode Lets break down tonights Top Three performancesThanks so much to Mickey for some seriously awesome recapping skills last week I hope you all enjoyed them as much as I did With recent news of David As dad being banned from backstage and the pressure of not one but three songs each tonight its gonna be intense peeps Update David A Defends His Dad see our Great American Idol blogI have to admit I was totally having Idol withdrawal while I was away How did they all sound last week Did anyone butcher a song Who would be going home next Internet availability wasnt great on the island but I managed to find out that your beloved dready-heady Jason got the boot Dont worry kids because he sure doesnt look like he has a care in the world PS You must check out Mitovichs hair-raising interview with Jason Castro hereRyan introduces the read more

The Final Three Revealed! Season 7, Episode 38

Hi all -- Mickey OConnor here again picking up where we left off last nightYou can always tell when a contestant has had their fill of the Idol smorgasbord All you have to do is take a close look at the group performances Tonight while the final four was busy slaughtering all my fondest college memories with a jazzy blasphemous rendition of Steely Dans Reelin in the Years Jasons posture body language and half-assed attempt at the choreography all read as one big eye-roll in my book On the other hand Im always kind of amused and surprised to see how game David Cook seems for the whole thing Maybe hes the one with a future on BroadwayDavid Archuleta does a little soft-shoe aw-shucks shuffle for the fans and is deemed -- not shockingly safe Speaking of Davids Paula has an appetite for more Cookie and so does America apparently and so he is safe too Duh And ewAnd then they went to Vegas to see Cirque du Soleils Beatles Love Dont te read more

4 Finalists Compete Season 7, Episode 37

The top four finalists perform. read more

The Top Four Revealed! Season 7, Episode 36

OK so lets face it last night was as boring as whale sh-t Bet you didnt know whale shizzle was boring but it is And last nights show almost made it seem interesting And was it me or did Neil Diamond not make the greatest mentor Or maybe they just cut it all out for times sake Either way I was disappointed Tonight the Idols begin with a medley of ND songs starting off with snooze-fest Jason Castro singing Cracklin Rose However the others come in with some awesome harmony which saves the song They keep going with more songs and end with their hands in the air like theyre the Osmonds or Bradys Its weird and stagey So moving onRyan points out that Constantine and Gina are in the audience not just to say Hi but to pimp out their new American Idol post-show gig for Fox Ugh Next Then we get a recap of last nights performances Wow In an unusual move by Idol and Seacrest they address the rumors about Paulas behavior last night basically everyo read more

The Top Five Perform Season 7, Episode 35

Hey guys So its Neil Diamond night and Ive had Sweet Caroline in my head all freakin day Thanks a lot Neil PS my husband says were related to Mr Diamond Yeah Ill believe that when I get front row seats to his concertRyan introduces the top five Syesha looks amazing Brooke looks like someones mom from the Jersey Shore out for a night of gambling at the Taj Majal and everyone else looks decent Why does Brooke insist on dressing like either an old lady or a fairy princess Please explain Tonight the Idols will be singing two Diamond songs so buckle up and enjoy the ride The contestants gather around the piano and Neil tells them not to be nervous that the songs are meant to be enjoyed Thats cool Ryan tells us that the contestants will be judged after their second song Thats kinda annoying Well see how it worksJason Castro Forever in Blue Jeans OK I know a lot of you love Jason and I used to dig him but how is he still here Really he should read more

The Top 5 Revealed! Season 7, Episode 34

Yo yo American Idol peeps You know I love you all but I need to set you all straight DO NOT BELIEVE THE RUMORS ABOUT TVGUIDECOM SPREADING INSIDER INFO One of our editors has been smeared all over the Idol forums and fan sites for supposedly saying that Jason was getting kicked off tonight We dont know who is getting kicked off NO ONE DOES If you look at our power rankings they do not mirror the show results at all they are just a fun poll we use to see who loves who So please know that your friendly editors at TVGuidecom are hard-working TV-loving souls who dont want to spoil anyones funNuf said Lets enjoy the showSo Im glad that so many of you admitted that you too enjoy musical theater I dont feel so alone now The Idols began the show this evening with a group number singing All I Ask of You from Andrew Lloyd Webbers Phantom of the Opera They sound lovely and sing some really pretty harmony during the song After its over Ryan introduces read more

The Top 6 Perform Andrew Lloyd Webber Songs Season 7, Episode 33

OK so I have to out myself here I Erin Fox am a Broadway musical junkie I know a lot of Broadway shows and used to gulp sing along to them in the car as a high school drama geek This explains a lot including my lack of dates in high school But I digress tonights show is about the Top 6 and their quest to conquer Andrew Lloyd Webber songs In his heyday his musicals were amazing Evita and then there was Aspects of Love no comment Also Ill do my best to keep the CATS jokes to a minimum On with the showSyesha Mercado One Rock and Roll too Many Syesha finally sounds like shes hit her niche She looks fabulous with a capital F The song is sexy and totally brings her so far lackluster personality to the forefront of this competition She might have just bought herself another week Randy said she could be a huge Broadway star Paula said she wasnt surprised at how awesome Syesha was tonight and Simon agreed with Randy and called her sexyJ read more

The Top 6 Revealed! Season 7, Episode 32

Ryan opens the show with a warning Knowing what happened to Michael Johns last week no one is safe anymore Thanks a--hole we remember that you tortured Michael by telling him no one was kicked off last year during Idol Gives Back and then you kicked him off OK I know it wasnt you Ryan but still did you have to do it in such a douche-y wayThe Idols sing Mariah Careys hit One Sweet Day starting off with Jason Castro He gets a nice solo but I feel like hes phoning it in Kristy Lee is totally singing through her nose but man is she workin her outfit She will totally pull a Pickler and take the country world by storm The rest of the Idols do a nice job but I kind of think picking a song about shining down on me from heaven must be so hard for David Cook to sing considering his brother is so sick But hes pro and sings with all his heart Side note Is Syeshas hair getting taller with every show Is David As getting spikierWere shown high read more

American Idol Season 7, Episode 31

The seven remaining finalists perform songs by Mariah Carey. read more

1 of 8 Voted Off Season 7, Episode 30

Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks perform "No Air," and one of the eight remaining finalists is voted off. read more

Idol Gives Back Season 7, Episode 29

The "Idol Gives Back" fund-raiser for U.S. and international charities features appearances by Barack Obama, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Bono, Mariah Carey, Billy Crystal, Miley Cyrus, Chris Daughtry, Celine Dion, Fergie, John Legend, Annie Lennox, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Maroon 5, Brad Pitt, Snoop Dogg, Kiefer Sutherland, Carrie Underwood, Robin Williams and Reese Witherspoon. The 2007 event raised $76 million for charity. read more

8 Finalists Compete Season 7, Episode 28

The eight remaining finalists perform inspirational songs. read more

1 of 9 Voted Off Season 7, Episode 27

Dolly Parton sings "Jesus & Gravity" and the Clark Brothers, the first-season winners of "Next Great American Band," perform. Later, one of the nine remaining finalists is voted off. read more

9 Finalists Compete Season 7, Episode 26

Dolly Parton coaches the nine remaining finalists, who then perform her songs. read more

1 of 10 Voted Off Season 7, Episode 25

Kimberley Locke performs "Fall," and one of the 10 remaining finalists is voted off. read more

10 Finalists Compete Season 7, Episode 24

The 10 remaining contestants perform songs from the year of their birth. read more

1 of 11 Voted Off Season 7, Episode 23

Kellie Pickler performs "Red High Heels" and one of the 11 remaining finalists is voted off. read more

11 Finalists Compete Season 7, Episode 22

The 11 remaining finalists perform songs by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. read more

1 of 12 Voted Off Season 7, Episode 21

One of the 12 finalists is voted off. read more

12 Finalists Compete Season 7, Episode 20

The 12 finalists perform Lennon-McCartney songs. read more

4 Voted Off Season 7, Episode 19

Two males and two females are voted off, and the 12 finalists are revealed. Also: Blake Lewis sings "How Many Words." read more

8 Girls Compete Season 7, Episode 18

The eight remaining female contestants perform songs from the 1980s. read more

8 Boys Compete Season 7, Episode 17

The eight remaining male contestants perform songs from the 1980s. read more

4 Voted Off Season 7, Episode 16

Four contestants---two males and two females---are voted off. read more

10 Girls Compete Season 7, Episode 15

The Top 10 female singers perform songs from the 1970s. read more

10 Boys Compete Season 7, Episode 14

The Top 10 male singers perform songs from the 1970s. read more

4 Voted Off Season 7, Episode 13

Four contestants---two women and two men---are voted off in the season's first results show. read more

12 Girls Compete Season 7, Episode 12

The Top 12 women perform songs from the 1960s. read more

12 Boys Compete Season 7, Episode 11

The Top 12 male singers perform songs from the 1960s. read more

Top 24 Chosen Season 7, Episode 10

The Top 24 are chosen, including 12 females and 12 males. read more

Hollywood Round Season 7, Episode 9

Contestants endure a grueling rehearsal and audition schedule during the Hollywood round as they try to make the Top 24. read more

Week 4B Season 7, Episode 8

Auditions continue. read more

Week 4A: Auditions 7: Atlanta Season 7, Episode 7

Auditions continue in Atlanta. read more

Week #3B: Auditions 6 Season 7, Episode 6

Auditions continue. read more

Week #3A: Auditions 5 Season 7, Episode 5

Auditions continue. read more

Week 2B: Auditions 4 Season 7, Episode 4

Auditions continue. read more

Week 2A: Auditions 3 Season 7, Episode 3

Auditions continue. read more

Auditions #2: Dallas Season 7, Episode 2

The early auditions continue in Dallas. read more

Auditions #1: Philadelphia Season 7, Episode 1

The seventh season begins with auditions in Philadelphia. read more

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